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Having a high-quality vape cartridge is crucial to any vape pen setup. It is also important to have a cartridge’s thread match your vape pen battery. We offer multiple vape cartridges to suit your needs that will fit most vape pen batteries. Our vape cartridges are a perfect way to take your favorite waxes and oils on the go! Purchase an item from our store today and receive FREE shipping on all U.S. orders with complimentary discreet packaging! Sign up for our Loyalty Program to earn points with EVERY purchase and receive member-only discounts!

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How to Choose the Best Vape Cartridge

For discreet vaping on the go, our vape cartridges offer you a wide variety of usage. Whether you are looking for a wax cartridge, oil cartridge, or an herb cart, our line of vape carts covers all your vaping needs! Choosing the best vape cartridge for your personal preference is what we are all about! Top quality and affordable, these are a few options to consider when trying to choose your next vape.

Know the Different Types of Vape Cartridges

No matter what your option happens to be, always make sure you are getting the right type of cartridge for your own personal vape! We currently offer our customers vape cartridges for oil, wax, herbs and are always extending our line to include more designs. There are ceramic, quartz, and wick coils, big vape cartridges and small. NY Vape Shop Online is your one-stop shop that has you covered for all your vaping needs!

Vape Cartridge Compatibility

When considering the type of cartridge you need, it is imperative to know how your vaporizer functions with your particular cartridge. You would not want to get a cartridge meant for wax and use it as a dry herb vape, and vice versa. Knowing the right tool for the job is what creates a great experience, and keeps your equipment running smoothly. You also want to make sure that the threading is compatible with your particular device. Nothing is worse than assuming you have the right size for your vape, only to realize you need a replacement.

Vape Cartridge Sizes

Size matters! Part of determining your vape’s compatibility is ensuring the correct size for your particular unit. You would not want to purchase a skinny cartridge and try to insert it into a large mod box-style vaporizer unless it actually fits! The same holds true for any other vape. Always make sure you do your research and understand your vaporizer fully. Most standard cartridge threads come in a 510 size for the battery. Either way, just make sure you have the right size to avoid the tedious act of having to needlessly replace your cartridge.

Best Vape Cartridge for Flavor

After getting to know your vaporizer’s specs, you can now opt for choosing features based on your personal preference. Your favorite concentrates can be fully utilized using our 510 vape cartridges. We have some of the best refillable cartridges on the market! Whether you plan to vape using either our dry herb, wax or oil cartridges, using quality herbs and concentrates is just as important to ensure a kind session with a full flavor profile. Consider starting with oil and work your way to more advanced materials such as wax to get a feel for vaping different concentrates.

Types of Vapes Cartridges

With so many options to choose from, you may not even be aware of what you want exactly! Along with what is carried here at NYVapeShop, we will break down the many options available to you to ensure that you are fully informed of the differences between certain items. Again, the choice is ultimately yours in a matter of preference, though comparing the various options can help you make a better decision.

Dry Herb Vape Cartridge

Typically dry herb vaporizers have a chamber versus interchangeable vape tanks, but especially if you are looking for a combustion vape, they do exist. As the name implies, only dry herbs are to be used with this type of setup. The chamber is usually comprised of ceramic or other heating element, and not meant for other material such as wax or oil. Using these concentrates on a dry herb cartridge will not only plug up and ruin your dry herb vape, you would also notice how the temperature is not able to be dialed in correctly for your type of material..

Oil Vape Cartridge

Like the dry herb, oil vape cartridges utilize a heating element that is dialed in to vaporize an oil concentrate only. Some of these are even prefilled to make it easier on the user to immediately deliver the experience. For a more customized session however, you will want to consider investing in a refillable oil cartridge. Battery powered like most other vapes on the market, you will find the standard 510 thread on most of these battery packs.

Wax Vape Cartridge

Also known as a dab cartridge, wax carts are a type of re-fillable vape cartridge. If you got yourself some concentrates, then you will need to buy a wax cartridge. There are different vape cartridge sizes for sale when it comes to oils and e-liquid, but with wax carts that is not so much your concern. When using a wax vape cartridge you only need a small dab of concentrates. Add too much wax to this type of vape cartridge will be inefficient and wax vapors will be lost.

Ceramic Vape Cartridge

With wick-less and coil designs, oil concentrates vape directly on the ceramic heating element which delivers the full flavor profile of the concentrate. Some people prefer not to heat their material directly onto metal chambers. This option is a great choice for those who wish to utilize a more popular and streamlined experience with their vape sessions. Ceramic has a direct advantage over a wick delivery system by offering an extended life and purity of your product.

510 Thread Vape Cartridge

The most common thread that connects the chamber to the battery is the 510 thread vape cartridge. This type of vape cartridge is often re-fillable and very common. 510 thread vape cartridges are available for wax, oil and dry herb. The best part about this vape cart is the universal threading. Swapping out an oil cartridge for a wax cartridge that can accommodate the same vaporizer is very convenient. Buy different types of vape carts, but use one vape battery. NYVapeShop offers the luxury of having the best of both worlds!

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