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Sometimes the best way to do anything is the old-fashioned way – and that includes rolling dry herb. A major problem most people have is that they end up with a huge mess either in their lap, on a table, counter, etc. The best way to keep your valuables secure and in an easy to reach place while you’re rolling is to look into a rolling tray. Coming in different shapes and sizes, the rolling tray is a valuable addition to any collection. Remember, all orders in the USA ship FREE!

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How to Choose a Rolling Tray

Picking a rolling tray doesn’t have to be hard. Just go out and get one. The problem is, with so many kinds and features available, you are probably going to want to spend a little time thinking about what you need before you go out and buy your next rolling tray. To help, below are some major characteristics you should consider before making a purchase.

Size and Shape

There are tons of different sizes and shapes. Some are small, thin trays that you can take with you on the go to make sure that you’re not spilling herb everywhere. Some are large, lap-sized trays that are meant to be a sort of ‘rolling HQ’ and have holders and crevices for your rolling goodies. Some are just meant to look decorative while they await you getting back home. If you’re more creative or simply prefer function, you will certainly be able to find a rolling tray to satisfy you.

Useful Features

Of course, there are tons of rolling trays that are plain and nondescript with no special features. However, plenty of trays offer an array of features or options to make your rolling experience better and more enjoyable. For example, you can have holes in your tray to hold rolling papers, or maybe even a spot to place your herb grinder. Some might feature a sunken middle to make it easier to collect your herb in the center. Explore your options and think about what features you may want or need.

Wood, Metal and Other Materials

Rolling trays can be made out of almost any type of material. You could even make a rolling tray out of cardboard (not that this is recommended). In shops and online you will find wooden, metal, plastic, and more types of rolling trays. If you go with metal or plastic, you could potentially have this rolling tray forever for example. Some are easier to clean and need more or less maintenance. Think about when and where you will use your tray and this should help you decide on a material.

Cool Designs

You are always able to purchase a simple rolling tray. But, keep in mind that your tray is not only going to be used somewhat often but that it can be a conversational or decorative piece. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many cool designs for rolling trays including but not limited to: Rick and Morty themes, Bob Marley, Superheroes, etc. Not only that, but some are beautiful works of art with mesmerizing patterns and designs painted, drawn on, or carved into them.

What is a Rolling Tray

Rolling trays (not to be confused with trays on wheels) are convenient and can be made from wood, metal, plastic, etc, all meant to sit in your lap or underneath you when you are rolling dry herb. The main benefit from this is that there is a simple place for any loose bits of herb to fall without you losing it. Even better, the rolling tray can come with more features to make your rolling life much easier. Some trays include compartments to place cones or your grinder, an area to mix and collect ground herb, and more are all things a rolling tray can provide and make your life easier.

Best Rolling Trays

Telling someone what the ‘best’ rolling tray is like telling them what the ‘best’ of anything is – ultimately, it’s going to come down to your own preferences and ideas of quality. Not to mention that you will probably have different priorities and needs than someone else. All is not lost, however, as below you can find some suggestions to help you decide on the best choice for yourself.

Wood Rolling Tray

Wooden rolling trays just sort of seem to ‘feel right’. They are natural, affordable, and beautiful. Not to mention that they can come with all sorts of interesting carvings or burns to really make them stand out. A good quality wooden tray can last for years. Wooden trays have a good, natural feel and if that is something you value over complete indestructability you should consider a wooden rolling tray.

Rolling Tray Kit

Rolling tray kits will be able to help you start out your new rolling adventure with everything you will need like papers, filters, etc. While this is certainly not necessary to begin rolling, you might find that this is a great way to cover all of your bases and ensure that when you’re chilling on the couch you don’t realize you forgot to order something online or from the shop. Name of the game here is peace of mind.

Joint Rolling Tray

Thinking back to some of the features that rolling trays can be equipped with, joint rolling trays certainly come to mind. These are trays that have useful places to hold onto your finished joints for you while you roll more. If you’re someone that likes to stock up on a few rolls before you head out the door or simply when you get home from work consider one of these rolling trays.

Personalized Rolling Tray

Who doesn’t like to have something nice and commemorative with their name on it or a significant date in their life? Well, you can have that on a rolling tray now. While possibly really silly, this could also double as the perfect gift for that special someone in your life – or anyone you want to know you’re thinking about them. Whether for your own vanity or the happiness of others, a personalized rolling tray adds sentimentality to your rolling experience.

Raw Rolling Tray

It should come as no surprise that the RAW Classic brand, a long-trusted source of quality rolling papers, has manufactured a rolling tray of their own. They offer trays ranging from the most basic (with their logo) all the way to large, complex beauties with features including joint holders and a built-in ashtray. If you’re a fan of the company already, this is probably a no-brainer. For those newer to the RAW world, it doesn’t hurt to look.

Rick and Morty Rolling Tray

There are even rolling trays offering you the chance to channel your inner ‘Rick’ and roll herb like a boss. But, on the other hand, you could be a total ‘Morty’ and simply can’t handle the awesomeness of this, or other themed rolling trays. All jokes aside, if you’re a huge fan of Rick and Morty (or tons of other pop culture icons) then you should certainly look into a themed rolling tray to showcase your fandom loyalty.

Overall a great rolling tip is to use a rolling tray. If you are using accessories like rolling papers, rolling tips, and others this is the best way to stay neat and organized is with a rolling tray.