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Chillum Pipes

This is the one hitter of the glass pipe world and we carry some cool pieces. Super-easy to use and pack with dry herbs, this smoking accessory is a favorite among smokers. The size and application make it a perfect travel pipe for quick smoke sessions. Choose from chillums that include color changing glass and USA glass blowers, all with discreet, FREE shipping.

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How to Choose a Chillum Pipe

Once you navigate through the sea of glass pipe options and choose the Chillum as your next piece, it is time to pick between Chillums. We want to educate our customers so below provide some quick, easy to understand information that may help you choose the piece that is right for you.

Bowl Head Size

The bowl head size of any pipe or smoking device is going to determine the capacity of dry herb you can hold at once. This is going to differ from one type of pipe to another. In general, chillum pipes are not meant to be used for more than a few puffs at a time. This still means there is a diversity in bowl head size, however, the bowl capacity will generally skew smaller than other types of smoking pipes.

Wooden, Glass and Other Materials

Chillum pipes are not exclusive to any particular type of material. You can purchase chillum pipes made out of glass, metal, ceramic, stone, etc. However, each of these materials will confer different types of advantages. For example, wood will not break like glass or ceramic will. However, glass or ceramic will not need to be replaced as often (if at all) as a wood chillum, etc. You should make sure you have an idea of what you need in a pipe and then pick the best material for your purposes.

Size and Design

As mentioned earlier, chillum pipes are generally meant to be used for a few puffs and are easily concealable. This means that you are still skewing towards something generally smaller and nondescript than a bubbler. However, chillum pipes can still vary in size as well as incorporate different design patters and even the ability to change colors depending on the kind you purchase. Thickness of material such as glass can also vary depending on the quality or brand you choose to purchase from.

Useful or Cool Features

Different chillum pipes will incorporate different unique features or designs (some, none at all). This will of course vary depending on what the maker would like to focus on. For example, some chillum pipes will feature built-in or blown-in grips to prevent slippage or issues while handling. On others, glow in the dark capabilities are incorporated for entertainment and usefulness in the dark (maybe when camping, etc). Usually, these are not necessary but help make your experience cooler.

What is a Chillum Pipe

Once you navigate through the sea of glass pipe options and choose the Chillum as your next piece, it is time to pick between Chillums. We want to educate our customers so below provide some quick, easy to understand information that may help you choose the piece that is right for you.

Best Chillum Pipes

What you deem to be the best chillum pipe is certainly going to be different than what others may need (even if there are huge similarities in terms of need). Chillum pipes are meant to fill a niche for different kinds of smokers but are certainly deemed most useful for quick smoke seshes and concealment. Overall, your preferences will determine the usefulness of any chillum pipe.

Wooden Chillum Pipe

Wooden chillum pipes are certainly useful to have. They will not break like a glass or ceramic chillum pipe (even the thick ones). Wooden pipes are also able to be made affordably without breaking the bank. For some, a wooden chillum may contain a flavor profile they either prefer or dislike. This would be something to consider when deciding whether to purchase a wooden chillum.

Clay Chillums

Clay chillums are similar to stone chillums. They are not as fragile as glass but do not have the same flavor intensity of wood. They are easy to find and clean, like glass, as well. Clay chillums, like stone, are more of a niche chillum as well and not as common as either a metal, glass, etc. However, they can be beautifully decorated, easy to keep and maintain, and inexpensive so make sure to check them out.

Stone Chillums

Stone chillums are going to be fairly secure in terms of droppage (especially when compared to glass) and will offer the security of wood or metal without any undue taste or flavorings. However, stone may be coarse or a little heavy for your preference. Generally, stone chillums are not necessarily as common but this is not because of any overwhelmingly negative qualities. Simply that glass, metal, etc have been around longer and are more numerous.

Cigarette Chillum

Cigarette chillums are the ultimate concealment chillum. These are designed to look like cigarettes from a distance and they will usually be smoked in a single hit. They are more commonly referred to as one hitters and are usually designed out of metal, and often stored in a case referred to as a dugout box. In general, these chillums are going to be purpose-driven to be able to be concealed and hide in plain sight with the sole function exclusively as a one-hitter.

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