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Scroll down to see our non-stick wax mats. These are a must in the vape shop because, just like a dabber tool and containers, dab mats are a very popular dabbing accessory that go hand-in-hand with dab rigs or wax pens. They are affordable and the reduction in wax waste will save you money. Packaging is always discreet and ALL USA orders come with FREE shipping!

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12" Large Silicone Dab Mats
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How to Choose a Dab Mat

When dealing with wax concentrates it is important to use the proper dab tools to avoid losing wax to sticky surfaces. Dab mats allow you to operate efficiently during a session without wax getting stuck to the table. Whether vaping or dabbing with a rig, you can find mats in all sizes and shapes for different purposes. Below we provide some quick, helpful information about dab mats so that you can make an educated shopping decision.

Mat Size

Having a dab mat is another great layer of protection when using wax. Often they are placed under or next to a dab rig to catch any hot wax that may drip off of the surface of a domeless nail. This awesome accessory will certainly keep the mess down, especially when dealing with sticky waxes and more.

Mat Shape

The size is one thing, but then there is the shape of the dab mat. Depending on the intended use, one shape may make more sense than another. The most common shapes available are oval, square and rectangular, all serving the same purpose but with a slightly different design.

Bundles Available

Just like most of the other dab tool accessories, dab mats are often found bundled together with dabbers and wax containers. If positioned properly, any mat size will work, so if you are looking at various bundles, the mat does not need to carry so much weight, especially if you are keen on a certain dabber or jar.

Cool Designs

The average dab mat is white with some sort of colored border. It just makes sense for user purpose since wax is easier to spot on a white background. However, if you search, you can find some non stick mats that have Bob Marley's face, or the face of Tommy Chong. Does not make much different in terms of usability, but a cool design can add character, literally.

What is a Dab Mat

A Dab Mat is a silicone, non stick mat designed for use with wax concentrates. Whether making the wax, vaping it or ripping it from a dab rig, a silicone dab mat is a non stick surface that allows you to use and handle wax without it getting it stuck on a counter top or other surface. They come in rectangular and circular shapes, they are small and they can be enormous, and nothing will stick to their surface, similar to the silicone dab container surface.

Why Buy a Dab Mat

If you handle and mix wax flavors, a dab mat is an acceptable surface to do such a thing. More importantly, if you like to use a dab rig, a dab mat is essential, although not as important as the domeless nail. But when super-hot wax drips from a nail or dabber during the session, a properly place, non stick silicone mat will serve you better than a wood table where the concentrates will be wasted.

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