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Vaporizers for wax are an easy way to enjoy concentrates and oils on the go. Go below to browse the portable vape pens and choose from a wide range of choices that include wick, ceramic and quartz atomizers. Wax pens are great for dabbing on the go so you can leave the dab rig at home. FREE USA shipping, discreet packaging ALL orders.

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How to Choose a Wax Pen

The world of wax vapes is even more vast than the dry herb vaporizer world.  Between the different types of vape pen models plus all of the different attachments available, there are enough choices to make your head spin.  The key to making a decision is focus, and we have laid out the top things to focus on when shopping for a wax vaporizer pen.

Type of Wax Coil attachment

The coil is where the wax is loaded, heated and vaporized. This is also the component that will need replacing first, and most often. Over time, coils burn out, so making sure replacements are available and affordable is important. Choices will include pancake style coils, wick, donut and rod coils - furthermore, dual rod coils and even quad rod coils exist, in both ceramic and quartz. It ultimately comes down to preference and budget.

Overall Function

The battery life is important but most wax vapes can last all day, however size can differ and impact portability. Some new models now come with an auto heat function with variable heat settings. Many are fairly simple and standard across the board with operation. Some give you full control to fine tune the settings according to the wax in question so you can deliver the tastiest, best experience possible.

Glass Globe Atomizers

In addition to the standard wax coils that work with a vape pen, a glass globe is a great way to improve the vaping experience. If you have a wick coil, upgrade to ceramic or quartz, but to go a step further, get yourself a glass globe atomizer or a bubbler attachment. Get bigger, tastier and smoother pulls from any vape pen.

Read the Wax Vape Reviews

Once you understand what separates one wax vape from another, check out the detailed reviews to understand each vaporizer better. Each review is detailed and lays out organized information about each wax pen. The reviews help you understand the products better, plus you will know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you should expect, along with useful tips too!

What is a Wax Pen

Vaping is the easiest and most convenient way to vaporize wax concentrates. Any vape that is deigned for this can be designated a wax vaporizer or pen. Like other vaporizers, there is a battery to power the unit, a heating chamber and coil where wax is loaded and heated, and a mouthpiece to seal the chamber and start vaping. Without the wax pen, the only other way to enjoy wax is with a nectar collector or dab rig and domeless nails.

Types of Wax Pens

Made specifically for those who prefer a more straightforward & direct approach to vaping while maintaining a discreet profile, wax pens combine efficiency with elegance. Many are attracted to the vape pen for its stylish appeal & ease of use, making this one of the most preferred styles on the vaping market. Here we can take a closer look at some of the most popular models and see what makes them some of the best.

Yocan Evolve Wax Pen

A highly functional dab pen with a dual quartz coil makes this portable little device one of the most efficient, sleek, & discreet models featured by Yocan. The coil cap is designed to prevent oil leakage while reducing the chances of your mouthpiece getting hot. A 10 second auto shutoff feature preserves battery life and is one of the most easiest vape pens on the market to use. Come see why the Yocan Evolve is a favorite among vape enthusiasts, being a go to for many around the world!

Yocan Evolve Plus Wax Pen

The bigger brother to the Evolve, the Evolve Plus features a built-in concentrate jar, dual quartz wax atomizer, upgraded battery, and a much larger chamber. Despite its larger size, the Evolve Plus remains a stealthy dab pen that is portable & functional as a sleek & discreet vaporizer. Perfect for beginners who want to vape like a pro, the Evolve Plus keeps it simple with its operational mechanics, easily being the immediate go to for those who want to vape on the go without the hassles. A favorite within the vaping community!

Glass Globe Wax Pens

While not a particular brand of vape pen in general, and sometimes used with dry herb vaporizers, the glass globe style of wax pens utilizes a glass globe below the mouthpiece which serves a dual purpose of aesthetics & practicality. The enlarged globe serves a functional purpose by cooling down the vapor to allow for much bigger hits, while also showing the user when there is insufficient material within the vape, marking the end of a session for example. With a 510 threading, many glass globe atomizers can be placed on compatible wax vape pens.

Micro Wax Pens

One of the first concepts to be born from the dab pen vaping modality, micro wax pens utilize the ultimate in stealth by incorporating the strict functionality of a practical vape pen. Easily concealable in the palm of a hand, the micro wax pens on the market are designed to maintain individual privacy by remaining inconspicuous to your vape session. Some are even versatile enough to have interchangeable atomizers provided they have the compatible threading. A very popular vape choice for those on the go!

