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Vape Pen for All Users

Vape Pen Definition - a term often interchangeably used with the terms vaporizer, e cig or vape.  Generally this term describes an electronic device that has been designed to vaporize some sort of substance by using heat generated from the electricity.  Vape Pen more specifically is best described as a vaporizer device shaped like a pen, but the term is broadly used to reference all sorts of portable vaporizer devices.

When using the term broadly or even specifically, whether pen shaped or more rectangular, vape pens on the market come in all shapes and sizes with various functionality and cool attributes.  More or less they are all composed of a few main components which include the battery, a heating chamber, the mouthpiece, and of course a piece of technology to tell everything what to do when.



A Deeper Look...

Now that you understand in a general sense what someone means when they say "vape pen", you have an idea, but still technically do not know exactly what someone is talking about.  It really is a term used very loosely, which is understandable given the products are still new to many people.  To truly know what someone is referring to, or just to understand because you are shopping for a vape, you need a few more details.  Especially if shopping, research and understanding the terminology is key and will better help you evaluate all of your options to make the best decision possible.

3 types of Vape Pens

A vape pen can be used with herbs, wax concentrates and various oils or e juice.  Some models are specific to a product such as the many true vaporization dry herb vapes that are strictly for herb, but there are also the many 510 battery vape kits that can be equipped with different chamber attachments and parts that can be used with oil e juice, wax or herb.  The vape pen world is filled with many options to research, compare and choose from.

1.  Dry Herb Vape Pen - One of the most common vaporizers on the market.  Herb vaping has been around long before portable vaping, unless you consider lugging around a heavy volacano vaporizer portable.  To speak to the vape pen shape, the average herbal vaporizer, at least the average true vaporization vape, is not a pen shape but people often still use this term, which is okay, as long as we are all on the same page.

These herb models usually come as one unit, meaning the battery and chamber are a single device and the chamber cannot be changed out for some other chamber, nor can the battery be altered.  But there are models with interchangeable battery and chamber capability.  If you are strictly looking for a dry herb vape, and especially if you want a more discreet or healthier way to smoke herb, the best option is one of these all in one units.  Wax and oil is different, but with herb, if you want the healthier way, that route is likely going to end with the highest rate of success with this option, especially if you are new to vaping.  Below is an example of a solid vape pen option for any herb vaper seeking a device to either upgrade or get into the mix.


E-CLIPSE vape pen kit

  • for dry herbs
  • Less than 4 inches tall
  • 2200mah battery life
  • 100% customizable temperature settings
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Heats up in 20 seconds


2.  Wax Vape Pens - This type is also hugely popular and only continues to grow as the concentrate market grows and develops.  Unlike herb, you cannot grind up some wax and toss it in some rolling papers, blunt wraps or a glass pipe.  Wax is super sticky and vaporizes at very high temperatures.  The term dabbing or taking dabs developed because of wax, and that term is usually used when someone is using a domeless nail, rig and blow torch to create vapor, but that is a whole other chapter in the vape dictionary world.

For the average folk that want to enjoy some wax concentrate, to make things easy, you will want to get yourself a wax vape pen.  In determining what can actually be vaped within any vape pen, the most important part is the heating chamber.  Many vapes such as the Evolve Plus are designed specifically for use with wax.  But other models can be equipped with all the chamber types so whether you are dealing with a micro, 510, or some other vape pen, just make sure it has a heating chamber coil equipped to vaporize wax.

Where the average herbal vape has a single heating chamber made of either ceramic, steel or glass, wax vape pens come with coil attachments of an enormous array.  There are single coils, double, triple and quad coils.  The base of the coil was originally wick wrapped with coil but ceramic and quartz rods also exist.  Pancake style coils that sit at the bottom of a ceramic chamber are popular as well and found on models such as the AGO Jr Vape Pen.  The cool thing about that pancake style is that it technically can also be used with herbs, however we recommend separate chambers for each.  Combining both with gunk up the chamber quickly.  For some true dabbing experience, the Yocan Pandon is something that should be looked at because it has the ability to deliver dab hits with four quartz rod coils at once.  Check it out below.


Yocan Pandon Wax Pen kit

  • Can adjust between 2 and 4 heating coils
  • Delivers the biggest dab hit on the market
  • Quartz rods offer pure, true taste
  • 1300mah battery larger than most wax vape pens


3.  Oil Vape Pens - First off, what type of oil are we talking about?  Well for e juice vapers, there is the disposbale kind, but in terms of electronic device for keeping, a Box Mod is usually where you want to go, especially if you are a big cloud blower guy.  The Box Mods are powerful batteries that can be equipped with all sorts of 510 oil chamber attachments and are popular among the e liquid community, and they are certainly loosely referred to as a vape pen.

Outside of e juice land, when you see oil, it is often in a skinny 510 oil cartridge.  So you don't really need a vape, only a battery, and then the combination of your cartridge and battery create what would be referred to as a vape pen.  An average vape pen picture that may pop into your head is the long, thin, stylus pens which are commonly included with oil cartridges from a dispensary or medical office.  They may or may not have a power button, can also be re-charged, but don't have the best life span.  In terms of quality, to step of from that stylus pen model, a whole world of different 510 batteries exist that can work with most skinny 510 oil cartridges.  They come large and small with high and low battery storage options.

For e juice vaper people, they want power, adjustable settings and all sort of functionallity.  If that is the case, go with a box mod vape.  Looking for a vape pen battery that will work with your oil cartridge?  Check out a cool option below.


Micro 510 Battery for Oil Cartridges

  • Only $12.99 with FREE US SHIPPING
  • Works with every standard 510 OIl Cartridge
  • Fits anywhere, even in the skinny jeans
  • Can be quickly charged with any standard micro usb charger