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CBD infused cocktail with hemp plant background

The Ten Best CBD Drinks and Cocktails to Know

by: Amy B. | 03/19/21 1:30PM

There are a ton of CBD drinks available for purchase online or in stores, but not all of them taste great. Because these drinks are often made with hemp-extract, they can also come with a bit of a hemp-after taste. But we’ve shared some more information on our favorite drinks below.

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Arizer Desktop vaporizer with kit accessories

Do I Need a Desktop Vape?

by: Mathew H. | 03/17/21 1:30PM

Desktop vapes are super-premium devices for home use, but do you really need one? We'll go through the features that make desktop vapes shine (and where another device may be a better choice). By the end of the article, you'll have a solid idea of whether a desktop vape is what you need to meet your vaping needs!

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Seahorse glass bowl pipe on background

How to Pack the Perfect Bowl Every Single Time

by: Amy B. | 03/12/21 2:30PM

Packing a piece with a bowl of ground herb can seem like a simple process. And although it is pretty straightforward, there are a few steps you should follow to achieve the perfect packed bowl. Read on to learn some tricks on packing a bowl of herb that is sure to impress.

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Grandma face and CBD Oil Tinctures

What Kind of CBD Will Grandma Like Best?

by: Amy B. | 03/07/21 2:30PM

If your grandma is considering taking CBD for the first time, she may reach out to you with a few questions. What should she take? How much CBD should she take? How will it make her feel? Don’t worry though, we have some answers to her questions outlined for you below.

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CBD Lotion hand dispensing bottle with green and black packaging

What Should CBD Topicals Be Used For?

by: Amy B. | 03/05/21 2:30PM

You will notice CBD lotions, balms, and oils stocked in grocery stores, gas stations, and local pharmacies these days. But what are the benefits of using these CBD topicals? And what is the difference between these types of topicals? Which one should you try? Here is some information to get you started.

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Dabbing CBD wax with a dab tool and dab rig

Different Types of Wax to Dab and Know About

by: Amy B. | 02/26/21 2:30PM

There are many types of wax to choose from when you want to dab. They each offer different consistencies and malleability and are derived using a handful of standard processing techniques. Read on to learn about the most common types of wax and what sets them apart.

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A Vape King which is the one who can vape the best vape tricks

How To Do Vape Tricks like a Vapor Lord

by: Hopif F. | 02/24/21 2:30PM

Vaping has gained significant popularity in recent years, especially in entertainment. Smoke tricks are beguiling and impressive and also easier on your lungs.

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Family in background with CBD Tincture and Oil image overlay

CBD Oil and Children Information for Parents

by: Technogul F. | 02/19/21 2:30PM

Accessible in the form of vaping, oils, lotions, cocktails, coffee, gums—you describe it—CBD has been advertised as a cure for symptoms as far-reaching as chronic pain, asthma, migraines, depression and ADHD.

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Puppy and CBD Cup with leaves in background

CBD Products for Pets and Parents to Know

by: Amy B. | 02/05/21 2:30PM

CBD treats are becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners. There are testimonies of pet owners saying it has lessened their dog or cat’s pain or anxiety. But not all CBD are made the same and not all CBD products are safe for your pet to take. Read on to learn more before you jump on the CBD-for-pets bandwagon.

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Gas pumps and CBD sold here sign

Should I Purchase CBD From a Gas Station?

by: Amy B. | 01/27/21 2:30PM

Does it matter where you purchase CBD products from? The short answer is yes. However, what matters more is where the CBD was manufactured. You’ll want to do your research before purchasing any CBD product from any retailer. Thankfully, we have some information to help get you started.

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Adult blowing large cloud of smoke into a trick text overlay

Vape Tricks for Adults

by: Amy B. | 01/20/21 2:30PM

Despite government regulations on vaporizers, vaping does not have to be boring for adults to enjoy it. There are plenty of cool vape tricks that were made already, and plenty more to be created still. We’ve outlined some vape tricks for beginners if you’re looking for a new way to pass the time.

