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Pink Vape Pens - Wax Coil kit

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Popular vaporizer kit for use with wax concentrates. 2 vapes are included and both are equipped with pure taste ceramic rod coils. The Micros are discreet, portable and easy to use. Take advantage of this vape deal to gift someone special today.
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  • Product Details

    Wax Pen Kit includes

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    • 2 Micro Wax Pens
    • 1 silicone wax container
    • 1 dabber tool
    • 5 mouthpiece protection sleeves
    • 1 retractable usb cable
    • 1 wall charger
    • 1 user manual
    • 1 protective box

    Wax Pen Details

    • Comes with Ceramic Rod Wax Coil attachments
    • Coils Structure  Ceramic rod Coil Wrapped
    • Dimensions  4 Inches Tall x 0.625 inch Wide

    see the Tips & Manuals for other great information

    • Color Pink
  • Tips & Guides

    Why Buy a Pink Vape Pen

    1. #1 Gift for the Girlfriend Many buyers purchase this as a gift for the girlfriend who is always super excited to receive a pink A wax vape pen. The Micro kit comes with 2 wax pens so you both can happily enjoy them because you did the right thing with this present. 2. The Coils The ceramic rod wax coils that come equipped are not pink but they are great for vaping wax and are an upgrade from the original wick coils. The ceramic always delivers tasteful vapors for you to enjoy. 3. Step away from the usual The average vaporizer is typically black or some other similar shade or color combo, similar to how the cellphone market seems to be. But that does not have to be. Get the pink vapes to stand away from the pack especially if it is your favorite color.

    How to Use the Pink Micro Vaporizers

    1. Press the power button 5 times consecutively and quickly to turn the unit on. Repeat this step to power down. Once powered on, make sure the coil is properly attached and press the button to heat the coil and make sure everything is set up and connected properly. 2. When properly set up and ready to go, pack a small ball of wax into the coil dish. Do Not overpack or poke the coil directly to avoid damage. Be careful while loading the wax coil and place the mouthpiece over the coil once ready. 3. Press the button to activate and heat the coil which will heat up and start to vape the wax. Gradually pull as the concentrates are heated. Press for some seconds, release and repeat to really get things roasting.