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How to Choose the Best Joyetech Vape Product

Joyetech has been an integral part of the vaping community for a number of years with its charismatic and diverse range of vaporizers that can fit just about any occasion. Customers have a great deal of options with Joyetech vaporizers from box mod vapes to vape pens with smart pod systems. Needless to say, if you are looking for a solid vaporizer that is built well and easy to use then Joyetech should definitely be on your list. Due to how diverse Joyetech’s vaporizers are, there is no single best vaporizer out of their lineup. Rather, choosing a vaporizer with Joyetech is based entirely on personal preference.

Joyetech E-Liquid Vaporizers

Joyetech’s e-cigarettes have earned a solid reputation for being super reliable and intuitive to use which makes your first vaping experience stress free. Choosing a vaporizer with Joyetech will depend on the needs of the user. For beginners looking to transition off of traditional tobacco products with ease the eGo AIO or eGrip Mini might be a solid choice — both vaporizers are entirely unique with one being a smart-pod vape and the other being a standard vape pen. Customers are not only limited to pens and pods however. Joyetech also offers box mods to those looking to get bigger clouds and have more control over their vaping experience. All Joyetech products are designed to be compact and easy to store across the board which definitely makes things a little easier.

Joyetech Coils and Accessories

One is not limited to just vaporizers with Joyetech. In addition, Joyetech also offers essentials like replacement coils, batteries, grips, and cases for all the different vape pens and box mods. You can find a lot of these products right here on NY Vape Shop or through other retailers. Buying replacement components for your Joyetech is easy and should not be too much of a hassle.

Types of Joyetech Vape Products

There is a Joyetech product for just about every type of vape user out there, which is what makes the brand so great. Depending on your needs certain Joyetech vapes will be better than others. For beginners to vaping in general the eGo AIO pen is an excellent choice as well as the eGrip Mini which is even simpler to use with its smart pod technology. Opting for a box mod like the Exceed or Espion will provide an entirely different experience from a smart pod vaporizer like the eGrip Mini. Joyetech’s box mods allow for a more hands on experience that can be tailored to the user’s preferences. Factors like wattage, temperature, atomizers, and coil material types all play a huge role in how a box mod vapes. To help make your shopping experience simpler we have provided a list of our favorite Joyetech vaporizers here at NY Vape Shop!

Joyetech eGo AIO

The eGo AIO is a superb choice if you are looking for an easy to use vape pen that will also fit into your pocket with ease. Joyetech has kept beginners in mind with the eGo’s design being super minimal and free from an assortment of buttons. Instead, the eGo uses a simple button to fire the 1500mAh battery inside the eGo. Charing the eGo is simple with a standard USB plugin and changing out atomizers is also equally easy. Filling the eGo takes a matter of seconds with its hassle-free cap and atomizer that screw off of the battery base. If you are just starting vaping, then the eGo would be a great choice. Plus, it does have a lot of power making it great for producing dense clouds.

Joyetech Ego AIO Probox

A slightly larger and equally sleek upgrade of the eGo AIO — this vaporizer is super unique with its internal atomizer that can easily be inserted into the battery portion of the mod. The airflow can be adjusted super easily by twisting the airflow ring around the mouthpiece. The Probox contains a 2100mAh battery and an atomizer that can hold 2ml of liquid. Another cool feature with this mod is the two different settings you can choose, direct output mode and constant voltage output mode. Each will provide their own vaping experience. Joyetech added another little touch to this mod with the different LED colors the user can select when the mod is turned off. Overall, this is a solid upgrade from the standard AIO and is a great option for those looking to upgrade to better design and interesting features.

Joyetech Penguin

Joyetech’s Penguin vaporizer is designed to fit in the palm of your hand, user friendly, and has a relatively large e-liquid capacity at 8.8ml. This vaporizer is great for taking on the go and the 2000 mAh battery provides more than enough power to produce the vapor you are looking for. A few extra features come with the penguin — ceramic e-liquid chamber, 2A quick charge, and a visual e-liquid window to make sure you never run low on juice ever again. This is easily one of the best discreet vape pens out there because it is so user friendly, sleek, and compact. Both beginners and experienced vapers alike will find value in the Penguin.

Joyetech eGrip Mini

The eGrip Mini by Joyetech is the definition of ultra-sleek portability with its handheld design and vibrant color schemes. This is an all-around excellent low-profile vaporizer that is guaranteed to last you all day with its 45mAh battery. Do not worry if those batteries are running on empty because the eGrip only takes 30 minutes to reach full battery. Another plus with the eGrip is the lack of a firing button — just inhale and the device will work seamlessly. This vaporizer is recommended for both beginners and those looking to have another portable option for vaping that will last longer and be even smaller.

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