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SteamCloud Box Mod Vape

Small, discrete and portable vape mod for use with 510 atomizer attachments. The device is compact in size but very powerful. Easily view information on an advanced OLED screen and adjust the output up to 60 watts with a battery that will last all day.
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  • Product Details

    SteamCloud Box Mod Kit Includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority, Signature and International Shipping Available
    • 1 SteamCloud Box Mod Vape
    • 1 usb charging cable
    • 1 lanyard necklace for hands free action 
    • 1 user manual
    • 1 protective vape travel case

    SteamCloud Box Mod Details

    • This SteamCloud vape box is a high quality, reliable 60 Watt device that can be used with most standard 510 atomizer attachments. This device can be used with herbs, wax and oils. The SteamCloud will easily fit in the palm of your hand and the battery will easily last you all day.
    • Compatible with skinny pre-filled 510 oil cartridges
    • Compatible with most 510 atomizers for herb, wax, liquids and oil.
    • Measurements - 54 x 30 x 22mm
    • Max Watts - 60 Watts
    • Battery Life Capacity - 1600 mah
    • Resistance - 0.15 - 2.5ohm
    • Working Voltage - 1.8 - 6.0 volts
    • Temperature Control - 200F - 600F , 100C - 300C

    Box Mod Vape Protection Features

    • Low Voltage Protection - when the voltage is lower than 3.4v before vaping, if you press the power button, the screen will show" LOW BATTERY".   When the voltage is lower than 3.0v, the battery mark will keep blinking.
    • Tank short/low resistance - when vaping, if the the tank resistance >0.05Ω and <0.10Ω, the screen shows LOW LOAD. If the resistance is <0.05Ω, the screen says ATOMIZER SHORT
    • High Temperature Protection – while vaping, when the temperature is over 70℃, the vape box mod will stop and the screen will say SUPER SHORT
    • The vape automatically adjusts to the proper wattage - the module has the function of improving voltage automatically when less than  3.4v

    Vape Kit Option Details

    • Kit Only: this option includes everything listed above
    • Kit + Wax Attachment: this option include a 510 threaded wax vape cartridge that can be used with different wax concentrates.
    • Kit + E-Juice Cartridge: this option includes a 510 threaded vape cartridge that can be used with e-juice and oils.
    • Kit + Herb Attachment: this option includes a dry herb vape cartridge designed for use with dry herb. This is 510 threaded and will work with this vaping device
  • User Manual

    Important Comments about the SteamCloud

    1. This is a high wattage vape mod. Before using any heating chamber attachment, make sure the resistance of the attachment is within our recommended range or risk damage to the atomizer.
    2. If you are a first time user and new to box mods, or are just unsure, start out with the lowest possible wattage setting to avoid damaging any coil atomizer attachments.
    3. The device has a screen to view details. When using the device, be careful and avoid damaging the screen.

    How to use the SteamCloud Vape Mod

    To turn the mod on, press the power button 5 times quickly to turn the mod on and the screen will show the SteamCloud logo.

    When the box mod turns on, there are 4 settings that it can be in. It may be in WATT mode, Ni Celsius, Ti Celsius, or SS Celsius. We strongly recommend using the WATT mode.

    How to Adjust Between the Different Settings

    To adjust between the 4 different modes, just click the power button 3 times quickly.

    We suggest that you use the WATT mode which is indicated by a number next to a "W".

    No matter which mode you are in, make sure to turn the power to the lowest possible level. If you are in WATT mode it will be 1.0 W. When you start at the lowest possible power setting, you will make sure that you don't burn out your coil. Too much power can easily burn out a vape cartridge, especially the popular skinny vape cartridges seen everywhere.

    From the lowest setting, you can slowly increase the power to the desired level

    To increase the power or temperature, click one of the small silver buttons. One button will increase the power/temperature, and the other button will lower the power/temperature.

    How to Charge the Vape Mod

    1. Just like any other electronic, first plug the charger into a power source. It is always best to use the charger that comes with the kit.
    2. Next, plug the other end of the charger into the micro usb charger port on the side of the screen side of the device.
    3. When properly plugged in, the screen will turn on and display a few pieces of information such as the current wattage setting and the battery meter.
    4. The battery meter will fluctuate up and down to indicate that the vape mod is charging.
    5. When the unit is fully charged, the battery meter will no longer fluctuate. Instead the battery will just appear as a battery with full charge.
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