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A man gifting CBD pills to his girlfriend at home

How Much CBD Should You Take?

by: Amy B. | 01/13/21 2:30PM

If you’re looking at taking CBD edibles for the first time, you might be wondering how much to take. Should you take the whole CBD cookies or just half? It’s up to you to find the right dose of CBD for your body, but we have some tips on how to find that sweet spot.

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Rolling a raw joint paper on a raw rolling tray

How to Roll the Perfect Joint Every Time

by: Amy B. | 12/16/20 2:30PM

Rolling the perfect joint can be a tedious practice in patience, no matter how easy others make it look. However, there are a few simple steps that will get you rolling in no time. Read on to learn some tips and tricks so that you can impress your smoking circle with a perfectly rolled joint.

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XBox Series X with smoke vapors coming out of it

Why people are Blowing Vapor into the Xbox Series X

by: Matthew H. | 11/18/20 2:30PM

When new video game consoles are released, it's not unusual for companies to issue rather strange warnings. For example, Nintendo famously coated their cartridges in a bitter agent to keep people from eating them, which of course, led to a multitude of people tasting their cartridges. With the release of the Xbox Series X, a new phenomenon has arisen; people are blowing vape clouds into the console. Why is this happening, and why should vaping enthusiasts absolutely not do this? Let's find out!

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a CBD wax pen fits great on your hand

Can You Dab CBD? Everything to Know

by: Amy B. | 11/10/20 2:30PM

If you’ve taken a look into using CBD, you’ll notice that there are a wide variety of products available in stores and online. One of those types of products are CBD dabs. But where should you start when it comes to dabbing CBD wax? You can start by reading on for a general overview of how to dab CBD.

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CBD Vape pen in hand

What Can I Use to Vape CBD

by: Anthony E. | 11/03/20 2:30PM

Depending on the type of vape that you need, you can use a variety of different vapes to deliver the experience that you want. Some vapes are better than others when it comes to producing thick clouds, while others are better for quick stealth hits while on the go. Users from all walks of life and professional backgrounds all use CBD to combat pain, anxiety, etc. The type of vape is important to determine what you need, how it should be administered, and how long it will last.

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Article title pictured in red and white text

How Many Dry Herb Vapes Should I Own

by: Anthony E. | 10/23/20 1:30PM

This article will highlight the many different types of dry herb vapes that can be available depending on personal preferences. Although these are all designed for the specific modality of dry herbs, their functionality may differ. Here we will be looking at these differences

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CBD vapes versus CBD lotion up in the clouds

Vaped CBD vs Topical CBD

by: Anthony E. | 10/20/20 1:30PM

In the medical community, CBD has come to be known as a therapeutic compound that can be used to alleviate symptoms ranging from inflammation and headaches to pain and anxiety. Depending on how it is used, CBD can be applied either topically, ingested orally, smoked, or even vaped. Of all the options available, vaping and topical usage seems to have the most pronounced effect. While ingesting also works, it takes a while to kick in and is not as quickly absorbed in the body. In this article, we will be looking at the two most popular forms of consuming CBD today.

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Is it Legal to Vape and Drive?

Is It Legal to Vape and Drive Rules to Vaping

by: Chelsea O. | 10/15/20 1:30PM

When you think about whether you are allowed to vape and drive, it really comes down to the legality of it. Fortunately, for the most part it is okay to be vaping and driving, although there can be some gray area. This is because although there are no specific laws directly banning vaping and driving in the United States, it does not mean you cannot get a ticket for vaping and driving.

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Woman in sunglasses leaning against wall while vaping

What Is Vaping Etiquette Best Practices

by: Chelsea O. | 10/05/20 1:30PM

Vapers fall into two categories - those who are worried about how they will be viewed and those that do not care. Unfortunately, simple acts like releasing clouds of vapor into the air at the wrong time or place can result in bystanders being annoyed or even disgusted. This is where vaping etiquette comes into play.

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