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Micro Vape Pen Glass Globe Atomizer

Enjoy a smoother vaping experience when you vape with a glass globe attachment. This wax atomizer for the Micro Vape Pen is a must-own if you want to get bigger and smoother vapors.

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  • Product Details

    Globe Listing includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority, Signature and International Options Available
    • Glass Globe
    • Micro Vape Pen Adapter
    • Wax Coil

    Globe Features and Details

    • Features 3 Main Components - Glass Globe, Vape Pen Globe Adapter, Coil Atomizer
    • Glass Globe Compatability - can be equipped to most vape pen globe adapters
    • Globe Adapter Compatability - specifically for use with Micro style wax pens, fits most brands
    • Heating Coil Atomizer - comes with a wax coil attached and it is interchangeable & replaceable
    • The perfect accessory for those that own a Micro Vape style wax pen.  It is compatible with the top brands and then some.  The glass globe is a great way to accumulate vapor while you decide when you want to take a puff, including a really big puff.  While the vapor collects, it cools and creates a smoother vaping experience.  If you have a Micro, this is a must-have accessory.
    • Vaporizer brands that work with this globe attachment - Micro, Micor G, Atmos Thermo, Cloud Pen, Kandy Pens, Plus more!

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    • Tips & Guides

      How to Use the Glass Globe Atomizer

      1. Remove the glass globe from the black coil adapter. To remove the globe, gently pull the globe up while turning it at the same time. Do this slowly. 2. Attach the coil adapter to the top of your Micro Vape Pen. To do this, grab the adapter by the black base and push it onto the top of the Micro. 3. Once attached, test the coil to make sure everything is connected and working properly. 4. Load your coil with a small ball of wax. Be gently when loading the coil and try not to touch the coil directly. Do Not overpack and be careful when packing the coil. 5. When the coil is properly loaded, place the glass globe back over the coil and adapter. Attach the globe by gently pushing down and twisting it onto the adapter base. You do not have to push the globe all the way down, just enough to make it air-tight. 6. With everything set, you can now press the power button and heat the coil. Once the coil heats up, you will see the wax begin to vaporize and produce vapor. The vapor will fill the globe and will continue to do so as long as the coil is being heated. Just take a pull from the mouthpiece and you can clear the chamber.

      How to Clean the Glass Globe for your Micro Vape

      1. Over time, you will likely experience a build up of wax on your glass globe, or the mouthpiece and even the adapter. 2. The residue on the globe can be scraped and scavenged for those that need it. For those just looking for a shiny clear globe, soak your globe in hot water and soap and give it a scrub, or soak it in rubbing alcohol for awhile and then rinse off with hot water. You can also use various glass pipe cleaning solutions. 3. The mouthpiece can be cleaned in boiling water or in the same way you clean the globe. 4. The adapter cannot be submerged in water or exposed to dripping wet conditions. You can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean it, or you can try an scrape off any hardened wax residue. 5. As for the coil itself, you cannot really clean it. Just make sure not to overpack or you can get spillage over the sides when vaping. Especially right after vaping, make sure to keep the coil upright or the recently-heated wax will flow all over the place. Related Articles: 4 Heating Coils found in a Vaporizer