Smoking Pipe Tutorials

How to Get the Perfect Bong Rip Like a Pro

by: Anthony E. | 06/28/22 1:30PM

Hitting a bong is something we have all tried. Hitting a bong the wrong way is something we have all done as well. Getting the perfect bong rip is a combination of skill and know-how. It is not as easy as just putting your lips to a bong and taking a hit. To get the perfect bong rip, you will need to have a little bit of finesse and a thorough understanding of your limits. Hitting a bong like a pro will earn you the accolades of your peers and make your smoke sessions go much smoother. In this article we will be going over how to get the perfect bong rip with every hit.

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Why Ice Bongs Offer the Smoothest Pulls

by: Anthony E. | 06/24/22 1:30PM

Ice bongs are popular in the smoking and medical community for a variety of reasons. Bongs are known to filter out contaminants found in smoke and offer the user a much better experience in the long run. Though users may be prone to coughing fits after taking a big hit from a bong, there are several benefits over using a joint or a pipe. This article will take a closer look at ice bongs and why they are superior.

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Acrylic Bongs vs Silicone Bongs Comparison

by: Anthony E. | 06/22/22 1:30PM

Acrylic and silicone are synonymous with durability in the world of bongs. Both offer their own unique pros and cons during a smoke session. Though they are similar in many ways, they are truly worlds apart when it comes to their composition and maintenance requirements. In this article, we will be looking at these two and making comparisons to show you which ones you might want to consider using the next time you go for a smoke session with a bong.

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How to Use Your Bong for Dabbing Wax

by: Anthony E. | 06/20/22 1:30PM

Dabbing wax is mainly reserved for using inside of a dab rig, or a portable vape pen. Bongs are predominantly used to smoke out of. While these two modalities are worlds apart, it is possible to tweak your bong and turn it into an efficient dab rig with a few modifications. While you will find it less than ideal to use a typical bong bowl for your dab hits, you will be more than pleased to know that a traditional bong can be just as effective as any dab rig on the market, and this article will explain just how.

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Why You Should Want to Use a 4-Piece Grinder

by: Anthony E. | 06/14/22 1:30PM

Grinders are the most effective way to properly chop and mince your dry herb material. Whether you are using cannabis or tobacco is irrelevant to the fact that properly grinded herbs burn and vape much more efficiently. When using a grinder to chop up your herbs, you want to get the most out of it, which is why using a 4-piece grinder is better than using any other type. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the 4-piece grinder and why you would want to use one.

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Why You Should Always Use a Pipe Screen

by: Anthony E. | 06/12/22 1:30PM

Smoking from a pipe is both cheap and easy, not to mention very efficient. Pipes are one of the oldest methods of consuming dry plant material. Everything from cannabis to tobacco has been consumed through the use of a pipe. Before the introduction of vapes, pipes were the way to go for most users. Today, pipes remain even more popular despite alternatives that are available. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at pipes and how they should be properly used.

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Why Silicone Water Bongs are Making a Splash

Why Silicone Water Bongs are Making a Splash

by: Anthony E. | 04/07/22 1:30PM

Water bongs are a classic tool for any serious smoker. From the earliest days of wood and bamboo to today’s plastic, glass, ceramic, and now silicone bongs, we are going to highlight how these modern water devices are making the rounds and hitting the scene in today's smoking culture. Join us for an in-depth investigation how silicone bongs got so popular and why you would want to own one.

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Glass water bong with white background

What Does Bong Water Taste Like?

by: Anthony E. | 04/05/22 1:30PM

We have all experienced it at one point or another. You are hitting a bong hard, and you get a cold splash or even a mouthful of the most disgusting water you have ever had the displeasure to taste. Welcome to the world of bongs. In this article, we will be going back and looking at a classic problem that has touched everyone who has ever smoked, which is bong water.

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A dabber used to pick wax concentrate

Should I Get a Pokémon Dab Tool with My Rig

by: Anthony E. | 03/30/22 1:30PM

Pokémon is one the oldest and most popular anime series on the planet. In fact, Pokémon reaches a wide audience and not specifically just for the child demographic. There is a depth that surrounds the story and history of Pokémon and its world of characters. This article will outline why you would want to get your hands on a Pokémon dab tool for your rig. Seriously, who doesn’t love Pokémon? Gotta catch ‘em all!

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close up view of a hemp flower

Can I Use the Same Piece of Glass for Flower and Dabs?

by: Anthony E. | 03/24/22 1:30PM

Glass pipes, bongs, and dab rigs have become the go-to for many people when it comes to smoking and vaping their favorite dry herbs. The use of wax from a dab rig has recently become all the craze with specialized units specifically made just for vaping wax concentrates. Since vaping is a world apart from smoking, the two are not alike, but they can use the same unit. This article will go into how you can interchangeably switch between smoking and vaping with the same piece.

