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Filter Screens & Vape Mouthpiece for Micro DX, Viva

The vape mouthpiece and filter screen set is compatible with many herb vaporizers such as the Viva, Micro Dx plus others - see the details for a complete list. Use these vape parts to maintain a fresh, proper airflow.
Vape Mouthpiece Options

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  • Product Details

    Vape Mouthpiece Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Vape Mouthpiece for Micro DX and other vape brands
    • 3 Metal Filter Screens
    • choice of Vape Mouthpiece Multi-Packs

    Vape Mouthpiece Details

    • Compatability - Fits the Micro DX, Airis Viva, Cloud Pen Chloris, plus some other models
    • Important Note - Mouthpiece has two indentations on the interior of the mouthpiece that clip and snap onto the top of the vaporizer.  Similar vape mouthpiece that are not the same will have two plastic pieces that jut out instead of the indentations.
    • The mouthpiece includes a screen plus the metal screw piece