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Micro Vape Wax Pens

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This stylish Wax Pen has been around since the start. The popular Micro Vape Pen is equipped with top quality wax coils for proper vaping. The Micro vape is discrete pen shape that fits in the palm of your hand for easy wax vaping.
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  • Product Details

    Micro Vape Wax Pen Kit Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus International Options Available
    • Micro Vape Wax Pen
    • 3-pack Wax Coil Replacements
    • Dab container
    • Dab Tool
    • 5-pack mouthpiece protection sleeves
    • USB charger
    • Wall charger
    • User manual
    • Protective box

    Micro Vape Pen Details

    • Works with herbs and oils too - the Micro Vape Pen is equipped with a Wax Coil.  The kit also comes with 3 spare wax coils.  But, there are also herb and oil vape coil attachments that can be purchased for the Micro Vape Battery.
    • Heating Element - Wax Coil
    • Variable Voltage Battery - The micro vape battery has 3 power settings so that you can adjust and customize the vaping experience.  3.2 Volts (GREEN), 3.7 Volts (BLUE), 4.0 Volts (RED)
    • Height - 4 inches tall with mouthpiece attached
    • Width - 5/8 inches wide
    • Features a 5-Click Safety Feature
    • Easy to use - all parts are interchangeable and replaceable

    check out the other information tabs to learn more about these vape pens

    • User Manual

      In it's most basic form, the Micro Vape Pen is composed of 3 parts - a battery, a coil and the mouthpiece. All of these components are interchangeable and replaceable. See our store for replacement parts and other accessories.

      Vape Parts and Accessories

      Micro Vape Mouthpiece the mouthpiece fits over the coil so that you can enjoy the vaporizer. Most colors available will come with 2 airflow holes on the sides of the mouthpiece. These holes create airflow and allow for a smoother and easier vaping experience. Micro Vape Coil also referred to as the atomizer. This Micro Vape kit comes equipped with 2 ceramic rod coils for use with wax concentrates. We utilize a ceramic rod heating system so that you can benefit from a healthier and tastier experience. The old-style wick coils have the tendency to impact the taste and smoothness of your pull. The coil will not last forever and its life expectancy will depend on how often it is used and how it is handled during that time. For the longest life possible, ALWAYS use high quality concentrates, NEVER over-pack or smother your coil, and handle it with care, especially when loading - DO NOT poke the coil directly! Micro Vape Battery the battery is 360mah and is the source of power for the attached coil. To turn the battery on, press the power button 5 times quickly in a row - this is a safety feature to make sure it does not activate in your pocket or bag. Micro Vape Charger a micro usb charging cable comes with your vape kit and should be used to charge your micro vape pens. Always use the charger that comes with your kit. Using any other charger can damage the battery. How to Charge the Micro Vape Pen: Plug the usb charger into a power source and then connect the other end into the charging port on the bottom of the A Micro Vape pen. The light on the bottom of the vape will light up red and it will turn off when the vape is fully charged. NEVER over-charge your battery or leave it charging overnight. It should only take 2-3 hours to fully charge. Keep your battery in a cool dry place for best use. How to turn the Micro Vape ON and OFF: Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to turn the vape pen ON and OFF. This is a safety feature to make sure it does not activate in your pocket or bag. How to load a Micro Coil: Carefully load your wax concentrates into the coil. It is best to accumulate a small ball with a dab tool and then scrape it into the coil dish. Once in the dish, GENTLY push it towards the center of the heating element. DO NOT over-pack or smother the coil and avoid poking the coil directly. Operating and Using the Micro Vape pen: Make sure you have fully charged your vape battery. Make sure that your coil is firmly attached to the top of the battery and it is heating properly (always check your coil before loading more wax because coils do burn out eventually, and this one check may save you a wax packing). Carefully load the wax into the coil and attach the mouthpiece. When powered ON, press the power button to heat the coil and vaporizer the wax. Give it a moment to get real hot and vaporize the wax, then take a nice smooth pull. Tips to Enhance your Vaporizer Experience: How to keep things clean: Wax becomes fluid-like when it is heated. Keep your vaporizer vertical to keep the wax inside the coil instead of all over everything else. This is important especially right after use. Best way to store a vape battery: The battery is the power source of your vaporizer. Treat it with care. DO NOT over-charge and NEVER leave your battery charging overnight. Store it in a cool dry place for best use. Replacement Coil Listings: Quartz Rod Coils Wick Coils for Micro Vape Pens Glass Globe Atomizer attachments: Teapot Glass Globe Coil for Micro Vapes Glass Globe Atomizer for Micro Vape Pens