What is Vape Coil

Vape Coils Definition

Technically the coil is the metal part within any atomizer attachment. The term is used loosely and is often used to describe the entire component that holds and heats the wax. But the entire component itself is the atomizer and the coil is really the metal part that spirals around either a piece of wick, ceramic or quartz. The coil is connected to the battery and receives the energy given off. When the coil receives the energy it becomes red hot and will heat anything it touches. Simply, the coil is the metal rod that heats up but you should understand what people mean when they say wax coil, or herb chamber or some other variation and meaning of the word coil.


Different Coils for Vaporizers you should know about

Within the vaping world the word coil is a general terms and if you dig deeper you will find that many types of coils exist either for herb, oil or wax. Check out the quick explanation of each coil type below.

Wax Atomizer

The wax atomizer aka the wax coil, is a type of vape coil designed for use with wax concentrates. Coils come in pancake shape or spiral shape, and they can be found wrapped around coil rods, bunches of wick or just sitting on the bottom of a ceramic chamber by itself. The higher end, somewhat complicated 510 attachments were first popular for use with oil but they now can be found designed for use with wax and these too can be covered under the general umbrella of a wax coil. The Wax Atomizer or coil i simply and vape attachment that is equipped for the purpose of vaping wax.