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How to Choose the Best Weighing Scale

When it comes to gauging the amount of material you might have for anything, even for traveling, knowing how much you have will come in handy for not having too much or too little. Knowing how much your apparatus can hold at any given time. If you are wanting a small pocket-sized scale to measure material in small measurements like grams for travel or for your smoke / vaping device, then this would be much more ideal than say a large digital scale used for weighing pounds.

Types of Weighing Scales

Choosing the right weighing scale will depend on what it is you would like to weigh, and for what purpose. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to a scale, whether they are those old school pocket scales that you have to hold by hand, or novelty digital pocket scales that look like ordinary items. Most pocket scales are designed to weigh out a maximum of up to 1000 grams, while others are more geared towards lighter loads. Each digital scale should be calibrated before every use to ensure an accurate readout.

Cool Weighing Scales

Novelty digital scales are very popular today, with some looking just like an ordinary pack of popular cigarette brands, while others could be designed to look just like mini CD cases. While the functionality of novelty scales remains the same, their practicality is quite useful in today’s world where privacy is a majority among smokers & vapers alike. Most of these novelty scales can be overlooked as everyday items in a purse or pocket, even after pulling them out on a public table.

Digital Weighing Scales vs Manual Weighing Scales

While it has been said that old school weighing scales that depend on manual input to give a readout are much more accurate, the fact remains that digital scales can make life much easier with pinpoint accuracy as well. Manual pocket scales are usually held by hand while a small hook or clip grips the item to be weighed. Digital scales offer a much more streamlined use by simply turning on the unit, putting the material on the weighing plate, and waiting briefly for a readout. Naturally running off of batteries, this is the only foreseeable downside to a digital scale along with its inherent fragility.

Weighing Scale Maintenance

Over time it is normal to see a mild buildup forming on the top weighing plate. The best way to handle this is to wipe down the surface after every use to prevent this type of buildup. Simply turning the unit off and lightly wiping it down without applying too much pressure onto the plate would be the best way to maintain your scale. Calibrating the scale afterwards would be wise to ensure the integrity of your readouts as well. Whatever you do, make sure not to drop the scale or leave it under and excessively hot or cold environments.

Types of Weighing Scales

Here we can take a look at some of the various types of scales on the market, along with some of the more popular scales that are touted for their accuracy & reliability. Whether you want a manual weighing scale or a contemporary digital scale, here we can take a closer look at the available options on the market, and how they stack up against each other. All of them are functional, and so choosing the right one will depend on your own personal preference.

WeighMax Digital Scale

A small standard pocket-sized digital scale that can weigh up to 800 grams, this neat little gizmo comes in an assortment of colors to suit & match your own style preferences. Made to perfectly weight out all your favorite dry herbs & concentrates! A high-quality unit, this digital scale also measures in ounces, making this a versatile piece of equipment. Pinpoint accuracy down to .01 grams makes this one of the better digital weight scales on the market.

Electronic Hook Digital Scale

A hybrid of the old manual weighing scales and a digital scale, electronic hook scales are versatile for being able to weigh up to 110+ pounds! For those wanting to measure out larger quantities of dry herbs or concentrates for traveling, using one of these electronic hook scales will definitely come in handy! Shaped like a basic handle that goes around your hand, you simply turn on the unit, hook your material, and weigh it out!

PC Mouse with Hidden Digital Scale & Stash Compartment

A true novelty item that is practical and fully functional, the computer mouse scale combines stealth with the ability to work as an actual mouse for your PC! Simply plug in the USB cord to your computer and you now have a fully functional mouse. Taking off the top portion of the mouse reveals the digital scale and hidden compartment, perfect for stashing your dry herbs & concentrates! One of the most innovative scales on the market!

Cigarette Case Mini Digital Pocket Scale

Another innovative novelty scale that looks just like a normal pack of cigarettes (Marlboro), except that it opens up to reveal a full functioning digital scale that can weigh up to 200 grams. Fits right in your pocket or purse just like a pack of cigarettes for easy portability without taking up hardly any room. A user-friendly backlight makes this little scale one of the most popular & convenient weighing scales on the market!

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