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Box Mod Vapes became popular with e juice and e liquids, but with the right heating chamber attachment, they are now commonly used for vaping wax and dry herbs too. The box mod is compatible with all 510 atomizers, so with the right vape parts, you can go from vaping e juice to wax in seconds. Find the perfect vape mod below and enjoy Discreet, FREE USA Shipping on all orders!

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How to Choose a Box Mod Vape

When shopping for a box mod you will want to compare models and have to pick between the different options. The mod is essentially a high-tech vape battery made popular by e juice vapers. People love them because of the ability to adjust vapor production and the long battery life. The ultimate decision will come down to your budget and exact preferences, so continue reading and we can help guide you.

Battery Capacity

This is pretty much a major concern when shopping for any electronic. Box Mods typically come in at 1,000 plus mah, but they can range significantly higher too. Usually the more battery capacity you have, the larger the unit too. If you stay home every day with a vape and never go out, battery is not a concern, but it is a much more important concern if you are hiking the mountains for days - but you also want to stop short of carrying a giant brick too.

Built in or Removable Battery

Most of the newer box mods are equipped with a battery that can be removed and replaced. However, options exist where the battery is built in, similar to dry herb vapes, and the battery cannot be removed. In terms of quality there is no side that is necessarily better or worse and that will come down to the units in question. If you travel long without electricity, getting a mod with a removable battery would make sense because you can load up and pre-charge several batteries before an adventure.

Max Watts

Mods are popular because of the ability to control how much power flows to the attached 510 atomizer. For herb and wax vapers you never need to get near max capacity because they require less watts for vaporization. But if you are an e juice vaper, you might be looking to blow some huge clouds or max vapor production for cool vape tricks. The higher the watts, the hotter the coil and bigger the vapor production - however don't max out an atomizers capacity or you will burn it out.

Read the Box Mod Reviews

Once you understand what separates one box mod from another, check out the detailed vape reviews to understand each option better. Each review is detailed and lays out everything about each box mod. The reviews help you understand the products better, plus you will know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you should expect, along with great tips too.

What is a Box Mod

Box Mod Vapes first became very popular among e juice vapers because of their ability to help produce huge vapor clouds. They now can also become your wax pen and dry herb vaporizer too. Mods are basically powerful batteries that can store a lot of energy and come with more advanced features than the average vape battery. They can be equipped with all sorts of 510 atomizers for dry herbs, wax, oils and e liquid. They are great for long travels and usually have very precise temperature controls for fine tuning any vaping experience.

Types of Box Mod Vapes

The popular box mod style vapes are great for those wanting a handheld device that is highly efficient & powerful. Interchangeable parts (assuming all compatible threading) make box mods a versatile apparatus for all your dry herb, wax, oil & e-liquid atomizers. The standard threading is usually the 510, which makes it a convenient unit to own considering most chambers & batteries adhere to this standard. Let us explore some of the more popular types of box mods on the market today:

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape

A powerful box mod capable of vaping your favorite e-liquids, dry herbs, wax, and oil concentrates with the interchangeable 510 battery threading, simply twist in your specific atomizer & vape away! The SteamCloud is small, totally discreet, and able to hang with you all day long on just a single charge! This powerful little box mod has a temperature range between 200 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the most popular models of vape to hit the market!

Smok X-Priv Box Mod Vape

A stylishly sophisticated piece of equipment, the X-Priv by Smok is a highly tuned vaping apparatus that has gained popularity amongst the vaping community. With its sleek, glassy black jeweled appearance, this handheld little box mod has a high definition color screen, can heat up between 200 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit, has a truly ergonomic design, and features the latest in short circuit, overheating, and over discharge protection. Its intelligent construct also features the ability to distinguish between atomizers, making it a truly versatile unit for all your vaping needs!

Joyetech ESPION Infinite

A truly smart and completely innovative vaping device that has the unique ability to recognize your voice! Remarkable talent went into this device, as it can also respond with a set of tunnel light effects, reacting to each action you make. One of the most fun & interesting vapes on the market utilizing an AI concept, the ESPION Infinite also boasts a multi protection grid that can prevent the most common short circuit, over heating & over charging problems plaguing other types of box mods. One of the most advanced models featured by Joyetech!

Sigelei Kaos Z Box Mod Vape

Another well-constructed design of box mod, the Kaos Z is the second mod featured on the Kaos product series. Transparent sides allow a clear view of the chip board & batteries, making this one of the more unique designs featured by Sigelei. Changeable LED lights on the chip board further add to the attractiveness of the mod, which loops between a normal & breathing lighting effect. With 3 different brightness levels to choose from, the Kaos Z will quickly become your next go to for all your favorite e-liquids!

Aspire Mulus Box Mod Vape

Sleek & portable, this little handheld box mod truly fits in the palm of your hand! Designed to be lightweight & ergonomic, the Mulus has rounded corners to prevent hand fatigue over time and is built with a durable triple resin for rugged use. A simple design with the versatility of choosing your favorite coils, the Mulus is one of the more minimalist models featured from Aspire, making this a favorite for those wanting a practical device without all the extras.

Kangertech Ripple Box Mod Vape

With a maximum output of 200 watts, the Ripple box mod by Kangertech is one of the most powerful e-liquid models on the market. Dual 18650 batteries make this one powerful little unit, capable of being your next everyday vape on the go. A 3.5 ml capacity tank means you can vape extended sessions without going dry. Fat puffy clouds from an assortment of box mod colors can fit your individual style. There is a Ripple for every type out there, so find yours today!

Box Mod Vape Tips

Always Start At Lowest Watt Setting

Mods come with the ability to change how much energy is sent from the box mod into the atomizer. E Juice atomizers can take the most energy on average, next comes wax atomizers and then dry herb and the pre-filled essential oil cartridges. Blast too much power to the atomizer and you will burn it out immediately or ware on it over time. It would be a shame to burn out a brand new oil cartridge. By starting at the lowest setting you never have to worry. You can always work your way up but cannot fix a dead atomizer.

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Each Box Mod Vape works a little differently, so each Mod available at the NY Online Vape Shop comes with an instructional booklet with easy to follow use instructions. Information can also be found right on the product detail page. If you have any additional questions, we provide detailed information on the blog and vape shop dictionary. Any further help needed, please Contact Us Here online and we will help with anything.