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How to Choose the Best Smok Vape Product

Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for a while, SMOK is definitely a brand you should know about. SMOK produces a range of products from simple vape pens to sophisticated box mod vapes boasting cutting edge technology. All SMOK products are built with quality materials and aim to provide the user with an A+ vaping experience every single time. As is the case with many other vape brand SMOK offers products at a range of price points depending on the needs of the user. In an effort to simplify things a little bit we are going to break down some of the awesome products SMOK has to offer.

SMOK E-Liquid Vaporizers

SMOK’s e-liquid vaporizers are designed to provide an immeasurably smooth and intuitive vaping experience that you won’t forget anytime soon! Since SMOK’s specialty has always been e-liquid vaporizers, there is a great deal of products to choose from that suit multiple vaping preferences/lifestyles. You can find SMOK vaporizers in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. At the end of the day choosing the ‘best’ SMOK vaporizer will come down to the preference of the user. For example, if big, voluminous clouds and wattage control is not as important to you then perhaps a pen will be the best choice. On the other hand, if size is inconsequential and clouds do matter then a SMOK box mod and large e-liquid tank would be a good choice. Needless to say SMOK has everything you need.

SMOK Vape Parts and Attachments

In addition to having awesome vaporizers, SMOK also specially designs their own e-liquid vape tanks and coils. Choosing an optimal tank and coil will once again depend on the needs of the user and vaporizer they choose. For greater e-liquid capacity and thicker clouds a tank like the TFV12 or TFV8 would be perfect for your SMOK box mod. In need of coils? SMOK has you covered there as well and produces coils designed specifically for vaporizers like the TFV8.

Types of Smok Vape Products

When shopping for a SMOK vaporizer there certainly is a lot of products to choose from. At NY Vape Shop you can find a variety of SMOK vaporizers like the SMOK T-Priv or the SMOK Stick V8. Each one of these vaporizers has their own pros and cons. Vape pens like the Stick V8 are affordable, easy to conceal, and simple to use. Box mods like the T-Priv will command a higher price point but are capable of producing larger clouds and run at higher wattages. As we have mentioned, choosing the perfect SMOK vaporizer will depend entirely on your preferences as a user. To make your shopping experience a bit easier we will list some of our favorite SMOK vaporizers and talk about what makes them special.


The SMOK Nord is easily one of the most affordable and compact vaporizers in the SMOK product line. At a price tag of less than $30, the Nord is a fantastic choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of vaping without having to worry about the finer details like setting wattages and temperature output. The Nords utilizes a button trigger and a pod system for e-liquids. Purchasing new pods for the Nord is easy and refilling them takes a few seconds. There are TONS of colors to choose from with the Nord making this vaporizer a bit more personal. Overall, this is a superb starter vaporizer that gets the job done.


Also, a highly portable pod-based vaporizer, the SMOK Novo is another sleek, ergonomically designed offering by SMOK that can meet the needs of a lot of users out there. The major difference between the Novo and Nord comes down to battery power. This vaporizer uses a 450mAh battery that can produce vapor without an issue. In comparison, the Nord uses a 1100mAh allowing for greater vapor production. That being said, the Novo serves its purpose perfectly and would be great addition to anyone’s vape lineup. The e-liquid capacity for the Novo pods is 2 ml which is pretty sizable considering how compact this unit really is.

SMOK Infinix

The SMOK Infinix is the definition of vaping on the go. Incredibly compact, the Infinix utilizes a pod system with a 2ml capacity that can be filled with your favorite e-liquid. This vaporizer has one of the lowest battery capacities at 250mAh but can get the job done regardless. The Infinix is yet another unit by SMOK that is super low profile and easy to use with its auto-draw system making buttons completely superfluous. Once again, if you are just starting your vaping journey or would like to add a vape that is more portable to your collection then the Infinix is a good choice.


