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Wax Vape Pen Deal - 2 AGO Jr kits

Best vape deal around for those seeking a portable vaporizer pen that can vaporize both wax and herbs. Each vape pen is only 4 inches tall, super discreet and very easy to use. The vape can be loaded quickly and will disappear in your hand while vaping.

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  • Product Details

    Quick Review

    Amazing vape deal right here for two vaporizer kits that can be used with either dry herbs or wax.  Essentially with one purchase you can have a vape pen for the dabbing times or the typical bob marley times.  This deal is only while supplies last and many colors have already run out.

    Vape kits include

    • 2 AGO Jr vape pens
    • 2 dabber tools
    • 2 usb chargers
    • 2 user manuals
    • 2 protective boxes

    Features and Specifications

    • For use with wax concentrates or dry herbs  to avoid a gross heating chamber, use separate chambers for herbs and wax
    • Battery Capacity 350mah
    • Vape Pen Measurements  4 inches Length x 0.5 inches Width
    • Tips & Guides

      Tips for the Junior Vape 1. Use separate chambers for dry herbs and wax. When vaping wax, once the chamber seems to be low, it is usually packed with more wax and at no point are you clearing the chamber. On the other hand, with dry herbs, whether combustion or vaporization, when the herbs are finished, either ash or browned remains are cleared from the chamber. So if you combine the two, you will be dealing with a nasty chamber. 2. Clean the Mouthpiece for optimal airflow. No matter the vape, with wax, parts get sticky. The wax turns into vapor as it is heated but as it travels through the airway particles attach themselves to the sides especially within the vape mouthpiece. In time, the build up can hinder airflow. No worries, simply soak the silicone mouthpiece and metal mouthpiece chamber connector in some alcohol and shake it around. In under ten minutes you should be able to soak and rid the parts of most residue. 3. Keep Spare chambers A typical dry herb vape can operate cleanly with only mouthpiece or screen replacements necessary. But wax vapes get messy and eventually heating chambers will burn out. Nothing is worse than a coil dying in the middle of a session with no spare. Actually, what is worse is the chamber dying before the vaping starts. AGO Jr spare parts are cheap and always come with Free shipping. Especially if you plan to vape both dry herbs and wax, you will need another chamber. Why Buy a Vape Deal This deal is for two vaporizers and is a great idea for those that want to share with a friend, surprise a loved one, or just plain have two vapes because it never hurts to have a backup for one reason or another. The vape deal is a low priced way for anyone wanting or needing two vape pen kits.