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Nothing makes vaping more fun than having a custom vape skin or some fan lore in order to stand out and customize a vape pen. While not a necessity to the functioning of the vaporizer, it goes without saying that adding a little swag to something and making it more ‘your own’ is certainly not a bad thing. Not to mention that a vape skin can reduce the likelihood of accidentally walking away with someone else’s vape pen by mistake (or, worse yet, vice versa).
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How to Choose the Best Vape Skin

There are many practical benefits to modifying & customizing your own portable vaporizer. While it is pretty cool to have a vape that is the same model as your friend’s and yet have it look completely original, the right type of vape skin can make all the difference between leaving with your vape, or leaving with theirs. Aside from having an aesthetically enhanced vaping unit, personalizing your vape has many several advantages that are sound & practical. Here we will look into what these are, and what factors to consider when choosing your next vape skin for your own personal vaporizer.

Types of Vape Skins

The thing about vape skins is differentiating between all the different types available for your specific model of vape. If you have a box mod, then obviously only box mod skins will be compatible with that vape. Whether you have a box mod, tube mod, pod battery or slim line model, there is a vape skin for your portable vape! There are many different designs to choose from to compliment your own unique personal style. From abstract designs to those that glow in the dark, vape skins keep your unit safe from scratches & outer wear.

Benefits of Using Vape Skins

Aside from personalizing your vape and making it look cool & unique, vape skins serve a very practical purpose in not only differentiating your vape among others that may be similar to your own, but also serving to protect your vape’s naked appearance which can maintain its value long after your need for an upgrade. Glow in the dark skins for example can even help you find your vape in the dark, which in itself is a very resourceful feature! No matter what the design, a vape skin will always come in handy.

Vape Skin Materials

One of the great things about vape skins is that some designs give off the impression of depth, such as the carbon fiber skins for example. Adding that element to your vape can increase its appeal and make it stand out from the crowd. Most skins are made of manufactured vinyl, which can also come with air release channels to prevent trapped air from creating bubbles in the final look. With care, others are simple enough to just apply without any problems. What is neat about these is that they can even increase the grip of your unit to prevent slippage!

Cool Vape Skin Designs

When choosing the right vape skin for your particular model of portable vape, you will want to pick out something that compliments your style. Try going for something that accentuates your unique swag, instead of going for something because you see your friends have the same one. There are many awesome designs that are trippy & abstract. Some can even be customized with your personal touch! Whether you get one that has your favorite emblem or colors, the coolest feature of a vape skin is knowing yours can be truly personalized.

Types of Vape Skins

The type of vape skin you end up with always be a matter of personal choice, though you want to make sure that you at least get the right one for your particular model of vape! There are also some vape skins that come in a coarser outer texture to increase the grip of the unit which will prevent it from falling out of your hand. What those lack in aesthetic appeal makes up with solid practicality. Let us take a closer look at some of the more popular types of vape skins:

Glow in the Dark Vape Skin

A truly practical use for any vape enthusiast, the glow in the dark vape skin is a truly practical skin that can fit over these models of vape pens: the Micro, Cloud Pens, Micro G, Atmos Thermo, Kandy Pens, and most other branded micro style vape pens. With a glow in the dark skin, not only will you have a resourceful function for your vape, but you will also have simplicity coupled with a practical solution in the dark. The best part of course, is there are no batteries required.

Pod Battery Vape Skins

One of the most versatile vape skins that can fit most brands of pod battery vape pens, pod battery skins are tailored to your own unique individual vaporizer. Brands like Vapor Skinz specialize in providing these types of skins for your personal vaporizer. Available in many different styles & designs, no two battery pods from different companies are exactly alike, which is why these are customized to your own personal brand of vape. Simple & practical, these types of skins ensure that your vape pen will be protected from marks & scratches.

Box Mod Vape Skins

One of the better features of having your own skins is being able to personalize them with your own words or pictures. Whether it is a picture of a vacation you took, or a group of friends hanging out together, you can always be reminded of those good times every time you take a hit! This actually can serve as a mildly therapeutic purpose for being able to associate your unit with those vibes and adding more value to your vape. Box mods are great for this as they are slightly larger in width than your standard tube or battery pod vape.

Tube Mod Vape Skins

While pictures can still be added to customize your own vape pen, tube mods are even better for your own favorite quotes or abstract designs. The simplicity of a tube mod should complement the simplicity of the skin’s design, which is why it is more practical to cover it with words or abstract pictures instead. However, you are free to customize your tube mods as you wish! You can even scale down your pictures to accommodate your tube vapes, so anything is possible!

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