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In this part of the store you will find items such as chargers or vape stands for the popular vaporizer brands, cool protective carrying case options that also serve as storage for the vape pen and accessories, plus other cool vaper gear. USA shipping is always FREE and discreet. If you need help, reach out to USA based customer service and we will help.

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Juul Charger - Long USB Cable
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Atmos Vape & AGO charger set
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AGO USB charger and Dab Tool
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Silicone Vape Stands
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How to Choose a Vape Accessory

In addition to the specific vape parts like the coil, battery and mouthpiece, there are other cool vape accessories available like protective travel cases, chargers, vape stands, tools, skins and more. Aside from the charger, accessories like the case are not vaporizer specific and often can be used for multiple models.

Travel and Storage

If you are looking to store all of the random tools and vape parts in one, somewhat organized area, get yourself a vape case. Make sure the size fits with your vape and all of the other accessories around. There are many different size cases with different materials, some hard or softer than others. Plus there are many cool colors available.

Keeping Wax Pens Upright

If you did not already know, it is important to keep a wax pen upright, especially right after use. When wax get hot, it becomes more liquid-like, and when the vape is placed on its side, the hot wax will travel up and out of the chamber, sometimes making it tough to remove the chamber. A vape stand will help resolve this issue.

Change the Look

If you don't like the color of your vape battery, or simply want to change the look, there is a solution, however it is limited to only a number of styles. Vape skins are a great way to change up the look of a vape pen at a very cheap price. If no skin is available, the only option is to get a different battery all together.

In need of Battery Life

Without electricity, the vape battery cannot function and no vaping can occur. Especially if you tend to lose things, or if you have several vaping locations, it is important to always be prepared with a vape charger, that or keep a close watch on energy levels when you leave the charger behind. If you need a charger, we offer many options for various models and brands.

What is a Vape Accessory

Anything that can accessorize a vape can technically fall under this category. For the most part it is a mixture of vape specific items like a vape stand or mouthpiece extension sleeves, plus interchangeable products like the great choice of protective vape travel cases.

Vape Case

Portable vaporizers are meant for use on the go, so for a casual night out the case may be bulky, unless you have a handbag that is. But for storage at home it is a great way to have everything in one place. Plus for long trips where everything needs to travel, it is like a second toiletry bag, except its a protective travel case too.

Vape Stands

This accessory is especially important to wax vape pens. The value in this product is often overlooked, partly because wax pens are often used on the go versus at home. But wax gets hot and if the vape is placed on its side after a session, the wax travels up and out of the chamber creating a mess. If you vape at home, its a great addition for under $7 with a dab tool.

Vape Chargers

There is a large swath of vapes, whether dry herb vaporizers, wax pens or something else; but they typically utilize the same type of vape charging cable which is the micro usb charger. However, other models were designed with a unique charger design and therefore require that specific type of charger and nothing else.

Vape Skins

Depending on the vaporizer at hand, there may be vape skins available that can transform the exterior exactly to your liking. Similar to skins for a phone or iPad, they easily stick on, just make sure to place it on properly. The micro vapes have a cool, glow in the dark vape skin that applies very easily to the battery surface.

Why Buy a Vape Accessory

There are many answers here. Travel cases are great storage and keep help to keep things organized. Vape stands keep wax pens upright and much cleaner than otherwise. Dab and scrape tools make loading concentrates or clearing herbs a much easier task.

ny vape shop guarantee

Not all vape accessories are the same and they can vary drastically from cases to stands. Each accessory and vape part purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with instructions, reviews, tips and other easy to read information located right on the product page. If you have any additional questions about anything else, check out the blog and vape dictionary or feel free to Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.