So compact it can fit in the palm of your hand — SMOK’s Mico vaporizer pushes the limits even further with one of the most compact vapes to date. The Mico uses a pod system like the Novo, Infinix, and Nord. Each pod has a 1.7ml liquid capacity and is powered by a built in 700mAh lithium ion battery ensuring that you can vape all day long without any pesky charging sessions. If we are being honest, the Mico also looks super cool as well with its abstract and unique color finishes.

SMOK Rolo Badge

The SMOK Rolo Badge is another super unique vaporizer on offer from SMOK. Designed in the shape of a shield, the Rolo Badge fits in the palm of your hand is an essential choice for those looking to vape on the go but with a little added style. This vaporizer uses a 250mAh battery like the Infinix. A huge plus with the Rolo Badge is the fact that the pods are refillable making it easy to refill a couple pods at home and take them with you as opposed to carrying around leaky e-juices that are a hassle. This another vaporizer where convenience is the name of the game.

SMOK Stick V8

The SMOK Stick V8 has all of the convenience of a vape pen but with a much more powerful 3300 mAh battery. Another unique feature with this pen is the fact that it uses the TFV8 Big Baby tank which has a 5ml liquid capacity. Combine the TFV8 Big Baby tank with 3300 mAh’s of battery power and you have a fantastic cloud producer. This vaporizer is great for people looking to get bigger clouds but do not want to sacrifice the convenience of a pen. The SMOK Stick V8 is aesthetically pleasing and comes in a range of finishes and even has a special carbon fiber edition for those wanting something even more unique. This vaporizer manages to tick some of the boxes one would expect with box mods making it quite impressive.

SMOK Stick Prince /span>

Reap the benefits of massive clouds, incomparable taste, and insane airflow with the SMOK Stick Prince. Built with a 3300mAH battery, the Stick Prince has more than enough power to meet your vaping needs. The most unique aspect of this vaporizer is the fact that it utilizes the legendary TFV12 Prince tank which has an 8ml liquid capacity and is one of the best cloud producers in the game. This vaporizer is going to be ideal for people looking to achieve massive clouds and great flavor who at the same time do not want a box mod.

SMOK Alien

For those looking to get into box mod vapes without breaking the bank, the SMOK Alien is a solid choice and has all of the features we would come to expect a box mod today. Features like an OLED display, variable wattage control, puff counter, and temperature data are all present with the Alien. This box mod was designed to be beginner friendly allowing for control of the vaporizer’s settings without overwhelming the user. In addition, the Alien has a host of built in safety controls ensuring that the user stays safe wherever they are vaping. The SMOK Alien is capable of producing 220W making it optimal for producing larger clouds of vapor — which will vary depending on the tank of course. Overall, this is a great starting point box mod vape wise.


Capable of producing 225W, the SMOK Mag is has been designed with ergonomics in mind with its firing trigger and unique shape that fits effortlessly in your hand. In addition, the Mag kit comes with a sub-ohm TFV12 Prince tank which has a massive 8ml liquid capacity and greater airflow making your vaping experience that much better! Of course, if the TFV12 is not what you are looking for then you can always build your own coil setup with this mod as well; it has been designed to handle a range of coil types from titanium to nickel to stainless steel. The Mag uses a standard 510 thread making it compatible with multiple atomizers if you already have one. There are other features included with this mod like an OLED screen, memory presets, wattage control and so much more. For those wanting all the benefits of a box mod and a super ergonomic design then the Mag should stand out.


The SMOK T-Priv is another essential for those looking to purchase a box mod vaporizer. Like most other box mod vaporizers, the T-Priv comes with an OLED screen, variable wattage control, and a standard 510 thread making it compatible with a lot of atomizers besides the one included in the kit — the TFV8 Big Baby. Of course, the TFV8 Big Baby is one of our favorite atomizers here at NY Vape Shop and is perfectly capable of producing the clouds you want. The T-Priv uses 2x 18650 batteries and is capable of producing 220W. Also, this box mod uses SMOK’s unique trigger fire design and can be bought in a wide array of colors.

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