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Titan 2 Vape Mouthpiece Replacements

Get 3 complete mouthpiece replacements for the Titan 2 vaporizer today. Having a backup mouthpiece for a vape can help prevent potential heartache in the future.
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  • Product Details

    Vape Mouthpiece Listing includes

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    • 3-pack Titan 2 Vape Mouthpiece

    Mouthpiece Details

    • Mouthpiece Parts - Each mouthpiece includes the screen and the metal screw on piece
    • Best vape mouthpiece bundle you can ask for.  It comes with 3 mouthpiece, each with the metal screw part and screen.  This set will serve as a backup to your current mouthpiece and with fit the Titan 2 vaporizer plus other brands with a similar style vaporizer.
    • User Manual

      How to remove and replace the Titan 2 vape mouthpiece

      1. Hold the Titan 2 in your right or left hand with the display screen facing your body. 2. Place your thumb on the right corner of the mouthpiece so that the tip of your thumb is slightly above the top of the mouthpiece. 3. Push in an up-and-over motion from the front right corner towards the back left corner of the vape. 4. To place a new mouthpiece onto the vape, just place it on the top and make sure that it is lined up properly and push down. The mouthpiece will snap into place

      How to Clean the vape mouthpiece and screens

      There are 3 main ways to clean the vape parts. 1. Both the mouthpiece and the screens can be placed and soaked in rubbing alcohol. While soaking, stir or shake them around to help remove and loosen any debris stuck to the surface. You can even use a swab while its soaking to rub along the surface to help clean and remove any unwanted particles. Give any last scrubbing that is needed and when finished with the alcohol, rinse the pieces in warm water and then either dry them by hand or leave the vape parts out to dry. 2. Both the mouthpiece and the screens can also be placed and soaked in boiling water. While in the water, gently stir them around to help remove and loosen any debris stuck to the surface. If you have some sort of brush that can be used to help remove stuck particles it is recommended. But be careful, the water is extremely hot and will burn. Once you have finished with any last scrubbing, remove the vape parts from the hot water and again, be careful. Lay them on a paper towel and they will dry quickly because of the heat still attached to them. 3. If you do not care to soak the parts, you can always use a cotton swab or something similar dipped in rubbing alcohol. With the swab you can rub in and around the vapes mouthpiece. The swab can also be used on the screens. After swabbing any of the parts, rinse the part in warm water and then dry manually or leave out to dry.