Vape Mouthpiece

Replace a lost or broken mouthpiece so you can get back to vaping discreetly or blowing big vapor clouds. We carry replacement mouthpiece and filter screens for many of the popular branded vapes. From dry herb vaporizers to oil and wax pens, we have mouthpiece replacements for them all. Buy vape parts and accessories at our online shop and get FREE USA shipping on ALL orders plus discreet packaging every time.

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How to Choose a Vape Mouthpiece

Choosing the right Vape Mouthpiece replacement can be very easy just by reading the specifications and details on the product page. The mouthpiece component is usually specific to each vaporizer model so make sure you are choosing the correct option. Multi packs are always a good idea and the protective mouthpiece extensions work with many different dry herb vaporizers. Use the protective sleeve covers to limit the heat that comes off the vape mouthpiece.

Looking to Reduce Mouthpiece Heat

Protective, rubber extensions are available because the average mouthpiece can get very hot, especially with dry herb vaporizers where the temperatures can reach over 400 degrees fahrenheit during long vaping sessions. Many of the mouthpiece extensions will work with various vaporizers. If you have experienced a hot mouthpiece, check out the extensions today.

What is a Vape Mouthpiece

Pretty straight forward here, the mouthpiece vape part is where you take a hit from and it is usually located at the top of a vaporizer. The vape mouthpiece contains the filter screen and is where the vapors flow through. Typically from vape to vape the mouthpiece replacements will differ in exact design and shape. The mouthpiece will go through ware and tare over time and will likely need replacing.

Vape Mouthpiece Tips
Mouthpiece Sleeves for Sharing

Keep yourself healthy and make sharing with friends easy by using mouthpiece sleeves for each person sharing the vape pen. These inexpensive silicone sleeves will reduce the spread of germs and allow you to share freely. You can always interchange the entire mouthpiece but the protective covers are quick, easy and cheap.

Vape Coils & Heating Chambers

Specifically with the mouthpiece in a dry herb vaporizer, it is important too clean a Vape Mouthpiece regularly in warm water and soap. Just like with water bottles, bacteria is constantly building inside your vape pen’s mouthpiece. Even when you can’t see or taste it, it’s there. Keeping a clean and clear mouthpiece will also help keep the airway clear so you can easily puff the vape pen.

How to Clean Your Vape Mouthpiece

A Vape Pen's mouthpiece will attract quite a bit of debris and bacteria over its life. This is because it serves as the devices vapor pathway and as the vapor travels up through the mouthpiece, debris and particles build up over time. Wax concentrates, in particular, can build up rather quickly and eventually even block the airway making your device virtually useless. Additionally, your mouthpiece will harbor food particles and saliva from yourself and anyone else who took a hit. Thankfully, it is also the easiest to clean. To clean, take a soft cotton cloth or cotton swab to wipe away any loose dirt or debris. For more stubborn residue, you can dampen the cotton cloth or scrub with rubbing alcohol. More easily just soak the mouthpiece in the alcohol or other cleaning solution and then scrub where necessary. From there rinse with warm water and set out to dry.

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Every Vape Mouthpiece is different in some way. Each vape mouthpiece replacement at NY Vape Shop comes with useful information, blogs, tips and more, all located right on the products page. If you have any additional questions about a specific vape mouthpiece part, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.