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How to Choose the Best KandyPens Vape

One of the most recognized vaping brands in the world, KandyPens is considered to have many vape pen fans. Featured on various media outlets such as Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and even Netflix, Kandy Pens is a giant within the vaping community. Top celebrities have featured & endorsed the brand personally, making it the most well-known & trusted name ever created. There is no going wrong with Kandy Pens, so choosing the best vape will ultimately come down to your own personal preference.

Types of KandyPens

With a vast selection of vapes & styles to choose from, Kandy Pens produces something for everyone. Whether it is dry herbs or concentrates you wish to vape, Kandy Pens has you covered. With award-winning devices comprising their product line, Kandy Pens shines through as being one of the industry’s finest innovators in vaporization technology. What you end up choosing will depend on whether you want to vaporize only dry herbs, concentrates, or even both! With one of the most reliable track records of all time, Kandy Pens is the world’s favorite vaporizer!

KandyPens vs Other Brands

There is no comparison when it comes to the marketing side of things. It is literally night & day for the most part as Kandy Pens has spent a ton of dough on marketing. No other brand comes close to achieving the level of notoriety & success that KandyPens has been known for. These guys set the bar extraordinarily high when it comes to producing the world’s finest marketing with vaping devices. While there are successful brands out there, if you want a well known and respected vape brand, simply try out Kandy Pens and see for yourself what you have been missing why they are considered to be the cream of the crop!

KandyPens Popularity

Simply mention Kandy Pens to anyone in the vaping community, and the brand instantly receives positive recognition. Producing high quality products with innovative technology, the simplicity of using Kandy Pens creates a winning combination. The massive variety in designs allows people to complement their own personal styles without compromising their wallets. With a name like Kandy Pens, you have a recipe for success because it just sounds so nice! Who would not want to take a draw off a device with that name?

About KandyPens

Back in 2014, an Indiegogo campaign was started for the brand known as KandyPens. Famously quoted as wanting to be the Apple brand of vaporization products, KandyPens emerged as the most successful vaping company in the entire industry. Constantly keeping up with and producing new products has been a contribution to their success. Crowdfunding gave this startup what they needed to deliver on their promises, and today we see what heights they have achieved to accomplish those goals.

Types of KandyPens

Whether your own personal style is all about dry herbs or concentrates, Kandy Pens provides users across the world with the most versatile vapes on the market. Stylish & reliable, Kandy Pens has your favorite handheld, box mod, slim line, and combination vapes to suit your needs. Kandy Pens has a massive product line that encompasses every vaping modality in a convenient portable vaporizer. These are just some of what KandyPens has to offer.

KandyPens Rubi

The bestselling device on Kandy Pens, this award-winning piece is compatible with your favorite e-liquid & oil. Utilizing ceramic coil technology to regulate temperature control to perfection, the Rubi is super compact at only 4 inches in length. Perfect for vaping discreetly! Completely air activated with no buttons to press, the Rubi’s popularity is due to their ingenuity & dedication to customer satisfaction. Handmade, developed & designed in the US, come see why this is America’s most popular vape!

KandyPens Oura

Another award-winning best seller, the Oura can vape your favorite oils & wax concentrates. This e-nail is stylish, portable, and heats up in only 5 seconds! 4 temperature settings tailor your sessions to create the type of vapor that you want. With the Smart Touch power sensor, the Oura is ready when you are without having to push any buttons. Haptic vibration technology makes this an innovative high-tech device that will be your new go to for all your vaping needs!

KandyPens Special K

More than just a novelty vape, the Special K looks just like a high end writing pen! Perfect for simply clipping onto your pocket pouch like a normal pen, the Special K is compatible with e-liquid & oil. Compact & elegant, the Special K uses the standard 510 threading and is handmade in the US. 3 settings comprise the variable voltage battery, creating a customized experience for the session you want. The 1 ml refillable tank is perfect for your on the go vaping!

KandyPens Crystal

Specially made for all your favorite concentrates, the Crystal is an award-winning portable vaporizer that is ultra-compact and features durable medical grade electro-plated stainless-steel construction. Free of all glues, wicks & dyes, the Crystal is as clear as the name suggests. A splash guarded glass mouthpiece creates a pure full flavor profile for your favorite concentrates. Perfect for those wanting something a little more robust. Another handmade masterpiece is simply waiting to be your new go to dab pen!

KandyPens Galaxy

A simple design features high quality construction that only KandyPens can deliver! Utilizing high grade titanium coils makes this a heavy duty pen capable of vaping your best concentrates. A dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber makes this one of the most visually appealing vaporizers from Kandy Pens. 510 threading make this yet another convenient vape pen to own. Sleek & elegant, the Galaxy will surely help you blast off into headspace!

KandyPens Micro-DX

Known more commonly as the K-Vape Micro-DX, this was yet another home run from Kandy Pens when it first came out in 2015. Since then, Kandy Pens has come out with vast improvements over models like this. Nevertheless, this device is worth mentioning for its contribution to the Kandy Pens product line. Using a convection method for vaping dry herbs, the Micro-DX took a mere 30 seconds to heat up. A heavy-duty portable vaporizer capable of holding its own for 4 – 5 hours with just a single USB charge, it is no wonder how this became a popular vape from Kandy Pens.

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