Herb Grinder Reviews

Hand holding herb bud with focus on herb

How Do You Grind Dry Herbs Without an Herb Grinder?

by: Chelsea O. | 06/14/21 1:30PM

Whether you are a new or veteran smoker, at some point you will need to grind your dry herbs without a grinder. While this task can be daunting, a veteran knows there are other options. Read on to learn more about herb grinders and how you can break up your material when you are lacking the all-important grinder.

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Seahorse glass bowl pipe on background

How to Pack the Perfect Bowl Every Single Time

by: Amy B. | 03/12/21 2:30PM

Packing a piece with a bowl of ground herb can seem like a simple process. And although it is pretty straightforward, there are a few steps you should follow to achieve the perfect packed bowl. Read on to learn some tricks on packing a bowl of herb that is sure to impress.

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AGO vaporizer best tips on how to budget

Five Budget-Friendly Dry Herb Vaporizers

by: Colby M. | 07/13/20 1:30PM

Whether you are just starting out with dry herb vaping or consider yourself an enthusiast, it can be daunting purchasing a new dry herb vaporizer, especially with the limitless brands, features, and price points. When you shop at NY Vape Shop, you will find a range of dry herb vaporizers designed to meet the needs of multiple users, from super advanced convection vapes to simplistic combustion vape pens. At the end of the day, we have you covered. In order to make your shopping experience a bit easier, we have compiled a short list of five budget-friendly dry herb vaporizers that give you some great bang for your buck!

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Green dry herb grinder being held at a high praise

What is the Best Herb Grinder to use with a Vape?

by: Emmanual O. | 06/01/20 1:30PM

If you want the best vapor production and best tasting vapors,we suggest using an Herb Grinder for the herbs packed into a dry herb vaporizer.Small dense nugs are inefficient and vaping evenly ground pieces is the correct way to vape.

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What is an Herb Grinder Used For?

What is an Herb Grinder Used For?

by: Anthony E. | 04/01/20 1:30PM

Herb Grinders are essential when using a dry herb vaporizer and they are recommended for use with smoking pipes. They grinder herbs but provide even more to the best vaping or smoking experience possible.

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Random Herb Grinders with blog title text overlay

What is the Best Herb Grinder - Grinder Analysis

by: Robert H. | 10/28/19 1:30PM

The best herb grinder for you may be different than for someone else.  Ultimately it comes down to personal preferences and needs.  This article breaks down various herb grinder options so that you can have all the information for making the best decision.

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Benefits of Using a Hand Crank Herb Grinder

Benefits of Using a Hand Crank Herb Grinder

by: Nathaniel C. | 08/28/19 1:30PM

The Hand Crank Grinder is great for those with arthritis, weak hands, or anyone looking for an easier way to grind up some herbs. There are many benefits to these sharp, easy to use herb grinders. Learn all about them in this post.

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Herb Grinders being held in background with blog title text overlay

7 Herb Grinders that Make Life Easier

by: Robert H. | 08/05/19 1:30PM

Have difficulty using an herb grinder? Want something electric, with a hand crank, or how about a vibrating herb grinder. We breakdown 7 cool herb grinders that make grinding life much easier.

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Herb Grinders - The Complete List

Herb Grinders - The Complete List of Grinders

by: Lindsey C. | 11/19/18 2:30PM

Want to see some wacky grinders? This is the Ultimate Herb Grinder List. We list every herb grinder you can think of, along with a quick review, plus pictures and more.

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Silicone Herb Grinder Review

Silicone Herb Grinder Review - Beats All Expectations!

by: Greg H. | 10/01/18 1:30PM

Do not be fooled. We break down this silicone herb grinder which happens to come with metal, razor sharp blades positioned in a new way that vastly improves the efficiency of grinding dry herbs. Learn about it here and start making life a little easier.

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Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder Review

Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder Review

by: Greg H. | 09/10/18 1:30PM

We break down this amazing, Hand Crank Grinder that is for those that need, or want an easier method to grind up dry herbs. No need to twist and grip, just load and turn the crank to mince any herbs into smaller, evenly ground pieces.

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Two Electric Herb Grinders

Electric Herb Grinder Review - No Twisting Necessary!

by: Greg H. | 08/13/18 1:30PM

Some say this is the Best Electric Herb Grinder, so we breakdown everything you need to know. We cover grinder basics and details to keep you accurately informed about this electric grinder for herbs.

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Sharpstone Vibrating Herb Grinder below text

Sharpstone Vibrating Grinder Review

by: Greg H. | 07/16/18 1:30PM

This Vibrating herb grinder is guaranteed to increase how much pollen particle you are able to gather. Learn about this cool grinder and what it has to offer here.

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Scraping kief in bottom of herb grinder

How to Use a Kief Catcher - Herb Grinder Instructional

by: Nathaniel C. | 04/12/18 1:30PM

The Kief Catcher at the bottom of an herb grinder is designed to catch and collect the finest herb particles.  We offer best use practices and tips to use the catcher properly and even increase the amount of kief collected!

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Death Star Grinder on top of a tree stump next to green leaves

Death Star Grinder Review

by: Hannah P. | 03/26/18 1:30PM

The Death Star grinder is heavy and can sit on the shelf as a daily Star Wars reminder if you'd like. But it also works as a useful grinder to mince dry herbs and keep the fingers pollen free.

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Sharpstone Rubber Grip Grinder Opened Up

How to use an Herb Grinder Tutorial and Guide

by: Nathaniel C. | 11/27/17 2:30PM

Grinding various dry herbs is best done using an herb grinder. The grinder is quick and easy to use. Grind herb properly in seconds and learn exactly how here in this information post.

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