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Tips for How to Make Your Buds Taste Good While Vaping

by: Joe C. | 03/23/22 1:30PM

Dry herb vaporizers can slowly heat dry herbs and get a very nice flavor out of them. When vaping herbs there are so many different flavors and you should know how to maximize the taste of your buds to get the most from your vaporizer.

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Cannabis and red soccer grinder with joint

Will a Small Herb Grinder Get the Job Done?

by: Anthony E. | 03/22/22 1:30PM

Herb grinders are a necessary tool for those looking to consistently chop and mince their dry herbs to perfection every time. Smoke and vape sessions benefit greatly from the use of a high-quality herb grinder. With so many brands and styles to choose from, picking the right dry herb grinder for your needs can be a little confusing. Sometimes you only need something small to get the job done, which this article will demonstrate.

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man smoking from a glass dab rig

Can I Make a Dab Rig Out of a Regular Bong?

by: Anthony E. | 03/14/22 1:30PM

Bongs and dab rigs are very similar in their ability to utilize water in their chamber. Some types come with multiple chambers while others feature advanced filtration methods such as percolation. Converting a bong into a dab rig is achievable with the right type of components. In this article we will be going over how one can make a dab rig out of a bong and why this may or may not be desirable.

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Wax extract on a glass dab rig nail

Can I Use a Dab Rig to Smoke Herbs?

by: Anthony E. | 03/12/22 2:30PM

Dab rigs have come to be known as the superior method of vaping wax concentrates. Similar to a bong in many ways, they seem almost identical. The real main difference would obviously be the nail in place of the bowl. Some dab rigs have interchangeable parts, however. This can allow for one to replace the nail for a bowl and convert the unit to a bong. The question is, would you really want to do that? This article will be discussing how in detail.

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Man holding a herb grinder and smoking pipe

Are Herb Grinders Really Necessary?

by: Anthony E. | 03/08/22 2:30PM

Dry herb grinders come in handy for a variety of reasons. In a pinch, you will have a tool that can serve as a proper way of chopping and mincing your dry herb material without leaving it too fine or too dense. Because herb grinders are plentiful and affordable, there really should be no excuse not to have one. Here we will be looking at why dry herb grinders are necessary and alternative means to grinding without one.

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A black silicone bong against a white background

Why Choose Silicone Water Pipes?

by: Anthony E. | 03/06/22 2:30PM

Silicone water pipes and silicone bongs are the most popular smoking devices on the market today. Despite the prevalence and wide use of other materials such as glass and ceramic, silicone offers the user something more unique and longer lasting. This article outlines why anyone would want to choose silicone over any other type of material.

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Several glass bongs on a table in front of a sneaker store

What Are Some Things to Look for When Buying a Bong?

by: Anthony E. | 02/28/22 2:30PM

Bongs are the most popular smoking devices on the market today. Surpassing bubblers and traditional smoking pipes, bongs offer the unique feature of being able to accommodate water, ice, and even dual chambers that can house both warm and cold water. Some bongs on the market use no water whatsoever, creating a truly unique style that is truly innovative. This article will look at what features make bongs unique and what you should look out for.

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Two metal herb grinders on a flat surface

Why Metal Over Plastic Herb Grinders is the Way

by: Anthony E. | 02/26/22 2:30PM

Grinders have come a long way since the days of just cheap plastic. While even plastic grinders serve a useful purpose when nothing else will suffice, they do come with their own drawbacks. Metal tends to be a bit pricier than plastic, though the investment in a high-quality grinder will last you a lifetime. In this article we will be going over how metal grinders are what you should strive for when it comes to your dry herbs.

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A man blowing thick smoke while vaping

Is There a Vaporizer That Hits Like a Bong?

by: Anthony E. | 02/24/22 2:30PM

Vapes and bongs have become two of the most popular types of devices for consuming dry herbs and concentrates. On the market, certain vapes have been known to be replacements for using smoking apparatuses such as bongs and pipes. Since vapes don’t produce smoke, this has led many to ditch smoking altogether. Here we will be looking at vapes that hit like bongs.

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Cannabis and marijuana bud in a grinder

Can an Herb Grinder Grind Too Fine?

by: Anthony E. | 02/22/22 2:30PM

Grinders are known for their ability to chop up herbs to a nice fluffy consistency. Have you ever opened your grinder to find that your dry herbs are now virtually pulverized into a fine powder? The truth is that this is no fault of your grinder, and everything to do with the quality of your dry herbs. Here we will be going over how some grinders can end up mincing your overly dried herbs into flour.

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