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Woman smoking vape

Can Dirty Bong Water Kill You?

by: Anthony E. | 05/03/23 1:30PM

Bong water is known for filtering water from the impurities of smoke. This alone can cause health problems if ingested. Depending on how sick or sensitive an individual might be bong water can certainly have adverse effects. Bong water is usually ingested on a dare and not legitimately considered amongst most users. In this article, we will go over how bong water can negatively affect your health. Some can even have fatal outcomes.

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Bong with water inside

Do All Bongs Need Water?

by: Anthony E. | 04/26/23 1:30PM

Water is used in a bong primarily to cool down and filter the smoke. Some bongs are made with ice catchers while others are great with multiple chambers. There exist novelty bongs that can house both hot and ice-cold water. The truth is that not all bongs require the use of water, and technically you can use any bong without it—although we wouldn’t recommend it. In this article, we will go over how and why bongs use water, and why some don’t need it.

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Man pouring water into a bong

How Often Should I Change Bong Water?

by: Anthony E. | 04/26/23 1:30PM

Bong water is notorious for being nasty once it gets dirty. Bong water is used to cool down and filter smoke. Pollutants and other impurities are plentiful within used bong water. Left unchecked, it can accumulate as nastiness and residue inside the water chamber. This can make it stink and possibly house bacteria and molds. This article will outline how often and why you would want to change the water inside your bong.s

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woman smokes from water bong

What Does a Water Bong Do?

by: Anthony E. | 04/19/23 1:30PM

Water bongs are popular for a variety of reasons. Some are made of glass, while others are made of silicone. Ideally, you should stick to either one of these. Bongs made of plastic are inferior and will not last you. Bongs are pipes that house an enlarged chamber used for holding in water. The water cools down and filters out smoke. This article will go into detail on what a bong is and what it does.

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Woman spraying water on a plant

Is Bong Water Good for Plants

by: Anthony E. | 04/12/23 1:30PM

Bong water is known for being rather nasty. It smells bad, tastes bad, and is bad to consume. This goes for animals and plants as well. In fact, because bong water houses many impurities and residual toxins, plants can absorb this. If you consume the plants, you are effectively also consuming the toxins filtered with them. This article will explain why bong water is bad for plants.

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Box mod vape maintenance

Vape Maintenance and Care: Vape Cleaning and Troubleshooting

by: Joe C. | 04/09/23 6:00PM

Discover the secrets to keeping your vape in pristine condition with this comprehensive guide on vape maintenance and care. Learn the essential steps for vape cleaning and troubleshooting common issues to ensure optimal performance and longevity. From proper disassembly and cleaning techniques to effective troubleshooting tips, this blog post equips you with the knowledge to keep your vape experience smooth and hassle-free.

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A Silicone Spoon in Boiling Water

Can You Boil a Silicone Spoon Pipe?

by: Anthony E. | 04/05/23 1:30PM

Silicone is one of the most resilient and durable materials on the market. They are tough, affordable, and stylish. This is what makes them so popular amongst the smoking community. Unlike other materials, silicone will not bend, crack, chip, or break. Whether you drop it, hit, or throw it, it will retain its shape and functionality.

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A woman lights up herb in a spoon pipe

How to Smoke a Spoon Pipe

by: Anthony E. | 03/29/23 1:30PM

Spoon pipes are some of the convenient types of pipes to smoke from. They are small, discreet, comfortable, and efficient. Some are small while others are much larger. They can be made from a variety of materials. All function the same way. They are designed to be very simple and easy to use. This article will go into detail on the types and how to use your spoon pipe.

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Weed in container and glass spoon pipe

How to Pack a Spoon Pipe

by: Anthony E. | 03/20/23 1:30PM

Packing a spoon pipe is very simple and straightforward. In fact, spoon pipes are one of the easier types of pipes to load and use. Their ergonomic design makes them ideal for almost any user. They come in a variety of different materials and offer the user a simple method for smoking dry herbs. Unlike other smoking pipes, spoon pipes provide for a quick and easy smoke session without excessive preparation.

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Heavily stained bong

Does Bong Water Stain?

by: Anthony E. | 03/13/23 1:30PM

Bong water is known for being particularly stinky. It also has the potential to stain clothing and other surfaces. Due to the nature of bong water, this can prove to be disastrous. Bong water can stick to surfaces long after it has dried. In fact, you should never let bong water dry on any surface. This article will go into detail on the properties of bong water and how it stains surfaces.

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How to Clean Silicone Pipes

by: Anthony E. | 03/10/23 2:30PM

Silicone is one of the most convenient materials to have as a pipe. They are resilient, last just about forever, and most of all, affordable. Silicone pipes are very easy to use and clean. Unlike other materials, there is virtually no risk of your pipe getting damaged. Either through cleaning or an accident, your silicone pipe will remain intact. There are many ways to clean a silicone pipe. This makes them very versatile. In this article, we will be going over how to properly clean a silicone pipe.

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Woman holding glass bong seating on a bed

How to Clean a Water Bong

by: Anthony E. | 03/06/23 2:30PM

Water bongs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. What is most important is what they are made of. You can find them in all types of materials. They can prove to be some of the most difficult to thoroughly clean. Depending on what your water bong is made of, there are different cleaning methods. This article will detail how to clean your bong, depending on the material.

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Trending Strains to Use in Your Vape Pen 2023

by: Joe C. | 02/18/23 2:30PM

Discover the latest and most popular cannabis strains for vaping enthusiasts. We highlight a curated list of strains that have gained significant traction in 2023, offering insights into their unique flavor profiles, effects, and availability. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, this post is a valuable resource for staying up-to-date with the hottest cannabis strains of the year.

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Cannabis oil and cannabis leaf

Can You Get Genuine CBD Extracts In Wholesale?

by: Joe C. | 01/27/23 2:30PM

Yes, it is possible to obtain genuine CBD extracts in wholesale quantities. Wholesale CBD extracts provide an opportunity for businesses to create their own CBD products or expand their existing product lines. Many reputable CBD manufacturers and distributors offer wholesale options to businesses and retailers. By partnering with trusted suppliers, businesses can ensure they are acquiring high-quality CBD extracts that meet their specific needs.

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Image of vape and eliquid on white background

7 Top Reasons Why E-Liquid Sales Are Increasing in The US

by: Joe C. | 01/20/23 2:30PM

E-liquid sales in the US are witnessing a surge for several compelling reasons. The growing popularity of vaping as an alternative to traditional tobacco products has contributed to increased demand. Additionally, the wide variety of flavors available in e-liquids has appealed to consumers, allowing for a personalized and enjoyable vaping experience. With options available both online and in physical stores, they are readily available with a wide range of options.

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