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Official List of DaVinci Vaporizers and Reviews

by: Joe C. | 05/11/23 1:30PM

Discover the world of DaVinci vaporizers with our comprehensive list and in-depth reviews. From the sleek and advanced DaVinci IQ Vaporizer to the compact and portable DaVinci MIQRO C, we provide valuable insights into each model's features, performance, and user experience. Find the perfect DaVinci vaporizer to elevate your vaping sessions.

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Woman holding vape and vaping

What Exactly Are Concentrate Vape Pens

by: Joe C. | 05/10/23 1:30PM

Concentrate vape pens are portable vaporizers designed for consuming concentrates such as wax, oil, or shatter. They consist of a battery, heating element, and a chamber or cartridge for holding the concentrate. These pens allow for efficient vaporization of concentrates without combustion, providing users with a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the flavor of concentrates.

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DaVinci Vaporizers vs. PAX Vaporizers

by: Joe C. | 05/07/23 1:30PM

We delve into the comparison between DaVinci and PAX vaporizers, two prominent brands in the vaporizer industry. We explore their design, heating technology, temperature control, and vapor quality to help you make an informed decision. Discover the strengths and differences of DaVinci and PAX vaporizers and find the perfect vaporizer for your vaping needs.

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Man vaping and blowing smoke

Top 5 Questions & Answers about Vapes

by: Joe C. | 05/05/23 1:30PM

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained popularity in recent years. However, despite their widespread use, many people still have questions about vaping and how to use them. To help you understand, we have compiled answers for the top 5 questions we hear about vapes.

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Davinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer

Davinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer Review

by: Joe C. | 05/04/23 1:30PM

Discover the Davinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer, a game-changing device that combines advanced features, intelligent design, and exceptional performance. In our comprehensive review, we dive deep into the precision controls, innovative dual-use capability, and sleek carbon exterior that make the IQ2 Carbon a standout choice for vapers. Get ready to elevate your vaping experience to new heights with this cutting-edge vaporizer from Davinci.

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Storz and Bickel Official List of Vaporizers with Reviews

by: Joe C. | 04/24/23 1:30PM

Explore our comprehensive guide featuring a complete list of Storz and Bickel vaporizers, accompanied by detailed reviews. From the iconic Volcano Classic to the portable Crafty Plus and the innovative Mighty, discover the perfect Storz and Bickel vaporizer to enhance your vaping experience and find the ideal device that suits your needs and preferences.

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DaVinci Vaporizers: Top 5 Questions and Answers

by: Joe C. | 04/21/23 1:30PM

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about DaVinci vaporizers in our comprehensive blog. From cleaning tips and battery life to temperature control and more, we provide valuable insights to enhance your vaping experience. Get ready to have all your burning questions about DaVinci vaporizers answered in one convenient place.

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2 PAX Era Pro Vaporizers

PAX Era Pro Vaporizer Review

by: Joe C. | 04/18/23 1:30PM

Discover the PAX ERA Pro Vaporizer, a groundbreaking device that combines sleek design, advanced technology, and intelligent features. In our comprehensive review, we delve into its exceptional vapor quality, customizable temperature settings, and seamless performance. Get ready to elevate your vaping experience with the PAX ERA Pro, a vaporizer that sets new standards in convenience and flavor.

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Man smoking a dry herb vape

Top 5 Questions & Answers about Dry Herb Vaporizers

by: Joe C. | 04/17/23 1:30PM

Read on to fully understand Dry Herb Vaporizers and why they are so popular. Our experts put together the top 5 questions and answers about dry herb vaporizers. With 10+ years dealing with vapes and customers, we are here to help!

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Image of a Davinci MIQRO-C Vaporizer

Davinci MIQRO-C Vaporizer Review

by: Joe C. | 04/10/23 1:30PM

Introducing the Davinci MIQRO-C Vaporizer, the compact and powerful vaping device that's set to revolutionize your vaping experience. In this comprehensive review, we dive deep into the features, performance, and design of this portable vaporizer. From its unparalleled portability and customizable performance to its innovative features and ease of use, the Davinci MIQRO-C is a game-changer. Join us as we explore why this vaporizer deserves a top spot in your collection.

