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We carry top quality vape kits for e juice and any pre-filled oil cartridges.  US Shipping is Free, and all packages are shipped discreetly so you can enjoy vaping on the go. Scroll to find popular products in our online shop such as the vape battery for use with the skinny oil cartridges. Or find the well known box mod vapes for use with all 510 atomizer coil attachments.

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How to Choose an Oil Vaporizer

The Vape world is massive, even when you shrink it down to just oil vapes. There are some big differences to consider and understand when shopping for an oil vaporizer. The options available for vaping E Juice and various essential oils can be overwhelming. But do not worry because we are here to coach you through the process. Some main things to be aware of and consider when shopping for an oil vape can be found right below.

Pre-Filled Oil Cartridge vs 510 Atomizers

With a pre-filled 510 oil cartridge, not much power is needed for heat, so you can go with a very simple vape battery that doesn't even have a power button. Or you can go with a Box Mod, which is essentially a higher-tech, powerful battery. The larger 510 atomizers for herb, wax and definitely e liquids are usually best for use with box mods, and they likely would not work with the very simple vape batteries, or at least the battery would not generate enough power for an enjoyable experience.

Battery Capacity

Whether in need of a box mod for e juice vapors or a simple vape battery for oil cartridges, within each category you will have some choices. If long adventures without access to charging is your thing, then you may want to pay attention to the battery life a bit more. And if you really like control then you may want to go with a box mod, but simple straight forward batteries are really great too, however they have less battery capacity and will need to be charged more often.

E Juice Vapers

Depending on the atomizer attachment, you may be able to get away with just any 510 thread battery. However, for e juice and e liquid vapers, the box mod vapes are the best choice. Mods are much more powerful than the average 510 battery so the charge will last longer and more importantly they allow you to blow those huge vapor clouds. Including the voltage control they also offer a range of other cool functionality that can differ from model to model.

Read the Oil Vape Reviews

Once you understand what separates one Oil Vaporizer from another, check out the detailed Oil Vape reviews to find out more in depth information. Each review is detailed and lays out everything about each oil pen. The reviews will educate you about the products, plus you will know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you should expect from the vape.

What is an Oil Vape Pen

A vaporizer that is designed for use with oils and other e juices is referred to as an oil vape pen. It involves heating oils or e liquids without introducing them to a flame, and instead heats them via a hot coil. Simply, the vape pen is composed of a battery with an attached e liquid or oil tank, plus the mouthpiece. There are pre-filled, skinny oil cartridges and big 510 liquid atomizers. There are also simple vape batteries without a power button or power box mods with multiple controls.

Box Mod Vapes

The box mod got its popularity within the e juice space because of the long battery life and control over how much power you can emit into an atomizer. The box mod allows vapers to get huge puffs of vapor and do all sorts of cool tricks. They work with all 510 atomizers for oil, herb or wax, and even work with the smaller, popular, pre-filled oil cartridges.

Side-by-Side Design

The standard, pen-shaped, 510 batteries are very popular for use with the skinny oil cartridges. They go great together but you end up with a long vape pen. The newer side-by-side design like the SteamCloud Mini, positions the oil cartridge right next to a high quality battery. It is more compact, discreet, and very easy to use. This newer approach to Oil Vaping is quickly becoming the go-to option.

Cylindrical, 510 Batteries

Staying true to the Wax Pen name, this type of battery is a pen shape, although thicker, and is available in a huge variety of options. These batteries are very popular with the skinny, pre-filled oil cartridges, but they work with some bigger atomizers as well. Some have voltage control, others don't, and you can find them in varying battery sizes with an endless supply of exterior designs.

Stylus Pen Oil Batteries

Often the pre-filled oil cartridges will come along with one of these batteries. This are just about never powerful enough to work with dry herb vaporizer cartridges. The stylus vape battery is not a very large battery, but the small oil cartridges don't take too much power either. Similar to larger 510 batteries, they are pen shaped, however the stylus is thin and very lightweight, so more portable and discreet to use.

Oil Vape Shopping Tips

Variable Watts For Custom Vaping

Make sure to get a box mod or another vape battery that allows you to change the amount of watts the battery operates at. The Watts is the amount of energy being sent to the attached cartridge. Adjust the watts upward to get huge vapor clouds or turn them down for light, discreet vapors. Too many watts sent from the battery can burn out a cartridge so be careful!

Why Buy an Oil Vape Pen

If you are looking to enjoy some new oil or e juice flavor, you will need something to power the cartridge or atomizer filled with the liquid. There is no other way, but you have many options that range from under $20 to much more than that. Oils are becoming popular over herbs for a variety of reasons from discreet consumption to health reasons, which is arguable, albeit a reason.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every Box Mod and Oil Vaporizer works a little differently. Each Oil Vape purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with an instructional booklet with easy to follow charging and use instructions. If you have any additional questions about your specific vape we provide detailed information at each product page. Any further help needed, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.