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What is a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are small, handheld pipes made entirely of glass, with the exception of the rubber cap on one end, the mouthpiece on the other and the metal corkscrew. These are also called twisty glass blunts. Blunts are a relatively new pipe on the market. They just surfaced a few years ago and are quickly becoming a trendy and fun way to smoke, both with a group and on your own. These pipes obtained their name from their similarity to, you guessed it, blunts. Now, normally blunts are rolled in tobacco paper and burn down the paper as you smoke. Glass blunts in contrast don’t use any tobacco, so they are healthier, and the taste is not tarnished by tobacco.

How to pack a Glass Blunt

Packing your blunt is easy and can be done pretty quickly. First, be sure to grind your herb. You can do this by pulling apart the bud and grinding it with your fingers but it is better to use an herb grinder.  Grinding your herb beforehand allows for a more even burn and a smoother smoke. A lot of people choose to grind their herb manually with their fingers, but it’s recommended that you use a grinder.

After you’ve ground the herb, you’re ready to pack the blunt. First, remove the mouthpiece and corkscrew from the glass pipe. Also, be sure the rubber cap is on the other end of the tube, otherwise your bud will go in one end and out the other. If you used a grinder, it’s much easier to pack your blunt because you can just press your pipe into the herb in your grinder and scoop it in. Just let the ground herb stay in the grinder and tilt the grinder down slightly.

Another way, if your herb is on a tray or another flat surface, lay your blunt horizontally on the surface and scoop the herb in by pushing the pipe through it. Alternatively, you could use a cone to funnel it into the pipe too. You can load as much or as little herb as you’d like into the pipe. Since the pipe is clear, it’s easy to see how much you’re packing. Once you have loaded the herb, take the mouthpiece and place the corkscrew back into the pipe.

Lastly, by twisting in a counter-clockwise motion, you will notice the herb cutting in and sitting on top of the spirals.  As you continue to spin, you will pack the herbs in.  Once the spirals have reached all the way down the pipe and condensed the herb, you’re good to go.

How to use a Glass Blunt

Now that you have successfully packed your pipe, it’s time for the fun part. First, be sure to remove the silicon piece from the one end of the glass – this is where you light the herb and where the air flows through as you pull on the blunt.  Once the cap is off, light the herb on that end and simultaneously inhale slowly like a normal blunt.  When you’re ready for another hit, you may have to relight the end.  After a couple of hits, you will notice ash on the end of your blunt. Just twist the corkscrew in the opposite direction of however you loaded it.  By twisting, the corkscrew will push any ash out of the pipe. 

How a Glass Blunt works

Historically, blunts have been rolled using some type of wrap, such as tobacco paper or palm leaf. The glass pipe that is used in a glass blunt is the equivalent of a wrap, just in glass form. It functions to hold the herb together just like paper would. A glass blunt is lit on the end opposite the mouthpiece and smoked like a normal blunt. The difference here is that the paper of a normal blunt burns up with the herb, but, for obvious reasons, in a glass pipe, this is not the case.

The corkscrew mechanism was created to combat the fact that glass doesn’t burn up like paper would. The corkscrew is simple. Its blades are arranged like a corkscrew (hence the name) and the blades pull the herb in or out, depending on which way the corkscrew is twisted. This mechanism allows the cached herb to be pushed out of the blunt and allows the non-cached herb to be moved further down the blunt so that it too can eventually be lit and smoked. The corkscrew doubles in function to allow the herb to be packed more tightly into the pipe. To pack the blunt, the corkscrew is twisted down into the pipe, pushing the herb up against the silicon cap on the end of the blunt. As the screw twists, the herb is pushed harder and harder against the cap, allowing the pressure to pack them in tightly.


Tips for using a Glass Blunt

We have seen a lot of beginners picking up glass blunts lately, so we wanted to throw out some pro tips for all the new guys from all the old guys. First thing’s first- keep that black, rubber cap on when packing the blunt, otherwise, your bud will go in one end and out the other.  It’s easy to forget about it when you pack your blunt, but trust us, nothing is more frustrating than spilling your freshly packed herb all over the carpet. Those rubber caps are also perfect for slipping on in between smokes. You can smoke half your herb in one sitting and the other half later.

Once you’ve packed your herb into the blunt, twist the corkscrew into the pipe so that the spirals go all the way to the end of the pipe. Sometimes, when you get towards the end, it kind of gets stuck, so just twist it both ways, back and forth, until you can get the herb to sit on top of all the spirals. This back and forth motion will pack the blunt nice and tight.

Probably the coolest of the pro tips is this-- the glass blunt doubles as a bong bowl. Most glass blunts are designed to match the bowl size of a bong. This means that instead of packing a bowl for your bong that caches in three or four hits, you can use a glass blunt that won’t be cached for 15 hits!

How to Clean a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are incredibly easy to clean. The simple nature of the pipe’s design makes for a cleaning process that no one complains about. There are a couple of ways to clean a glass blunt- an easy way and a hard way. The hard includes soaking the glass blunt in a water and rubbing alcohol solution. After letting it soak for twenty minutes or more, the residue can be wiped clean with a Q-Tip or pipe cleaner. The easiest, and most efficient way to clean a glass blunt is to dip a paper towel into a bowl filled with warm water, rubbing alcohol, and salt. Then wrap the wet paper towel around the spiral portion of the corkscrew. Slide the covered corkscrew into the glass pipe and slide it back and forth until the residue has been removed from the glass. Then pull the corkscrew out and lay the glass portion to the side. To clean off the corkscrew, take another wet paper towel between your fingers and pinch the top of the spiral part of the corkscrew so that the paper towel is between your fingers and the metal. Twist the corkscrew, leaving your fingers pinched, but allowing enough slack to let the corkscrew spin down your fingers. This will allow the metal of the spirals to be wiped clean. This process only takes a few minutes and makes cleaning pipes a breeze.

Are Glass Blunts Recommended?

Glass blunts are generally recommended for those looking for a healthier way to smoke.  Because these blunts are not rolled with tobacco wrap, they’re considered a more healthy alternative to blunts. Other than that, it just comes down to your personal preference. If you want to stay away from the hassle of dealing with blunt wraps and rolling papers, then this pipe is definitely for you. And, obviously, if rolling blunts is your jam, we might not recommend these pipes for you. At the end of the day, though, glass blunts get the job done and are a really fun way to smoke.

Glass Pipes vs Glass Blunts

Glass pipes and blunts have some differences as well as similarities.  For starters, glass pipes have bowls that can pack enough herb for maybe five or six hits, depending on the size of the bowl. A blunt, on the other hand, can get you somewhere around 15 hits. 

Glass blunts, at least twisty style glass blunts, are more or less the same regardless of the brand.  Glass pipes though, literally have thousands and thousands of variations – from the different sizes to colors and price.  Glass pipes come in a multitude of different colors and styles, glass blunts are universally designed almost identically.

As for the price, they are both relatively affordable, however, with glass pipes, you can find some priced in the stratosphere if we’re talking about glass artists. 

Where to buy a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are continuing to increase in popularity and demand, so the supply of glass blunts is also continuing to grow. Now, you can purchase glass blunts in just about every head shop and smoke shop. And, of course, you can purchase them in online head shops and vape shops. NYVapeshop.com has quality glass blunts for sale on their website.