10 Things Not to Do with Your Vaporizer

There are some common guidelines to follow when using a portable vaporizer. They are normally outlined in the instruction manual, although vapes are pretty straightforward. There are a few practices that should definitely be avoided though. Read on to learn what not to do with your new vaporizer.

by: Amy B. | 04/28/21 1:30PM


Although vaporizers are relatively new technology, there is a lot we know already about how they work and which ones work best. What you might not know is what the best practices are when it comes to owning a vape though. And while we could tell you what to do, we would rather use reverse psychology and tell you what Not to do. Read on to learn about some common mistakes and misunderstandings when it comes to using a portable vaporizer.

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1. Don’t Be Cheap

What we really mean is to not cut corners with your vaporizer to save a few bucks. There are plenty of affordable portable vaporizers available these days and you don’t need to get a rip-off brand or craft a homemade device to vape. Although vaporizers are pretty common and fairly safe to use, if you get a malfunctioning vaporizer it could blow up in your face -- literally. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure you are purchasing your vaporizer from a reputable seller and manufacturer.


2. Don’t Be Ignorant

Always be sure to do your research before purchasing a portable vaporizer. You will want to look into what it is made with, how it works, and what it was designed to vape. With so many options on the market, it is easy to get duped into buying a vaporizer that does not work well for you. Also, read the user reviews to get a better idea of if it will fit with your vaping style or if it’s going to push your buttons in a bad way.

Vape battery with two low battery animations along with a yellow bad sign

3. Don’t Use Damaged Batteries

No matter what, never use a vape battery that appears to be damaged. If the vape seems to be faulty, frayed, or fails to hold a charge then it is time to get a new battery or vaporizer. It is better to not tempt fate. Parts on a portable vape will have to be replaced eventually, and it’s best to just bite the bullet versus risking a battery gone wrong.

4. Don’t Leave Charging Vapes Unattended

It is best practice to not leave our vape or vape batteries charging without supervision. It’s kind of like the rule to not leave a heating oven unattended. Although there are safety measures taken by manufacturers when making vaporizers, a small mishap could ruin your vape battery or ruin your house in the worst-case scenario.

vape battery with charge and clock next to it with text saying Don't Over Charge Your Battery

5. Don’t Overcharge Your Vape Batteries

It’s also best to not overcharge your vape battery. You should ideally leave it plugged in and charging for just long enough to reach that battery’s full capacity. Any longer than that can cause damage to the battery in the long run. Try to not charge a vape overnight, since it typically doesn’t take eight hours to charge a vape battery.


6. Don’t Leave Your Vape On Flammable Surfaces

This one might seem obvious, but we thought we would mention it anyway. Don’t ever rest your vape on flammable surfaces while in use or charging. Although it might not cause combustion right away, it could cause a slow smolder that could lead to a fire. Portable vaporizers are typically cool enough to handle, but not all the parts cool down as fast out the outside case. It’s also best to not leave your vaporizer in a hot car or on the dashboard of a car because it could overheat the battery and cause malfunctions.

Vaporizer left outside and an animation of rain coming down

7. Don’t Leave Your Vape Outside

You might keep your vaporizer by your side at all times, but if you don’t then be sure to not forget it outside. Exposure to extreme temperatures or temperature changes can cause damage to your vape’s battery. The ideal temperature for storing most vapes is between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit, to limit potential damage.

8. Don’t Mix and Match Your Vape Parts

You should always use the right parts with your vaporizer instead of making a Frankenstein device. Although some parts might not physically fit on your vaporizer, when it comes to the charging cable it might seem like anything will work. But using a different charging cable or not charging with a pass-through device could lead to too much voltage being applied to your vape battery. This could lead to a dead or overheated vape pretty quickly.

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9. Don’t Stick A Coin in Your Vape

If your vaporizer uses a 18650 battery and the battery wiggles around inside of it a little bit, do not stick a quarter in it to close the gap! Although this might seem like the perfect solution, it can cause the battery and vaporizer to malfunction. Be safe rather than sorry and just reach out to the manufacturer for more information or a replacement device.

10. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Vape

The most important thing to not forget is to clean your vape, ideally after every session. If you clean your device more often then it will be easier to deep clean every month or so, depending on how much you use it. Just giving the heating chamber and vapor path with a scrub with a cotton swab or small wire brush after each session is enough to keep your vape new longer. Cleaning more often will also make your vapor taste better on a regular basis.

To keep your portable vaporizer shiny, new, and working correctly be sure to treat it correctly. A vape is a pretty simple, yet advanced piece of technology that takes a bit of research to understand. Once you know the ins and outs of your vape though you can care for it correctly and extend its lifetime of use. You can also avoid painful explosions or a dead device.

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