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How to Choose the Best Suorin Vape

A rising star within the vaping community, Suorin is synonymous with quality & efficiency. Leading vaporization technology makes this brand an advanced competitor within the vaping market. Made to be used with specialized pods (refillable cartridges), Suorin has mass modern appeal with their sleek & futuristic designs, coupled with some of the most reliable vapes you can get your hands on. Choosing the best one will depend upon what you are looking for, which we will be breaking down.

Types of Suorin Vapes

There are a variety of popular models, each with their own unique styles & attributes. No matter what you go with, Suorin is based around vaping e-liquids. Otherwise known as pod kits, the products offered by Suorin encompass the realm of mass marketing to those looking to withdraw from the smoking arena, or those wishing to choose a healthier alternative to smoking for their first time. The appeal of vaping as an alternative has gained much popularity, with Suorin offering a selection of products to satisfy the market.

Suorin Accessories

Having a simple & ergonomic design, Suorin has very few accessories to accommodate your vape. This is a good thing! Since their production line is so straightforward, you will need less to keep your vape functioning in the long run. Simple maintenance is much easier to complete when you are not bombarded by an assortment of accessories. Whether you need replacement pods specific to your model of vape, Suorin provides these in either a single or multipack.

Suorin E-Liquids

Specialized pods that are compatible with Suorin vapes have the luxury of being refillable, unlike some other e-liquid vapes on the market. Suorin provides some of these salt nicotine e-liquids that are designed to help one transition off of smoking. Some of their most popular flavors include mango guava, blue raspberry, apple, pina colada, grape, iced watermelon, & latte. Perfect for beginners looking to ease their way into the vaping scene with a flavorful entrance, Suorin contributes to creating a healthier alternative for those looking to quit smoking.

About Suorin

Specializing in a new wave of vaping technology, Suorin offers users a more personalized way of vaping their favorite flavors through their stylish line of Suorin vaping products. One of the few companies in the nicotine vaping market, this industry has some of the most leading technologies advancing the world of vaporization. Suorin provides truly reliable vaporizers that are colorful, sleek, & discreet. These can be your new go-to when considering the best product to choose from.

Types of Suorin Vapes

Whether you are looking for a traditional pen, or a slimmed down version of a box-mod style, Suorin offers an original selection of popular vapes. Here we can take a look at some of their bestselling models, and why you would want to own one. No matter what vape you choose to invest in, Suorin provides high quality products that are sure to please even the most demanding vapers!

Suorin Air Plus Vape

Featuring a higher maximum wattage output from its previous predecessor, the Air Plus is an upgrade with a larger e-liquid chamber capacity, compatible with either a freebase cartridge or salt nicotine flavor pod, a larger battery capacity with the ability to be charged using a USB-C charger. Comprehensive readouts with an LED battery life indicator give you 5 grids of reliable vaping sessions. A popular model that is great for those on the go!

Suorin Vagon Vape

Slim, sleek, & uniquely ergonomic, the Vagon has a refillable cartridge that can hold a 2.5 ml capacity. The built-in holster clip makes it convenient for carrying around without taking up space in your pocket. It is there when you need it most and features an LED battery light indicator. A micro USB charging port makes this a universally practical model to get acquainted with. Another high-quality product produced by one of the leading manufacturers of exceptional vapes.

Suorin Drop Vape

A revolutionary design fit for your lifestyle, this Drop is shaped just like a water drop and comes in an assortment of different colors. Utilizing a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, the Drop features an intuitive LED light indicator to keep you informed. A 2 ml refillable cartridge comprises the holding capacity of the Drop, making this a high-quality piece of vaping technology. Another popular design from Suorin, no other design replicates the Drop!

Suorin Reno Vape

One of the best-selling and most popular vapes from Suorin, the Reno uses a straight shape airway design. Equipped with the latest vaping technology, the Reno also boasts an exchangeable coil design which makes it much more cost effective. The ergonomic duck-billed mouthpiece maximizes convenience when drawing in a hit and is comprised of aluminum alloy. The pod holds 3 ml and comes with a child proof safety lock mechanism. With open & short circuit protection, the Reno is one of the best vaporizers to hit the market!

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