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HYDRA Tech Original Titan Case for Micro vaporizers

The HYDRA vaporizer shell is made with a high grade aluminum alloy and a scratch resistant finish making it the most durable vape pen case around. At under 5 inches in length, its sleek design allows you to comfortably carry and store your vape plus accessories.

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  • Product Details

    Quick Review:

    • Top quality protective case for your vaporizer
    • Includes interchangeable silicone insert for Micro vape pens
    • Holds your vape plus the necessary accessories
    • High strength aluminum shell for max protection
    • Midnight Black sleek design

    What is included:

    • 1 HYDRA Vapor Tech Original Titan Case for Micro vape pens

    Original Titan Case Features and Specifications:

    • This case comes with the silicone insert for the Micro vape pen style (other inserts are available for other vape models)
    • Shell:  the shell is made of high strength aluminum alloy with an annodized finish to protect from scratches and ware.
    • Sliding Drawer:  the sliding drawer is made from durable ABS plastic with a magnetic sliding action for smooth performance and logevity versus a spring loaded drawer.
    • Silicone Insert:  three different interchangeable silicone inserts
    • Concentrate Tool:  the case comes with a stainless steel dab tool that features a wider base for easier handling, plus a tip angled at 35 degrees to help maximize your scraping ability.
    • Wax Container:  the kit comes equipped with a rectangular concentrate container to maximize the space to hold concentrate.  The corners in the rectangle also make it easier for you to collect concentrates into a corner when things get low.
    • Charger Cavity:  the case can carry the usb charger for most vape pens.  
    • Spare Battery:  the silicone insert for Micro vapes has a space for an extra battery.