Desktop Vaporizers

Vaporizers use electricity in order to generate a significant amount of heat. This heat is transferred to dry herb or some form of concentrate. Once this happens, vapor is produced as the material is literally vaporized in the heating chamber. When it comes to desktop vaporizers, focus is given more to the vaporizing power than it is to portability or concealability. Generally, these remain more or less stationary. This is not always the case, but they are not designed to be extremely mobile.

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How to Choose a Desktop Vaporizer

Most people are familiar with portable vapes, but vaping dry herbs started with desktops. You are going to need to look inside and have an honest evaluation of what it is you are looking for in a desktop vaporizer, what it is you need, and what it is that different desktop vaporizers can provide for you. They range from basic and cheap to luxurious and expensive and everywhere in between. To help you better understand vapes and what your options are, continue reading this blog for useful information from experts.

Temperature and Other Controls

Like with most products, desktop vaporizers come with differing levels of complexity and features. For example, some will offer you the opportunity to let your vaporizer heat up and notify you when optimal vaporizing temperatures have been reached. Others allow you to set a maximum to avoid any burning or overheating. Others have timers. You will need to think about what you want most and see what is offered at a price you like.

Portability and Design

As we mentioned, portability is not the first priority of a desktop vaporizer. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some level of portability with these vapes. As desktop vaporizers have become more advanced and technology progressed, some are certainly designed with mobility considerations. However, overall, you shouldn’t think of these as mobile or portable in the same way that you would a vape pen. Even the lightest are meant to be used when standing still and on an even, stable surface to avoid damage or any operating issues.

Dry Herb Vape or Wax Vaping too

Desktop vaporizers started out specifically as dry herb vaporizers. After all, concentrates like wax were neither popular or widely available. Now, this is not the case and some desktop vaporizers have adapted to accommodate wax vaping as well as dry herb. So, you just need to figure out what you prefer or if there is a desktop vaporizer available to cater to both your interests. The differences will be similar as with any other product that lets you use both dry herb or wax.

Vape Whip vs Balloon Vaporizer

A vape whip or balloon is simply referring to the way you access the vapor from a desktop vaporizer. For example, a vape whip refers to the tubing that is plugged into the vaporizer and then the vape is inhaled from the other end of the tube. With a balloon vaporizer, however, you will have the vapor collect into a plastic balloon. This is then removed and you inhale the collected vapor from the blown-up balloon. Some vaporizers will be compatible with both methods.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer

A desktop vaporizer is exactly what it sounds like: a vaporizer that is meant to be placed on a desktop (or tabletop) and remain there to be vaped by one or more people. They function like other types of vaporizers – they use electricity to generate heat and vaporize usually dry herbs. However, the key difference between them and smaller, portable vape pens is that they are focused mostly on performance instead of mobility, concealment, or trying to mitigate the best of all three. While not necessarily permanently in place, a desktop vaporizer is usually not designed with mobility in mind. Rather, the goal is to produce an efficient, powerful vaporizing machine that will deliver seamless vaping sessions.

Best Desktop Vaporizers

To pick the best desktop vaporizer is going to be determined largely by your own personal preferences and wants. For example, you might prefer a vape whip and not a balloon. That will certainly narrow the options available for your Best Desktop Vaporizer choice. In order to narrow your focus and help you make the best determination for yourself, we have listed out some popular options you will come across while shopping.

Vaporizer Whip

Whip vaporizers are pretty normal to see around. In fact, the tubing and idea of a ‘vape whip’ is similar in function to a hookah. This is a good metaphor, because like a hookah, a whip vape is able to be used by multiple people at once (if there is room for more tubing) and is easily passed around communally just like a large, vapor-filled balloon. Just be careful not to trip over any vape tubes, not something hugely common, but an issue not present in a balloon vape, so choose wisely.

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is a time-tested classic. As one of the original desktop vaporizers, the volcano is an easy option because it is reliable and proven. The Volcano utilizes the balloon so make sure to consider this when deciding to make the purchase. Comes with a sleek, simple design and is mostly hassle-free. As far as desktop vaporizers go, you can certainly do worse than a Volcano.

Balloon Vaporizer

The balloon vaporizer is another option for a desktop vaporizer. These, too, can be used with a group of friends.. The difference is that you will be waiting for a balloon to fill up prior to passing any of the vapor around. While this might seem silly, it can be more useful than a whip because you are completely ready to vape once the balloon is filled whereas you might need to wait between pulls with a whip. It is all about preference.

Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q is another reliable, powerful vaporizer. The beauty of the Arizer Extreme Q is that it is made with quality materials, delivers a potent vape capacity, and is seen as more affordable than other options like the Volcano. Most importantly, it can use either the vape whip tubing or the balloon system. If you value versatility, affordability, and reliability you can’t go wrong thinking about the Arizer Exteme Q desktop vaporizer.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is truly an exceptional machine. While this doesn’t mean it’s inherently better than the other vaporizers listed, it certainly has made a name for itself. The Silver Surfer is compatible with both dry herb as well as wax concentrates. This is wonderful for those of us unable to give up our wax fascination. The Silver Surfer utilizes the vape whip tubing and is made of powerful, reliable ceramic materials and heating attachments.