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We offer all the biggest names in vaporizers! We offer Arizer, Boundless, Darkside Vapes, Davinci Vaporizors, Firefly Vaporizors, Flowermate, Pulsar, Steamcloud Vapes, Storz and Bickel, Yocan! Each brand offers its own unique contribution to the vaping world. Check out our great selection today!
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How to Choose the Best Vape Brands

With so many prominent vape brands in the market, choosing the best one will be a rather personal and subjective preference. There are many awesome high-quality brands within the vaping community, each with their own unique perks & technologies. Picking one that you like will depend on your own individual style, and what type of vape you are looking for. Some specialize in desktop vapes which make only portables, while others utilize the best of both worlds.

Types of Vape Brands

While some brands focus on one unique product line, technology or vaping modality, others approach the vaping scene with a versatile arrangement of products. Whether you want something small and portable, or something reserved for just you in your own home, you want a unit that is powerful, reliable, and affordable. Finding a brand with all 3 qualities will be easy if you know what you are looking for. We can take a look at some of the more popular models within some of the best brands on the market.

Some of the Best Brands

Failing to mention a brand on this list does not mean the brand is good, as much as it means the brand mentioned features something exceptional or noteworthy. All brands listed here are good brands. Arizer, Storz and Bickel, Juul, Firefly, Pulsar, DaVinci, Yocan, and Flowermate are just some of the brands mentioned here that provide some of the best vapes on the market. Out of these, there will be 8 brands mentioned for their exceptional contribution to the vaping community.

Our Listed Vape Brands vs Other Brands

NY Vape Shop is one of the most trusted & popular online outlets for vaping & smoking products. The truth is that we are always adding new companies that show promise with good products, and that if you have a brand that you like that you do not see here, feel free to let us know! Because we will only be discussing a few of the brands we list here, just know that every brand we carry is unique and has its own pros, cons and vape models that you may or may not like.

Vape Brand Products

Aside from the usual pipes & vapes offered by various companies, the ones named here are all big names within the vaping community. They have shaped the vape market to include famous brands like Storz and Bickel (makers of the popular Volcano Classic), Firefly, and Arizer. Most of these specialize in products that are renowned for their efficiency in vaping a specific material, while others are known for their versatility & portability. Whether it is a desktop vape with powerful vaporization capabilities, or an advanced vape pen with the latest in vaping technology, these products are the definition of quality.

Types of Vape Brands

Here we will be breaking down some of the more popular brands with their featured products, highlighting their accolades & mentioning their specialties. As already mentioned, even the brands that are not on this list are very much big players in the world of vaping. These are simply some of the more obvious brands that are familiar to most, and so one should have little trouble seeing why these have made onto the list. Every brand on this website features some of the best names in the industry for dry herb vaporizers, wax pens, oil vapes or box mods. Let us take a closer look.


A well-known & reliable company with some of the most popular models of award-winning desktop vapes on the market, Arizer boasts an assortment of portable vapes as well. Known for their V-Tower & Extreme Q desktop vapes, Arizer rose as one of the leading companies for providing excellent customer service, reliable products, and a customer base that reinforces the company’s stellar image. Every vape that comes from Arizer is going to be exceptionally well-built & amazing at every vape session.

Storz and Bickel

An old-school company from the 90’s that was the first to incorporate the balloon-style method of drawing in your vapor, Storz and Bickel’s claim to fame was their ever-popular Volcano, now known as the Volcano Classic. Today, Storz and Bickel remains a prominent contender within the vaping world, as one of the biggest names in the industry. Their products are known for their robust durability, and high-powered efficiency as desktop vapes. They also have a couple of high-end portable vapes like the Mighty that were built with the same quality standards that Arizer is famous for.


Another big-name player in the vast world of quality vaping brands, DaVinci boasts some of the world’s best high-end portable vapes on the market. Having very few designs, their main focus was to invest in their cutting-edge technology to improve on what they had, and the results speak for themselves. Built for those who are on the go, health-conscious vapers will find any DaVinci vape their best option for a go-to device. You will find a dry herb specialty product, a versatile unit capable of dry herbs & concentrates, and finally a mini discreet version for your dry herbs. DaVinci is one of the best!

SteamCloud Vapes

Touted as providing the best oil vapes in the industry, SteamCloud Vapes is the leading innovator in oil vaping technology. Specializing in all styles from the box-mod to the slim line of discreet portable vapes, SteamCloud Vapes has a small assortment of high-quality devices to choose from at an affordable price. Like the name suggests, every hit you take from one of their popular oil vapes will produce clouds of flavorful goodness. Come see why SteamCloud Vapes is another leading brand in the vaping industry!

Dark Side Vapes

High-tech manufacturing & tight quality control are the hallmarks of Dark Side Vapes, leading the industry as one of the most reliable & influential brands on the market. With popular devices like the E-Clipse Vaporizer gracing their product line, it is no wonder why Dark Side Vapes has become a major player within the vaping community. A versatile company specializing in both dry herb & concentrate vaping modalities, Dark Side Vapes has been known to be one of the most trusted names in the business.


An award-winning brand carrying some of the most popular & innovative models in the world, Yocan specializes in all types of vaping methods, from dry herbs & concentrates, to oils & e-liquids. Their claim to fame is the infamous Evolve model of vaporizer, winning awards for being the best wax pen vape on the market in 2014 & 2015, making their way to the American market just a year later. One of the best-known brands in the industry, Yocan builds high quality & efficient vaporizers. A name you can trust!


One of the most versatile brands boasting some of the world’s most unique & innovative vaporizers, Pulsar makes their way into the vaping scene with rock stars such as the RoK electric dab rig, and their APX line of resourceful vaporizers. Nothing is off limits with Pulsar, from smoking or vaping, you are sure to get nothing but sheer quality & brilliance from every Pulsar product. A passionate group of vaping enthusiasts, come see why Pulsar is one of the world’s best vaping & smoking brands!


Simple, elegant, high quality… all the attributes that make a high-end vaporizer famous for its memorable vape sessions is what the Firefly is all about. One of the most world-renowned brands in the world, the Firefly is a specialized unit dedicated to providing the user with the ability to vape both dry herbs & concentrates. The versatility of this unit is so profound, that the company specializes in this one vaping device. No other portable vaporizer comes close to its simplicity in design.

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