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A man holding the Davinci IQC vaporizer

Davinci IQC Vaporizer Review

by: Joe C. | 03/17/23 1:30PM

Discover the Davinci IQC Vaporizer, a game-changing vaping device that combines advanced technology, exceptional performance, and sleek design. In this comprehensive review, we delve into its cutting-edge features, including customizable temperature control and Smart Path technology. Get ready to experience smooth, flavorful clouds and elevate your vaping journey with the Davinci IQC.

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Woman smoking disposable vape

Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better?

by: Anthony E. | 03/15/23 1:30PM

Disposable vapes are known for being convenient, efficient, and affordable. What makes them so popular is their resourcefulness. Once you are done, you simply toss it away and get a new one. There is no need to formally maintain a disposable vape. You don’t have to buy or refill your own e-juice. Everything is ready to go the minute you are. In this article, we will be going over how and why disposable vapes just taste better.

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Two disposable vapes on a black background

Do Disposable Vapes Expire?

by: Anthony E. | 03/08/23 2:30PM

Depending on the type of disposable vape you have, you may or may not get extended usage. Your vaping habits also determine whether a vape will prematurely expire on you. Variables such as weather and temperature can also play a role in how long a disposable vape lasts. Some vapes just have a limited shelf life. Most of them will last you awhile, provided you take good care of them. In this article, we will go over how and why a disposable vape can expire on you.

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A vape and charger on a blue blackground

How to Recharge a Disposable Vape

by: Anthony E. | 03/01/23 2:30PM

Disposable vapes are meant to be disposable. Once a disposable vape battery dies or runs out of juice, it’s time to replace it. There are obvious differences between disposable vapes and rechargeable vapes. Unless you know what you’re doing, you should never attempt to recharge a disposable battery. There are ways to go about charging a disposable vape battery. This article will go into detail on why charging a disposable battery is such a high risk.

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PAX Plus Vaporizer

PAX Plus Vaporizer Review

by: Joe C. | 02/27/23 2:30PM

Discover the PAX Plus Vaporizer, a cutting-edge device that combines sleek design, exceptional vapor quality, and intelligent features. In our comprehensive review, we dive deep into its advanced heating technology, ergonomic design, and user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for vapers seeking an elevated experience. Get ready to take your vaping journey to the next level with the PAX Plus, a vaporizer that sets new standards in performance and convenience.

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Image of Pax Era Vaporizers

PAX Era Vape Pen Review

by: Joe C. | 02/24/23 2:30PM

Read our PAX Era Vape Pen Review to learn everything you need to know about this pod vape. The PAX Era is a popular vape that comes with many pros, but it has some cons too. Read on as we breakdown this popular vape pen!

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disposable vaoe on iron suface

What is a Disposable Vape?

by: Anthony E. | 02/22/23 2:30PM

Disposable vapes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions. Some disposable vapes are very simple and easy to operate. Others are innovative and can be initiated by simply drawing in your breath. Disposable vapes are meant to be used and replaced once they die or run out of juice. Using one is very simple and straightforward. In this article, we will go over what a disposable vape is, and how to use one.

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An aray of box mod vapes on a shelf

The best kinds of vaporizers of 2023 you need to try!

by: Joe C. | 02/20/23 2:30PM

The dispensary market has been thriving lately due to the number of customers showing interest in the various products being launched. In the last three years, we have seen significant growth in the research and production quality of dry herb vapes, concentrate vaporizers and more. If we had to mention one product that has thrived the most, it would be the pocket-friendly vaporizer.

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Disposable vape and several dollar notes

How Much Are Disposable Vapes?

by: Anthony E. | 02/15/23 2:30PM

Disposable vapes comprise a large portion of the vape market and they are very popular. Without extras, disposables are self-contained and highly efficient. Once they die or run out of juice, you simply replace them. There are many different types of disposable vape pens on the market. Some are more popular than others. Their differences are few and some can be quite sophisticated. This article will explain how this is and how much they are.

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Image of a broken vape

How Long Do Vape Pens Last?

by: Anthony E. | 02/08/23 2:30PM

Vape pens come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some vape pens are made to vape every modality (herbs, wax, and oils). Other vape pens are made specifically for just one modality. The best types of vapes are those you will utilize the most. Some people prefer a vape pen that is disposable. Other users are in it for the long haul. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at these vape pens. The longest lasting vapes are the ones you want to go for.

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