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Gravity Bongs are another type of smoking pipe that can be used with water but there are also waterless gravity bongs. Less often glass, and more often made from plastic and other parts, these cool bongs have been around for a long time. Check out our grav bong options below and enjoy FREE US shipping!
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How to Choose the Best Gravity Bong

Ah yes… long gone are the days when cutting a plastic 2 or 3 liter Cola bottle with an aluminum foil bowl was considered the gold standard for all gravity bongs, thankfully! With such a powerful & effective means to smoke your material, it is no wonder that eventually this method would find its way into the mainstream. Choosing the right gravity bong will always boil down to a matter of preference, as there are even waterless options nowadays.

Types of Gravity Bongs

With the popularity of certain smoking devices, it is no surprise to see gravity bongs find their place within the smoking community. Old-school gravity bong designs usually consist of a basic apparatus made of plastic. Dunking the unit in water right beneath the bowl, lighting while lifting creates a suction that lights up your material. When the desired smoke volume is achieved, the bowl is lifted, and the hit is taken. Today, waterless options that utilize air with an accordion-style mechanism are gaining momentum within the smoking community.

Water Gravity Bongs vs Air Gravity Bongs

Unlike water bongs that utilize the water as a filter, the water in a gravity bong does nothing more than act as a pull to draw the smoke in as you lift up the bong. The risks associated with these makeshift bongs are many, such as accidental spillage of your dry herb material into the water, sucking in water through your mouth, burns from a poorly designed aluminum bowl, and potentially inhaling melted plastic fumes. Air gravity bongs eliminate all of these by extending the device like an accordion, which creates the same suction to draw in the smoke. Most bowls on these are also made of glass, creating a much more enjoyable experience.

Hits from a Gravity Bong

Oddly enough, most gravity bongs are associated with an enlarged volume capacity for holding in smoke. While most hits from a typical user would be no more than if one were simply smoking from a traditional bong pipe, the gravity bong delivers gargantuan puffs that will maximize the amount you will be able to take. An upside to this enlarged chamber is the fact that multiple people can share the hit as it is being expelled by the device. This makes it perfect for small groups & parties.

How to Clean a Gravity Bong

Assuming you are using the water method, aside from the bowl needing a good cleaning, the part where you normally stop drawing in air for a hit is where most of the residues will accumulate. One of the upsides about a gravity bong is how large the opening is which allows for an easier cleaning. Some people use rubbing alcohol & salt to clean most of their bongs & pipes, though we have a much easier solution that is also more effective: Formula 420 Original Cleaner. Simply covering the areas, you want to clean with the solution and let it sit for just a minute, then rinse away! The same goes for your air gravity bongs.

Types of Gravity Bongs

The 2 main options are going to be either a water-based gravity bong, or the more convenient air gravity bong. Both offer the same functionality & effectiveness, though one can be preferred over the other depending on what experience you want to have. For parties or group sessions where you will likely be on the go, an air gravity bong would be more ideal. If you are going to just sit in with a couple of friends, or if you want a hit from a gravity bong, you can take the time to setup the water gravity bong.

The Bukket Gravity Bong

A waterless smoking device that utilizes the gravity concept without the hassles that water can bring. An accordion-style apparatus, The Bukket is designed to suck in are as you extend the bong, filling its massive chamber up with smoke. The metal bowl can be slid out to allow the opening to act as the mouthpiece. The gravity bong itself is 20 inches long, which is more than enough to act as a party favor. Best of all, without the water you can safely move around without worrying about any water accidents.

Gravitron Gravity Bong

A sophisticated upgrade to the traditional water method, the Gravitron uses water to act as the pull for a hit. Where it lacks in safe portability, it makes up for with its construction. Made of glass, you are sure to get only the cleanest hits without the aftertaste of metal or heated plastics. The Gravitron is practical, efficient, and highly affordable. Unlike the old method of cutting out plastic soda bottles, the Gravitron is tailored to hold just the right amount of smoke for a safe and truly customized experience. Perfect for those who want a serious session!

The High Rise Gravity Bong

A unique and truly innovative design, this gravity bong is actually a hybrid of the traditional water bong. The mechanism is powered much the same way you would light a regular gravity bong, except while doing so, you lift up the tube which draws in the smoke. The bowl is located towards the bottom like a traditional water bong. Simply removing one end of the whip allows for the hit to be taken in through the other end. One of the most high-end gravity bongs on the market, the High Rise is truly one of a kind.

The Stundenglass Gravity Bong

Another unique water gravity bong does away with the bucket and utilizes one of the most interesting yet simple concepts with the use of gravity. Unlike most other gravity bongs, the Stundenglass is an invertible chamber filled with water on the lower end. Simply flipping it until water drains into the other end creates the suction needed to light the bowl located on the side of the unit. The other side houses the whip which is then used to draw out the smoke. It looks like the most modern glass hookah that uses gravity as its means for lighting the bowl.

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