Bubbler pipes are a combination between a bong and a spoon pipe. They are small, portable water bongs that utilize water filtration to cool and smooth the harshness of smoke and improve the overall quality of a hit. These cool hand pipes make for an amazing gift and a guaranteed great smoking experience. Confidently browse the store for cool bubbler bongs and enjoy FREE US shipping on any order.

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How to Choose a Bubbler

Choosing the right bubbler is ultimately a matter of preference. That doesn’t mean there are not considerations to take into account about materials, features, and more. These different considerations will affect performance, maintenance requirements, handling, and much more. But, at the end of the day, it will still come down to what sort of product and experience you prefer the most. Below are some of the main considerations to make.

Bubbler Pipe Materials

Like with bongs, spoon pipes, etc., bubblers can be made of all sorts of different materials (glass, silicone, plastic, wood, and more). However, choosing between them will often come down to some basic requirements. For example, glass is popular because it is believed to provide clean, consistent hits and minimal maintenance. However, it is breakable. Wood and plastic, however, are easier to keep from breaking but may affect the flavor, and cleaning might be more difficult. Silicone fits somewhere in the middle. What you choose ultimately depends on what you prefer or need.

Bubblers with Extra Features

Bubblers can range from the most basic concept (bowl, water chamber, mouthpiece) to adding unique or helpful features. For example, some bubblers might come with grips on them. Other bubblers might feature percolators for better infusion or ice catchers that make your hits significantly cooler. Some bubblers might come with color changing glass that will change as the bubbler is used. Some of these features, like the percolators or ice catchers, will affect the performance and make hits smoother or more powerful. Others, like color changing glass, are more cosmetic.

Bubbler Sizes

Bubblers also come in different shapes and sizes. While bubblers don’t compare to the largest bongs, many of the largest bubblers have a similar smoke capacity as some standard bongs. Not to mention, bubblers can also come in a variety of shapes to make them easier to hold or cooler to look at. Some bubblers will hold the water in a chamber below the bowl with the mouthpiece and tube extending straight from the bottom. Some have the mouthpiece to the right or left. Others come in funky, abstract shapes. There are tons of different bubblers to choose from.

Bubbler vs Bong

Bubblers and bongs are very similar. Both use water to make the smoke pulled through them much smoother and flavorful. Both also can be found with similar extra features. It really comes down to preferences. Unless someone is dead set on purchasing and using a bubbler, often a bong will satisfy the same purpose and vice versa. Some prefer a bong for use at home and a bubbler for a mobile water pipe option. All of this depends on the preferences of the smoker.

What is a Bubbler

A bubbler is a type of glass smoking pipe and it sits between the average hand pipe and a bong. Bubblers may differ in size, shape, and design, but they can all be defined by the hand held size and their utilization of water for filtering smoke and delivering smoother, better hits, just like a bong. Bubblers may look like an average glass pipe, but with a little water inside they perform more like a water bong.

Best Bubbler Pipes

It is hard to truly gauge what is the ‘best’ type of bubbler pipe. As mentioned before, there are many different features and materials and sizes to choose from. Hardly anyone would be left out if forced to choose their favorite bubbler. It all comes down to preferences. If someone prefers the taste and feel of glass, even the ‘best’ silicone bubbler simply won’t cut it. Below are some different, popular options to explore.

Glass Bubbler Pipes

Not surprisingly, just like with other types of smoking pipes, bongs, etc., glass is one of the most popular bubbler materials to choose from. Glass is easy to clean, simple to use, and offers great hits with great flavor (as long as they’re clean). But, glass is going to be breakable. For someone who is more or less clumsy, glass may not be the best option (especially for an expensive bubbler).

Silicone Bubblers

Silicone bubblers have been getting more and more popular with the smoking crowd. This is because, unlike wood or metal, silicone does not drastically alter the flavor of the hit. But, like wood or metal, silicone is extremely durable – especially when compared to something as fragile as glass. Often, if someone is worried about whether or not their investment into a bubbler will be safe, silicone is one of the better options available to ensure clean, tasty hits and indestructability.

Double Bubbler Pipes

These bubblers are just like they sound – a double bubbler. This added filtration and cooling is very popular for smokers who need that extra cooling effect to enjoy their smoke sessions. While this can add to the cost and complexity of a bubbler, it’s certainly worth the extra comfort of cool, smooth hits if a regular bubbler often leaves you coughing. Consider the ‘double bubbler’ option for some of the coolest hits around.

Blunt Bubbler

These are probably some of the newer, cooler bubblers you can find on the market. A blunt bubbler turns a joint, blunt, cigarette, or really whatever you want into a bubbler, allowing you to enjoy the cooling effect of water. The blunt bubbler is small, contains water for filtration, and has two entry points – 1 for the joint or blunt, and the other for your mouth to take the pull.