How to use a Nectar Collector - Nectar Dabbing Instructions

The Nectar Collector is an innovative dabbing tool that brings the power dab rigs together with the portability of a vape pen. This wax tool is very easy to use and handle so learn all about it here.

by: Greg H. | 03/12/18 1:30PM


One of the more modern and trendy ways to consume concentrates is with a cool dabbing tool like the nectar collector shaped like a hand grenade. If you have seen these around, you were probably taken back by how easy, innovative, and simple the whole idea is. The nectar collector makes dabbing time efficient and fun, plus it removes the need for an entire dab rig by combining the domeless dab nail and Rig into one tool. While this is an easy enough idea, actually using it correctly and with the right type of concentrates is very important. Not using it right can result in burnt dabs and wasted wax concentrates. There are a variety of different kinds of nectar collectors for sale, ranging from silicone to glass. Silicone material nectar collectors are widely used and a favorite among regular dabbers.


Nectar collectors have risen in popularity partly because they are far more portable than a standard oil rig, yet they hit as good or better. They are smaller and designed to be held, so obviously they are much more mobile and less fragile than a standard rig. Instead of heating a Domeless dab nail, simply heat the metal tip end at the other end of the nectar collector. Once heated it can be placed and “dragged” over concentrates inside a dab container and then inhaled. With a glass dish or container, your Nectar can be fully portable and ready to go with you where you go. They also make pacing yourself much easier due to the fact that you don’t need to rush with a hot Domeless nail or worry about scooping the right amount of wax.

Nectar Collector on table with question marks

What is a Nectar Collector?

Nectar Collectors, like most rigs, are comprised of a neck, body, and tip. These pieces can be made from silicone, glass or quartz, with each carrying the benefits of that material. The neck is where you are meant to inhale and where the vapor travels through. Necks are sometimes detachable and can be connected via a bridge or separate filter. Often a clip is used around the joint to keep the neck from falling off and allowing it to be detached for easier transport. The body is where the smoke travels through initially, and on a wet nectar collector it is this chamber where you can fill it with water. Not all nectar collectors use water (most don’t), as there are dry versions as well, also called wands. These models just have straight or bubbled bodies without any chamber for water. When using a wet Nectar Collector that does have a body chamber, make sure you fill the water after you have detached the neck so that water doesn’t get trapped in the joint.


On a higher-end nectar collector, you may find a downstem with a filter or diffusion setup inside of the main body water chamber. This adds some extra percolation and smoke diffusion that can help cool down and smooth the smoke, since it is not traveling a long distance. The tip of the Nectar Collector is what the Nectar Collector uses as its dabbing tool. The tip connects to the base and can be made of titanium or glass. Generally, titanium is sturdier than glass and also retains heat better. Read more about what a nectar collector is.

Step by Step Process

The first step is to lay down your concentrate on a heat resistant surface, such as glass or silicone. Silicone is the most commonly used surface. Next, heat the tip using your butane torch until it is red hot. If you enjoy taking low temp dabs, you may want to wait 7-10 seconds to let the tip cool down. When ready, press the tip of the nectar collector gently against the concentrate inside the dab jar or laid on on a dab mat. Without pressing too hard or letting too much vapor escape, take the hit. It’s as easy as that.

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Tips for Using the Nectar Collector

  • 1. Do not use too much wax, nectar collectors are very efficient
  • 2. If you see a lot of vapor escaping, press more lightly or pull harder
  • 3. Lower temp nectar collector hits are notoriously the best way to go for smoothness and best taste

Pros and Cons of using the Nectar Collector


  • 1. Unique – The cool design of a Nectar Collector is always sure to catch your friends attention due to its catchy shapes and colors as well as its simple use.
  • 2. Design – The easy to use design makes the experience enjoyable and seamless without the usual worries of a dab rig.
  • 3. Portable – It is easy to bring for on-the-go use while traveling. It offers a mess-free and easy dabbing experience on the go.
  • 4. Versatility – No tools needed; just heat the tip, dab, and enjoy.


  • 1. Not a Vape – You can definitely dab on the go, but if you are looking for a more discreet, and even easier way to dab, get a vape, although the hits won’t compare.
  • 2. Long and unwieldy – The long shape can be a bit awkward and cumbersome, especially when passing around a Nectar Collector with a red-hot tip. Although, it is smaller than a traditional rig and the silicone nectars are very easy to handle.
  • 3. Lack of temperature control – While you can find e-nail adapters and heater coils that work with some collectors, the traditional heat and cool method doesn’t offer the same standardization as a typical quartz nail.

Cleaning the Nectar Collector

Cleaning your nectar collector is a very straightforward process, as it simply requires a couple easy steps. Just like with your other pieces, begin by scraping out any excess residue or clogging in the body in the neck, if you can reach. After this soaking it in your go-to cleaning solution, such as salt and rubbing alcohol, can make your nectar collector good as new again. Nectar collectors are easily taken apart, and the multi-piece designs make cleaning very easy.


Nectar Collector vs Dab Rig

If you are looking for the full dabbing experience but don’t want to deal with the dab rig, torch, nail, and full setup that comes with the traditional rig, then a nectar collector might be perfect for you. They both perform the same functions, but one just involves less materials. Whether starting out or looking for a new way to switch up your dab routine, nectar collectors are a popular choice by smokers everywhere and have begun to slowly replace the traditional dab rig.

Nectar Collector vs Wax Vape Pen

While wax pens are most portable, nectar collectors offer more potency and a much more official setup. For veteran smokers, the nectar collector makes having a pen around at all times much less necessary. While wax pens are a very convenient and discreet option, they fail to offer the same potency and time efficiency of the nectar collector setup.

Silicone Nectar Collector vs Glass Nectar Collector

Silicone and glass nectar collectors are both equally popular options that offer their own unique benefits. Standard silicone nectar collectors like this one are best for casual users who are looking for a quick and efficient dabbing option that is much harder to break. Glass collectors can offer very cool and creative designs, but are more fragile as a result. Here is a quick overview of each type and their unique characteristics:


Glass Nectar Collector with Dab Jar outside on grass

Glass Nectar Collector

For glass nectar collectors there are more options available, whereas silicone collectors are a more rare find. Glass is also slightly more breakable, but the sleek artistic designs that glass pieces can be crafted into are what make them popular picks in the community. Glass does not hold heat as well as silicone, but can reach the desired temperature faster than thicker pieces do.

Silicone Nectar Collector

Silicone nectar collectors are a very popular option that medicinal and recreational users alike enjoy due to their easy and safe use. Silicone pieces can come in the form of the traditional pencil shape all the way to a bulb shape, and everything in between. These pieces are designed to be quick and easy to use, and are much harder to break than glass pieces.

In Conclusion

Nectar collectors make for great dab rigs, as they do not sacrifice any potency, and make the whole process easy, fast, and fun. Whether you are looking to simplify your setup or add a cool new way of taking dabs, trying a nectar collector may get you hooked for life.

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