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We have all kinds of pipe screens available. All sizes of stainless steel pipe screens to keep herbs out of your mouth whether smoking a sherlock, spoon pipe or anything else. We offer metal pipe screens for all of your favorite smoking pipes. Check them all out today!
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How to Choose the Best Pipe Screens

Pipe screens may seem simple, but they can vary in material, size, shape and more. The right pipe screen depends on the type of pipe you have and of course, personal preference. Functionality can also be a deciding factor. While some pipe screens do a better job at fitting a certain type of smoking pipe, others can fit with just about any pipe. Depending on the material of the pipe screen, you may be able to alter its size to fit custom pipes. We will explain the differences between pipe screens below so you can find the best pipe screens for you.

Pipe Screen Materials

Pipe screens are usually made of glass or metal mesh. Many people prefer glass pipe screens because they are not metal and they work perfectly in the right bowl piece. They also last virtually forever if taken care of. However, mesh pipe screens can do a better job of filtering finer bits of ash and burnt herbs than glass screens. Glass and metal mesh pipe screen are both quite easy to clean. You can just drop the screen in some rubbing alcohol and let it soak for 1 minute before rinsing.

Pipe Screen Durability

Glass pipe screens will last forever, as long as you don’t break the glass. Since they are so small and light, glass pipe screens do not break easily. Mesh screens are also quite durable but will bend and wear over time. Glass pipe screens are definitely the most durable.

Cool Pipe Screen Designs

Glass pipe screens can come in all different colors and designs. You can find colorful glass pipe screens and pipe screens with unique designs on nyvapeshop.com. Mesh screens are usually pretty basic but you can trim them to your own design if you are feeling artsy.

Convenience of Pipe Screens

All pipe screens can be stored in a pipe conveniently. You can also store spares in a small pouch or dab jar so they do not get lost. Glass pipe screens could break easier than mesh pipe screens, but unless you accidentally step on one, they are fairly durable.

Types of Pipe Screens

There are several types of pipe screens. The type you choose is based on the type of pipe it will be used with and personal preference. Pipe screens are important because they prevent particles from traveling down the stem of the pipe and into your mouth. Pipes with pipe screens offer a smoother effect than pipes without screens or filters. We will break down the differences between each type to help you find the pipe screen that is right for you.

Glass Pipe Screens

These are the highest quality pipe screens. They provide clean flavor and are the preferred filter for glass pipes. They do not wear down but we still offer a 10-pack in case you misplace one or two. Glass pipe screens can come in a wide range of colors and designs. Check out our flower design for a unique glass pipe screen.

Mesh Pipe Screens

Mesh pipe screens catch more small particles than glass pipe screens. However, mesh pipe screens are made of metal and need to be formed down over the hole – versus glass which just drops in. However, they are pretty easy to insert and do a great job with keep herbs outside of the pipe. This is why mesh pipe screens are used more and more, whether it is in wood, glass or metal pipes.

Unique Pipe Screens

Glass pipe screens can come in various colors and designs. We offer a pack of colorful glass screens as well as designs like a flower glass pipe screen. Find cool pipe screens at online smoke shops like nyvapeshop.com.

NY Vape Shop Pipe Screens

Rather than searching your local hardware store for the cheapest mesh screen you can find, check out our selection of pipe screens and other quality products at great prices. Remember when you are shopping on nyvapeshop.com, USA shipping is always free.

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