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510 Thread Glass Globe Vape Pen kit

This vape pen allows vapors to gather and cool inside the glass globe so that you can enjoy bigger, smoother vapors. This 510 thread vape is affordable and offers a great vaping experience.
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  • Product Details

    Glass Globe Vape Kit includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • 510 Thread Battery
    • Glass Globe with mouthpiece
    • 2x Spare wax coils
    • Dab Container
    • Dabber Tool
    • Usb charging cable

    Globe Vape Pen Details

    • Heating Elements - the vape coils that come with this vape kit are to be used with wax concentrates only.
    • Battery Capacity - 1100mah, the battery comes with a 5 click safety feature to avoid a vape pen going off unintentionally in a pocket or bag.
    • Cool Attribute - This battery can be used many other 510 atomizers for wax, herbs or oils
    • Glass globe attachment - The glass globe is used to store the vapor for a few moments while it cools and builds to allow a user to take a bigger, smoother pull of vapors.
  • Tips & Guides

    Why Choose a Glass Globe Vape

    While shopping around for a vaporizer you will encounter many different options and styles that may be better or worse for one reason or another. There are certainly levels of overall quality and function within the vape space, but a lot of the buying decision comes down to a users preference for one aspect or another. Below we have listed out some of the popular reasons why a user may want to consider a globe vape for wax vaping needs. 1. Bigger Dab Hits With the average wax vape, the distance between the heating chamber and the end of the mouthpiece is fairly small. Because of that, as you pull on the mouthpiece, you are more or less drawing the vapor right off of the coil as it forms. You can give the vapor a moment to build, but in no time you will notice it seeping out of the chamber vents. The glass globe attachment puts space in between where the vapor is formed and where it is inhaled. That new space is comprised of the interior of a glass globe that will allow for the collection of vapor, far more than a simple heating chamber. As the coil heats and the vapors form, the globe with fill and the cloud will thicken. At that point a user can continue to heat but also start to draw from the mouthpiece to achieve a vape dab hit like never before. Picture milking a bong and then clearing it except we are now dealing with wax and a glass globe. 2. Cooler Vapor Temperatures Wax needs to be heated at a high temperature to turn into vapor, but especially when drawing from directly above a super hot coil, the vapor inhaled can be hot and harsh on the throat. There are ways to combat this heat similar to how an ice catcher helps drop the bong rip by a few degrees. The globe will collect the wax vapors and not only get you the big hit needed, but while collecting in the globe, the vapor has some time to cool before being inhaled, especially if outside in the cold.