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As a high-quality tool necessary for dabbing, we carry a variety of them at this vape shop. We even have oil rigs for sale that include the indestructible, silicone dab rigs for sale. We also have the domeless nails and e nails that are needed to fully use the rig. Scroll lower to browse cool options and find the best dab rig that suits your needs. Enjoy discreet, FREE USA shipping on All Orders.

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How to Choose a Dab Rig

Choosing a dab rig, like anything else, can be a big deal, and with many options for dabbing it can feel overwhelming. There are various things to keep in mind and some may be more important than another. At the end of the day, it comes down to your preferences and budget. To help on your journey we have laid out below some helpful, quick information so that you can make informed, educated buying decisions.

Dab Rig or Wax Pen

If you are thinking about a rig you may be thinking about a wax vape pen too. Dab Rigs are a great piece that can be used every day or brought out for special occassions. They do deliver huge, quality hits but compared to a vape pen, they can be a pain to set up and get going, then of course you need to put it away. Wax pens are super quick and convenient. Especially if you already own a vaporizer, extending your collection into a dab rig is a great idea.

Glass or Silicone

The best glass dab rig, like the super expensive ones will deliver a better hit and dabbing experience than the best silicone rig, no doubt. But on average they are pretty comparable and users have good and bad things to say about both. Glass rigs are said to give a smoother hit, but silicone rigs are unbreakable and more portable than glass.

Choosing a Size

Just like bongs, the dab rig is offered in many heights from short to tall. The taller and larger the rigs offer the user a more powerful puff because there is more space for smoke to fill. Smaller rigs though are usually less expensive, but not always, and the smaller option is more portable and takes up less space. Both get the job done and this aspect is all about a users preference.

Special Features

The random cool features that can sometimes be found are similar to what can be found with a bong. They include ice catchers to create smoother, cooler pulls. For additional smoothness, higher-end dab rigs can be found with percolators designed to filter the smoke even more.

What is a Dab Rig

A dab rig, just like a wax pen, is a device used for consuming wax concentrates. However, they are not exactly portable and require a more extensive set up versus vape pens. Dab Rigs are similar to bongs but instead of a bong bowl the rig is equipped with a domeless nail that is heated either via blowtorch or electricity. Dab rigs are the bongs of the wax concentrate world and they deliver massive, tasty hits that cannot be matched in a vape.

Domeless Nails

The Domeless Nail is a very important component to the rig. Similar to a bong and the bong bowl, the domeless nail attaches to a rig and it is where the wax is placed in order to take a dab hit. Heat the nail, place wax on the surface and pull. Nails come in all styles from titanium to ceramic and quartz and they are needed to use a dab rig properly.

Carb Cap Dabbers

Just like a domeless nail is needed for a rig, a dabber tool is also needed. The dabber will be used to handle and place the wax on the super-hot surface of the nail. Don't even bother attempting it with the fingers or risk severe burn and wax loss. Carb Caps on the other hand are not necessary but do make for a better dabbing experience. Carb caps fit over the domeless nail after wax has been applied and they help maintain heat and offer optimal temperature hits.

Silicone Dab Rigs

Glass is great of course, but the nature of silicone makes it a great material for use with any dabbing product, even dab rigs. Silicone rigs are basically unbreakable, making them more portable, and less of a liability if you have a party going on. They hit well, are easy to clean, and come in a few styles in a ton of different colors.

Glass Rigs

Many glass blowers have taken kindly to this new glass pipe category so you can now found ridiculous pieces everywhere. Those pieces are sometimes priced sky high but you can easily find more affordable glass dab rigs as well. Glass is a step up from silicone when it comes to performance and these rigs offer the best way to enjoy wax concentrates. The downside is that glass is fragile, so always be careful.

Why Buy a Dab Rig

If you enjoy wax concentrates but want to enjoy them on another level, you should try a dab rig. Dab Rigs are the bongs of the wax space and they deliver huge, tasty hits. If you are looking to truly dab concentrates than this is what you need. Wax Pens are great, but a wax rig is a step up.

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