Box Mod Wax Pens

While not exactly a pen in the usual sense, their handheld & sometimes palm sized features qualifies them as a true vape pen. Some models like the SteamCloud also function with a 510 wax atomizer, which can be easily used to vaporize both oil & wax. Other box mod style vape pens are versatile enough to also feature threading compatible with dry herb, wax, oil, and even e-liquid atomizers & cartridges. The box mod style is uniquely designed for those wanting a more durable design that is also stylish.

3 in 1 Wax Pens

While many makes & models exist to accommodate the 3 in 1 feature of vaping dry herbs, wax, and e-liquid, certain models like the EVOD & SteamCloud Mini 2.0 have become popular among vape enthusiasts within the community. The versatility of a combo pen like these makes this style a truly cost effective & practical vape to consider. Interchangeable atomizers with compatible threading make owning a 3 in 1 the go to vape for those wanting the spice of variety in their lives!

Wax Vape Pen Tips
Keep the pen standing upright

Especially right after a vape session, wax becomes fluid-like and if the vape pen is left on its side, the liquid-like wax will flow towards the mouthpiece, creating a stick mess all along its path. Depending on the vape model, this can cause an issue when trying to unscrew and remove a heating chamber or mouthpiece. In addition, it certainly leads to a loss of precious wax concentrates.

Maintain the coil properly

Do Not over pack and smother the coil, doing so can cause damage or at least a sticky mess. Try not to poke the coil or drop it - small, delicate wires connect the inner workings and doing so can cause damage or cause a disconnect. The average coil does not need to be cleaned, however excess wax along a chambers walls can always be scraped up for vaping purposes.

Store wax concentrates in the freezer

Wax is super sticky and can be tough to handle. During handling, even with a dab tool, wax can be lost on fingertips, dabbers and other random surfaces. The freezer is the best place for storage and will make handling so much easier - but be quick after removing from freezer, especially in warmer weather.

Replacement Coils

Maintain the wax coil, but regardless, over time a coil will go, or may be lost. Some users prefer fresh coils when trying out a new wax flavor too. Whatever it is, a short lived vapor session can kill the mood, but a replacement coil can save the day. If a single wax coil is the only hope, you should have a backup just in case, you will be happy when the time comes.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every wax vape pen works a little differently. Each wax vaporizer purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with an instructional booklet with easy to follow charging and use instructions. If you have any additional questions about your specific vape we provide detailed information at each product page. Any further help needed, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.

How to Clean a Wax Vape Pen

If a wax vape pen is maintained properly, not much cleaning needs to be done beyond the mouthpiece and proper maintenance of the coil, at least if you are handling it best. But, just to keep you informed, below we have laid out some quick cleaning advice for wax vaporizers.

Vape Mouthpiece

Vapor particles cool as they travel up through the mouthpiece and over time the pathway may become clogged. If you find it difficult to get vapor, this may be the issue. If possible, feel free to scrape and gather any excess wax build up - sometimes possible and worth the small dab you get. But to thoroughly clean the mouthpiece, soak it in cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and then while still soaking, use a cotton swab, rag or something else to help remove any wax resin build up. Always rinse under warm water afterwards.

Heating Coil Chamber

Depending on the wax coil, you may be able to scrape the sides or walls and gather a small dab hit. Besides scraping any wax build up, there is no reason to clean any further. If the coil atomizer base is sticky from wax, feel free to wipe it clean with some sort of cleaning solution, but do not use anything dripping wet and avoid the interior of the coil chamber or dish. Do not over pack and try to use each pack until finished - this will keep the chamber or coil dish as fresh as possible plus limit the amount of spillage into other areas.

Vape Battery etc.

A wax vaporizer is an electronic and should never be exposed to water. If you need to clean a vape battery or other exterior part of the vape, simply use a damp cloth, perhaps with some cleaning solution but be wary about impacting the exterior paint/design. If it is wax residue, simply scrape off with a dab tool and collect.

Loading Wax into the Vape Pen

Packing a vape pen is fairly simple and straightforward. First, make sure the heating coil is attached and properly working - noone wants to pack a coil that has already burned out. Remove the mouthpiece and test the coil. With a working coil attached to the vape battery, use a dabber tool to scoop up a small ball of wax and gently place it directly into the heating chamber or dish. Push the wax towards the coil center but be very gentle and do not poke the coil directly. Add more as needed but Do Not overpack and place the mouthpiece back over or onto the coil atomizer to begin vaping.