Smoking Pipe Tutorials

Image of African Rosewood Dugout Pipes

African Rosewood Dugout Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 12/19/22 2:30PM

Dugout pipes have been around for a long time and they are slowly gaining popularity, especially among new users. In fact, dugout pipes are quite old in their concept and make for very convenient travel pieces. No other type of pipe combination is more convenient and practical than that of the dugout style. In this article, we will be going over one the most practical and top-tier dugout pieces on the market.

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Silicone Gandalf Pipe and Silicone Dragon Bubbler

Silicone Gandalf Pipe vs Dragon Bubbler

by: Anthony E. | 12/14/22 2:30PM

Pipes and bubblers are among the most popular smoking pieces since they both offer the user simple and direct methods of consumption. The Gandalf Pipe is unique in its design and offers the user its own benefits. Bubblers are known for their ability to filter and cool down smoke with enlarged water chambers. In this article, we will be highlighting these two pieces and reviewing their attributes to give you a clearer picture of why you would want to own and use them.

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Zebrawood Dugout Pipes

Zebrawood Dugout Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 12/12/22 2:30PM

Dugout pipes are one of the most convenient ways to travel with your dry herbs and gear. Everything is contained within the dugout without having to carry anything extra, except for a lighter. In this article we will be going over one of our most popular dugout pipes and why you would want to own and use one.

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Image of Pizza Smoking Pipes

Pizza Smoking Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 11/17/22 2:30PM

Pizza, a symbol of fun, celebration, and New York! No other food option has been featured at more parties, events, and functions where having a good time was not the central theme. What better way to personify the symbol than by having your very own Pizza Smoking Pipe? Silicone is fast becoming the preferred material over glass and for many reasons. This article will look at what makes the Pizza Smoking Pipe so popular and why you would want to own and use one.

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Silicone Skull Water Pipe vs Badass Skull Bong

by: Anthony E. | 11/14/22 2:30PM

Bongs and water pipes in general are a method of smoking that utilizes water as the main feature to filter and cool down a hit. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, making them very versatile and vast in the world of smoking. Most bongs today are commonly seen in their glass forms, making them exceptionally appealing to look at and smoke from. The truth is that this is far from practical. Silicone is the way to go when a user wants something efficient and affordable. This article will break down two of the more popular silicone bong options available.

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Two Turkey Leg Smoking Pipes

Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 11/11/22 2:30PM

Novelty pipes are becoming very popular nowadays because they are no longer restricted to just being made from glass. While glass pieces are and will remain a popular choice, today’s market demands a more robust material that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. This demand has paved the way for silicone to dominate the market to allow for pipes that are unique, affordable to all, and virtually indestructible. This article will look at one such novelty pipe and why you would want to own one.

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Image of Guy Fawkes Mask Pipe

Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 11/07/22 2:30PM

“Remember, remember the 5th of November.” A classic line from the classic movie, V for Vendetta. The Guy Fawkes mask is inspired by a rebel who wanted to blow up parliament in the hopes of starting a revolution. His plan was foiled, however, and his death lives on in infamy. Today, the Guy Fawkes mask is used mainly by those who favor rebellion, anonymity, and in some cases, anarchy. Despite what the symbol of the Guy Fawkes mask might represent, users can find the image to complement their style and beliefs, which this article will explain.

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An Image of Pumpkin Dab RIg and Bubbler

Pumpkin Dab Rig vs Pumpkin Bubbler Pipe

by: Anthony E. | 10/31/22 1:30PM

Halloween so amazing, so you don’t have to wait for that time of year to enjoy Halloween novelty pieces! Pumpkins tend to be very popular around the fall season, though you can enjoy the fall festivities year-round with your very own Pumpkin Dab Rig and Pumpkin Bubbler Pipe! Unlike glass and other types of materials that can break easily, these pieces are made of silicone and will last you a lifetime. This article will take a closer look at these two silicone pieces and what makes them so popular.

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Four Hammer Bubbler Pipes

Hammer Bubbler Silicone Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 10/26/22 4:11AM

Have you ever had a nice, expensive glass bubbler that changes color and costs about as much as a gas bill, only to have it eventually shatter and break on you? Yeah, that really sucks. We’ve all been there, but the one story you will never hear is how you had an awesome silicone bubbler that just broke. One of the many perks of owning and using a silicone piece is the fact that it is virtually indestructible. In this article we will be reviewing the Hammer Bubbler Silicone Pipe, one of the most popular bubblers made of silicone, and why you would want to own and use one.

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Image of Glass Screens and Metal Screens

Glass Screens vs Metal Screens for Smoking Pipes

by: Anthony E. | 10/24/22 1:30PM

Screens are an essential part of any smoking pipe. In fact, one would be hard pressed to argue that it is one of the most important since nobody favors the risk of sucking in burning hot ash directly into their mouth and lungs during a session. Screens allow for fuller hits that can be paced at the user’s content without the threat of injury. Without a screen, users can inadvertently come to find a mouthful of hot ash and dry herb material in their mouths. In this article we will be discussing the ins and outs of screens and why you need to be using them.

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Image of Glass and Silicone Downstems

Silicone Downstem vs Glass Downstem

by: Anthony E. | 10/19/22 1:30PM

Downstems are essential components to any functional water bong, whether it is made of glass or silicone. Downstems connect the bowl piece to the water chamber so that smoke can pass through to be filtered and collected. Without a downstem, a bong would not be able to function. It’s what allows the smoke to be filtered through the water. Like many other things made of either glass or silicone, each comes with their own pros and cons. In this article, we will break down the differences between the two to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right downstem.

