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The secret stash containers we carry should be considered by everyone. These stash spots are cheap in terms of price and they work like a charm for hiding valuables such as money and jewelry. For under $30 you can add a level of security to a valuable item over and over again. We don't only sell vape pens and glass pipes. Buy one today, ALL orders at this shop come with FREE USA shipping!

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How to Choose a Stash Container

While shopping for a useful stash container, you will come across many options that will be appealing in different ways. It is important to find and choose a secret stash spot that works for you. To help figure out the best option, we have broken out some useful information to make your decision a little easier.

Size of Stash Area

This is the most important thing because if what you are looking to stash does not fit, then the container is useless. There are many options available and sometimes the interior is thought to be larger than it really is, so just make sure to shop smart and check the specifications before checking out.

Where are you Stashing

If you're bald and need something for the office, the hairbrush secret stash is a bad idea. However, if you have a wife back at home it would make sense in the bathroom or even in a suitcase while traveling. If you have a pantry with a ton of food and drinks, then a cool Pringles or soda stash could work.

What are you Stashing

Keep in mind that a secret stash spot will keep an item hidden from the common eye, but it will not necessarily keep a smell hidden from the common nose. If you are hiding something very valuable although stash spots work great, in some cases you may just want a safe.

Complex or Simple

The average secret stash resembles some sort of common, household item like a soda can or other container. Those options are easy to use and more often than not, will work. However, other more complex options exist such as the hidden wall safe which requires some installation into a wall, however it is a step up from the average stash spot.

What is a Stash Container

Stash Containers are the perfect place to hide your valuables either at home or while traveling. Hide an expensive diamond bracelet in the Hairbrush Stash or store your favorite dry herbs and wax in what appears to be a soda can. Secret Stash Containers are designed to look like an ordinary products while serving as a hidden storage compartment for anything that will fit inside.

Hairbrush Stash Spot

This secret stash is a top choice, for those with hair at least. Inside the handle is a space that is great for storing cash or small fine jewelry items. Leave it out right next to the sink or toss it in the toiletry bag to be out in the open yet so very unnoticed.

Hidden Wall Safe

This is the most official stash spot but it requires you to cut out small piece of your wall. The stash extends into the wall and looks like a normal outlet. Stick this outlet behind some furniture and no one will even think about checking it, keeping your valuables safe.

Salt Container

A safe works, but it is pretty obvious. However, just about everyone keeps salt in the house, so this can easily go unnoticed by anyone. This container can sit in the pantry and has a large space for holding whatever you need to stash secretly.

AJAX Bleach Container

Not only does this secret stash have a large space to hold contents, but this product usually sits under the sink among other cleaning items that no one wants to touch, unless they are cleaning, and most people don't like to clean.

Why Buy a Stash Container

If you want to hide something valuable at home, at the office or even while on vacation, getting a secret stash container is a good idea. Even for holding extra cash in the hotel room, a secret spot can help give you an edge against those looking to steal from you.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every secret stash container works a little differently. Each secret stash purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with instructions, reviews, tips and other easy to read information located on the product page. If you have any additional questions about your specific stash spot, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.