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We carry Dry Herb Atomizers and Coils for many different dry herb vaporizers. In an organzied fashion, you can scroll below to find the vape pen heating chambers that we have available. All Packaging is Discreet and USA shipping is Always FREE.
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How to Choose the Best Dry Herb Atomizer Product

Today, vaping dry herbs is not limited to just a handful of products with product-specific components. Anyone interested in vaping dry herbs can easily acquire what they need — an appropriate dry herb atomizer and a vape battery. Most dry herb atomizers utilize a standard 510 thread allowing them to be compatible with large amounts of vape batteries. It is important to establish what thread type your vape battery uses to avoid buying an atomizer that doesn’t fit which is a plain hassle. In addition to threads you may want to consider things like coil material type and carrying capacity. For folks with convection-based vaporizers finding an atomizer that is convection compatible is something to consider as well. In general though, a lot of the features mentioned above are personal preference.

Understanding Atomizer Sizes

Before purchasing a dry herb atomizer it is important to determine the sizing of your vape battery. You will find most dry herb atomizers utilize a 510 thread which is the universal standard when it comes to vaping. That being said, there are also plenty of atomizers that are not compatible with a 510 thread and instead are made to fit only one or two different vape batteries. At NY Vape Shop we carry standard 510 thread atomizers and specialized atomizers for specific batteries.

Getting the Best Flavor

For beginners it is recommended to get familiar with the specifications of your vaporizer first before chasing flavor and other features. NY Vape Shop carries a standard 510 thread dry herb atomizer that is guaranteed to give you amazing flavor right out of the box and is perfect for beginners. Once you have an in-depth understanding of your setup exploring the endless features of different atomizers will be a lot easier.

Types of Dry Herb Atomizer Products

Admittedly, there are many dry herb atomizers out there which can make things a bit confusing — especially for beginners. Features such as coil material type, holding capacity, and ohm resistance are subject to change from atomizer to atomizer. Ultimately, deciding on the type of atomize will depend on your setup and what features you value. Experienced vapers may be more interested in coil materials and ohm resistance than beginners. For those just starting their vaping journey thread type will obviously be the most important factor. Outside of that it is entirely up you. In an attempt to narrow down your search a bit we have provided a few of our favorite dry herb atomizers here at NY Vape Shop.

Yocan 94F Dry Herb Atomizer

Easily one of the best things about Yocan is their willingness to make 510 thread compatible products which makes things a lot easier when putting together a dry herb setup. This atomizer easily screws into any box or vape mod and is set to be vaped at 7-12 watts. Not a lot of power is needed to get the job done with this atomizer. We recommend this atomizer for both beginners and experienced vapers — it is easy to use and reliable. AGO Heating Chamber A pancake style heating ceramic chamber that works perfectly for dry herbs but is also capable of handling waxes, this is a suitable option for dry herb vapers of all experience levels. One thing to note about this atomizer is that it is not compatible with 510 thread vape batteries. To use the AGO dry herb atomizer you will either need an Atmos Rx or AGO vape battery which can be purchased right here on NY Vape Shop.

Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen

This is a kit that comes equipped with a high-quality dab pen, dabber tool, rechargeable battery, plus 5 extra dual quartz rod coils to extend the life of your vape pen sessions. An added bonus is that the kit also comes with storage containers for your wax concentrates. The affordability of this kit makes it a valuable investment for an active lifestyle. All dab pens are portable and are easily a favorite among those who are always on the go.

Snoop Dogg Coil

This is another pancake style coil that is both highly affordable and a common replacement part for Snoop Dogg G Pen users. The heating chamber for this coil has been constructed from borosilicate glass to maximize the flavor of your dry herbs. Users that have vape batteries with 510 threads should not fret however, you can purchase this coil with original or 510 threading. Although this coil is on the simpler side it will be able to handle your dry herbs effortlessly.

SteamCloud Dry Herb Cartridge

This kit comes with all the features of its predecessor, except with 2 more coils which makes it a powerful 4 quartz coil system. More coils create the ability to deliver massive hots with ease. For the serious dabber, this vape pen also accommodates the ability to utilize less than all 4, which makes a truly versatile for sessions that call for less. An adaptable edition to Yocan, the Evolve Plus XL sounds big, but you would have to see it to believe it!

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