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Image of Naked Lady and Eye Pipes

Naked Lady Pipe vs Eye Pipe Comparison

by: Anthony E. | 10/17/22 1:30PM

Ooh la la! One pipe is an eye and the other is worth having an eye to look at it! The best part about either one is that they are both made of silicone and will last you a lifetime. Unlike glass, making an investment in a silicone piece will undoubtedly prove to be the better option. While glass has always been the ideal choice, in this article, we will be looking at two of our most unique and popular silicone pipes that are suitable for being your next go-to pieces for everyday use.

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Image of Silicone Breaker and Diamond Cut

Silicone Beaker Bong vs Diamond Cut Bong

by: Anthony E. | 10/13/22 1:30PM

Bongs have always been a part of the smoking pipe market. Ever since man first learned how to utilize water in a smoking device, bongs became one of the more popular options. Because water can cool down and filter smoke, more of it can be inhaled producing larger hits that are less likely to give you a coughing fit, though this is still debatable. The beaker design of bongs is perhaps the most typical and common shape seen in traditional bongs. This article will go into detail with two of the most popular styles of bongs and why you would want to consider using them.

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Lobster Claw Pipe vs Pizza Pipe

by: Anthony E. | 10/10/22 1:30PM

Novelty pipes have always been on the expensive side, especially those made of glass. We all know that plastic is very limited in its use and aesthetic value. Silicone on the other hand has become the staple of many novelty pipes due to its durability and functionality. Silicone can easily be molded into different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide array of custom models. Silicone can be used in everything from conventional smoking pipes to more elaborate bongs and even vapes. In this article we will be taking a closer look at two of the most popular novelty smoking pipes.

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Image of an Avocado Pipe and Baby Yoda Bubbler

Avocado Pipe vs Baby Yoda Bubbler

by: Anthony E. | 10/03/22 1:30PM

Smoking pipes are ever popular within the smoking community due to their portability and sheer attractiveness. It is not uncommon to find novelty smoking pipes that are one of a kind or just flat out cartoonish. While they are all functional as practical smoking pipes, they are stylish and perfect for today’s market. What makes these two pipes so great is that they are both made out of silicone, which is fast becoming the more preferred material for all smoking pieces. This article will take a closer look at two of the most popular smoking pipes today, their similarities, and their differences.

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Set of Homer Simpson Nectar Collectors

Homer Simpson Nectar Collector Review

by: Anthony E. | 09/26/22 1:30PM

Classic, nostalgic, and still popular to this day, The Simpsons is one of the world’s most recognized and iconic animated series to hit our television sets. All the characters are memorable and funny. What better way to enjoy one of your favorite shows with a nectar collector than with one modeled after your favorite Duff chugging, donut-loving, middle-class dads, Homer Simpson. In this article, we will go into detail to review the Homer Simpson Nectar Collector to view the ins and outs of this novelty piece. So, sit back and grab a beer with your favorite concentrate, because this review will make you say “DOH!” after taking so long to get this nectar collector.

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Dragon Bubbler and Dragon Claw Bong Bowl

Dragon Bubbler vs Dragon Claw Bong Bowl

by: Anthony E. | 09/19/22 1:30PM

Novelty pipes, bubblers, and bongs are fast becoming all the rage in today’s smoking market. This is partly because many of these pieces are made out of silicone. Gone are the days when your only options were limited to materials that were either expensive, fragile, or cheap. Silicone is becoming the gold standard when it comes to smoking. It is being realized the world over for its practicality and ease of cleaning, due to its ability to be taken apart. Two of the newer novelty pieces to come to the fore are the Dragon Bubbler and the Dragon Claw Bong Bowl. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at these two pieces and drawing comparisons.

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Image of Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe

Push and Clear One Hitter Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 09/14/22 1:30PM

One hitter pipes come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, materials, and functionalities. What makes one hitter pipes so appealing is their stealthy nature and convenience of use. One hitter pipes can be carried and concealed in many different places by people who only want to take a hit and move on without being noticed. Many one hitters are very basic and straightforward. In this article we will be looking at one of the most versatile and convenient one hitter pipes to ever hit the market.

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Beautiful Woman Holding a Lipstick

Lipstick Smoking Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 09/05/22 1:30PM

Sleek, sexy, and truly one of the stealthiest smoking pipes on the market, it pays to use lipstick if you plan to have a pipe like this. Novelty pipes are quickly becoming very practical alternatives to traditional smoking devices due to their ingenuity and cleverness. Not everyone wants to showcase their habits and having a pipe that can blend in with your accessories is an ideal way to travel. Even if you don’t carry a purse, having a believable accessory in your pocket can go a long way. In this article we will be reviewing one of the most practical and convenient novelty pipes in existence, the Lipstick Smoking Pipe.

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Image of two Steamroller Pipes

Silicone Steamroller Pipe Review

by: Anthony E. | 08/22/22 1:30PM

Steamroller pipes are one of the most direct and massive smoke-producing methods you can employ to get awesome sized smoke clouds. Steamrollers have been around for a very long time and are usually made of either glass or plastic. Today’s standards have turned to materials that are durable, efficient, and affordable. Meet silicone and its many practical uses for the smoking industry. In this product review we will be going over one of our most popular steamrollers and why you would want to own one.

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