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Scroll to find wax and dry herb atomizers for the popular brands and styles. Check out the oil and E Liquid tanks for use with box mods and 510 batteries. Wax coils especially will need to be replaced over time, so browse the shop for replacement parts and let our friendly customer service help you find exactly what you need. And remember, USA shipping is always FREE and discreet.

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How to Choose a Vape Coil

Choosing the right coil, or heating chamber and atomizer, is very important. From vape to vape, the actual design can vary drastically. You may need literally the coil part, or only one piece with the chamber and coil as one unit. We break out some key differences below to make your shopping experience a little easier.

Vaporizer Brand & Model

First and foremost, what vape do you have? Ok, now go look for replacement coils specifically found for the model you have. Now technically the coil replacements can be found from one than one brand, but the overall design should be just like the coil that originally came with your vape.

Singular or Multiple Coil Atomizers

This mostly applies to wax coils and e liquids. A coil can only take so much power and at a certain point it can burn out, so there is a limit on the heat it can produce. You can find atomizers that container 2, 3 and even 4 coils. This allows for a higher heat, bigger hits, and more vapor per a puff.

What are you Vaping?

Along with box mod vapes, there are many vaporizers out there that can vaporize herbs, wax or e liquids and oils. Simply attach the proper coil attachment to get vaping. Using e liquids in a heating chamber for herbs will result in damage, and herb won't work or fit in a e liquid tank.

Heating Element Material

The original style was the wick wrapped with a metal coil, best for e liquid vapers. More specifically for wax vapes, you can now find ceramic rods wrapped with the metal coil, quartz rods, and even ceramic donuts that lay at the bottom of the chamber. Ceramic and quartz are touted for taste but all have pros and cons, and ultimately it is up to you.

What is a Vape Coil

Technically this is the coil part that gets red hot. However, in common usage, it refers to the entire component which is also sometimes referred to as the coil, heating chamber, or atomizer. It is the component part of a vaporizer responsible for heating whatever material you seek to vaporize, whether that be dry herb vaporizers, wax or e liquids and other oils.

Wax Coils

This is the most common type of coil. With wax vapes, given the nature of wax, coils eventually burn out or simply need to be replaced because gunk has built up to the point it is impacting flavors. Thus why wax vapes are designed with replaceable coils. The options are almost endless depending on the vape you have, but you can find multiple or single coil types, plus ceramic, quartz and other cool designs.

Oil & E Liquid Tanks

The popularity of e liquids was causation for the creation of an almost endless supply of options when it comes vape coils for e liquids and oils. Whether 510 atomizers or some other liquid tank style, the coil design and material can vary substantially. However, when it comes to box mods vapes, the 510 atomizers are just about all interchangeable.

Dry Herb Coils

This may be the least available of the three major options. In terms of true convection vaporizers, the chamber is never replaced and should never be removed, there is no need. However, with combustion vaporizers, the design and process is different, and similar to wax, although not as much, the chamber will need to be replaced over time.

Glass Globe Atomizers

Pairing a glass globe with any vape coil that can use it will improve the vaping experience. The extra space provided by the globe allows you to accumulate vapors in order to take a larger puff. In addition, the vapors have more time to cool and will offer a smoother, tastier vaping experience. You can find many options from standard bubbles to cool skull globes.

Why Buy a Vape Coil

If your current option is burnt out, or if you want a fresh vape part to try a brand new flavor, it would make sense to get yourself a replacement coil right away. But also, depending on the vaporizer at hand, you may have some cool coil options to try out. Perhaps you have quartz coils but would like to try ceramic, or maybe you are dealing with wick and want the ceramic donut. In either case there are many reasons to buy yourself a new vape coil.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every vape coil works a little differently. All vape coils purchased at NY Vape Shop come with instructions, reviews, tips and other easy to read information located on the product page. If you have any additional questions about your specific coil or vaporizer, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.