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G Pen Wax Vaporizer style

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Portable, stylish wax vape pen that can be used at home or on the go. Smooth vaping wax coils, long lasting battery and a protective travel case to carry it all in.

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  • Product Details

    Quick Vape Review

    This G Pen style vape kit can be used by anyone from beginners to experienced vapors.  The vape comes equipped with a wax heating chamber, but if you want to expand your capabilities, you can get and equip other chambers for both herbs and oil.  

    Vaporizer Kit includes

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    • 1 g pen style vaporizer
    • 1 silicone container
    • 1 dab tool
    • 1 usb charging cable
    • 1 protective travel case

    Wax Pen Specifications

    • This vaporizer kit comes with a heating chamber attachment for use with wax concentrates.  Other attachments such as oil and herb chambers are also available
    • 5 Click power button safety feature to make sure the vape does not activate while in a pocket or bag
    • Battery Capactiy  650mah
    • Complete Vape Dimensions  5.5 inches Length x 0.5 inch Diameter Width

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  • Tips & Guides

    G Pen Tips

    1. Always leave your vape standing upright, especially right after a vape session. When the wax is heated it becomes fluid like. Even after the coil stops heating, the wax will remain warm and if you place the vape on its side or upside down in your pocket, the wax will flow towards the top of the chamber and the mouthpiece leaving a sticky mess. 2. Just like any heating chamber or coil, especially for wax, the chamber will eventually burn out. The only situation worse than a coil burning out in the middle of a vape session is not having a replacement to keep yourself vaping. With that said, we always recommend having a backup so you do not have to wait for a replacement to be delivered.

    How to Charge the G Pen vaporizer

    1. Plug the provided usb charger into a functioning power source. When the usb is properly plugged in the green light will turn on and stay on. 2. Screw the battery into the other end of the usb cable. The battery does not need to be extremely tight but just make sure it is securely fastened. 3. The light on the charger will turn red when the battery is properly secured and it will remain red until the battery is fully charged. Once fully charged, the light on the charger will turn green. 4. After fully charging, remove the battery from the charger and remove the charger from the power source. 5. Never leave the g pen charging overnight. Store the vape in a cool, dry place for optimal performance and life.

    How to Use the G Pen

    1. Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to turn the battery on. Charge the battery if needed. 2. Make sure the heating chamber is firmly screwed onto the top of the battery. 3. Remove the mouthpiece and chamber cover to reveal the inside of the heating chamber. With the battery on, press the power button to test the coil and make sure everything is connected and working okay. 4. With a functioning vape, it is time to load the coil. This kit comes with a wax coil and you should always be careful when loading these coils. With a dabber tool, get together some wax and gently place it on the coil. Push it towards the center of the coil. Do not poke the coil directly. 5. After the coil is loaded, place the mouthpiece and chamber cover back onto the vape and get it securely in place. 6. Make sure your battery is turned on and then it is time to vape. Press the power button to activate the battery which will send energy up into the atomizer to heat the coil. The hot coil then heats and A vaporizes the wax and turns it into vapor. As you hold the power button you can casually take puffs through the mouthpiece. 7. After holding the power button for 10 seconds straight, the battery will automatically stop heating the coil. Just release the button for a second and then get back to vaping. 8. Always turn the battery off when you are finished vaping.