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Micro Vape Pen Wax Coils 510

Get replacement coils for your Snoop Dogg G Pen or any other Micro vape pen that uses screw in style coils. These wax coils heat up using a ceramic rod to deliver pure vapor taste. Replace a burned out coil or get a back up today with Free shipping.
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    Vape Coil Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Micro Vape Wax Coils
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    Micro Vape Coil Details

    • Wax Coils - Ceramic Rod Coils for use with wax concentrates only
    • Compatability - coils are compatible for use with the Micro vape and other similar vape brands with the Micro screw in battery

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    • User Manual

      Screw in verus Push in Coils for Micro Vape Pens

      The Micro style vaporizer has a long oval shape that stands at about 4 inches high with the mouthpiece attached. It comes in many colors, is charged via a micro usb charger and can be equipped with two main types of coil attachments. Screw in style Micro vape coils are exactly how they sound. They are 510 threaded and screw to the top of a Micro vape battery with the screw in capability. Wax coils, herb coils and even liquid screw coils are available. They function similar to all coils so they take in energy from the battery to heat a coil which in turn heats the wax or herb. Some say this style of coil is more reliable because you simply screw it in versus having to push down, but they really go popular because of the screw in dry herb coil. Push in style Micro vape coils are the more popular style coil. They were the first style introduced and now come standard on many micro vape kits. They function the same as the coils mentioned above, and more or less just like most coils in the industry. They fit to the top of Micro batteries with the push in style which you will find with the average Micro kit.