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Smoking Pipes that May Surprise You - 7 Awesome Pipes

by: Colby M. | 06/15/20 2:30PM

If you want to find an affordable smoking pipe that offers a blown-away smoking experience, check out this list of unique, cool pipes.  These smoking pipes are often underdogs, however, they usually outperform most expectations.

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Random smoking pipes scattered on a table

6 Smoking Pipes that Beat Expectations - Guaranteed

by: Colby M. | 05/01/20 2:30PM

You likely see these pipes and think nothing of them, but Don't be fooled.  These 6 smoking pipes are guaranteed to win a place in your heart.  Check them out here!

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4 types of vape pens being held by a hand

4 Vape Pens for Vaping Dry Herb, Wax & Oils

by: Anthony E. | 04/29/20 2:30PM

If you are looking for a Vape Pen that can vaporize Dry Herbs, wax and oils, read this post about some amazing 3-in-1 vapes! Why fumble around with multiple vaporizers if you only need one?

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guy holding incognito sunglasses pipe

9 Incognito Smoking Pipes We All Need

by: Anthony E. | 04/27/20 2:30PM

Looking for a hidden smoking pipe?  Check out this list of 9 Incognito Pipes that not only get the job done, but they are discreet and noone will ever suspect them.

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Smoke-filled Glass beaker bong sitting on top of a bar-top

What are the Best Types of Bongs

by: Nathaniel C. | 04/20/20 2:30PM

Looking for a new bong or just curious to read about some awesome bongs with great features? Check out the different types of bongs with percolators, ice catchers and more.

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Guy holding a metal one hitter pipe and herb storage container

What is the Point of a One Hitter Pipe?

by: Nathaniel C. | 04/17/20 2:30PM

Read the 7 reasons people enjoy smoking one hitter pipes.  From on-the-go, discreet smoking, to the perfect amount for some people, read about it all.  You may surprised at what you read!

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Person Vaping and Corona Virus Molecule

Corona Virus Vaping Tips - Vape Guide to Stay Safe

by: Anthony E. | 03/23/20 2:30PM

The Corona Virus is a very serious and transfers between individuals very easily. Use these Vaping Tips to help stop the spread of this virus.

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Glass Percolator Bongs being smoked and held

The Bong with Best Water Filtration - Percolator Bongs

by: Colby M. | 03/06/20 3:30PM

If you want premium water filtration when smoking a water bong, you can opt for a percolator bong.  These smoking pipes are the best and offers a super-smooth experience.

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Two glass percolator bongs side-by-side

What is the Best Percolator Bong - Expert Advice & Tips

by: Anthony E. | 02/24/20 3:30PM

Percolator Bongs offer a better water filtration than the standard water pipe.  But there are many types of Percolator Bongs and our experts explain them all.

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Chunk of wax concentrates with How to Dab Without a Dab Rig text-overlay

How to Dab Without a Rig - Advice from Dabbers

by: Nathaniel C. | 11/25/19 3:30PM

Although dabbing wax concentrates with an Oil Rig is ideal, there are many great ways to Dab without a Rig.  From Nectar Collectors to Wax Pens and Dipsticks, this post covers all of the ways to dab.

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Random Herb Grinders with blog title text overlay

What is the Best Herb Grinder - Grinder Analysis

by: Robert H. | 10/28/19 2:30PM

The best herb grinder for you may be different than for someone else.  Ultimately it comes down to personal preferences and needs.  This article breaks down various herb grinder options so that you can have all the information for making the best decision.

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Herb Grinders being held in background with blog title text overlay

7 Herb Grinders that Make Life Easier

by: Robert H. | 08/05/19 2:30PM

Have difficulty using an herb grinder?  Want something electric, with a hand crank, or how about a vibrating herb grinder.  We breakdown 7 cool herb grinders that make grinding life much easier.

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Titan Vape and Yocan Hive 2.0 and blog title text

Best Places to Buy Vape Pens and Accessories - Top 10 Places

by: Seth C. | 07/22/19 2:30PM

Shopping for vapes and vaping accessories can be very overwhelming, choosing the place to buy them should be easy.  This article will break down the types of businesses where vapes and vape parts are found.  We offer advice on where to find what you are looking for, plus a tip on FREE shipping, every time, no minimum.

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Glass Smoking Pipes - The Complete List

Glass Smoking Pipes - The Complete List of Cool Glass Pipes

by: Matthew H. | 04/29/19 2:30PM

Glass Smoking Pipes have been a staple for a long time.  From cheap pipes, to high-end heady glass, click into this in-depth, amazing list of Glass Pipes for descriptions and pics!

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Different Types of Oil Vape pens in a collage

Oil Vape Pens - The Complete List of Oil Pens

by: Matthew H. | 04/22/19 2:30PM

Vape oils and e-liquids have become very popular. Read this post to fully understand what an Oil Vape Pen is. We break down oil pen basics plus provide an in-depth oil vape list with various types and specific models.

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Best Stoner Movies of All Time - Complete List

Best Stoner Movies of All Time - Complete List

by: Matthew H. | 04/15/19 2:30PM

In this list you will find a picture and quick description of the best stoner movies ever.  The top stoner movies have a great story line and keep you laughing.  Check them out here.

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Different types of dab containers and dab tools

Dab Containers - The Complete List Dab Jars for Wax

by: Nathaniel C. | 02/13/19 3:30PM

With the rise vape pens and wax concentrates, the need for dab containers has also risen.  We cover the best way to store wax plus a list with pictures and details on the wax containers available.

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