Metal Herb Grinders

Herb grinders provide an invaluable service to smokers everywhere: they turn that chunked, gunky, sticky mess that good dry herb almost always is into a nice, fine powder that can be placed in bowls, papers, and pens. Without a grinder, uneven burning and difficulty lighting are just some of the problems smokers would face. Not to mention, grinders provide a wonderful resource in the form of keef – the powerful powder that some grinders separate and collect to top off a bowl. A grinder is an excellent accessory.
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How to Choose a Metal Herb Grinder

There are a few different ways in which herb can be broken down and ground, and the most common way, of course, is with a sharp metal grinder. Metal grinders can rip apart thick herbs and are extremely durable compared to other types made from wood or acrylic. In addition, metal grinders are also made to store and keep material fresh.

Types of Metal Herb Grinders

There are different types of metal grinders and they vary from how many compartments they have to the type of blades and how those blades are aligned. Whether you need a grinder for a new smoking pipe or dry herb vaporizer, metal herb grinders of all types will help improve the whole experience. The most basic grinder, made with two pieces, is shaped like two small caps that fold into each other; each side has teeth that grind the herb down as a small hand-held blender would. As a rule of thumb, the best teeth to look for have sharp edges that can aid in grinding the herb as each side twists and turns.

Metal Herb Grinder Sizes

Metal herb grinders can come in a variety of sizes: from one inch, up to half of a foot. The size of the grinder depends on how much herb needs to be ground at one point. Large six-inch grinders, often only two pieces, are made for parties are large gatherings, whereas grinders that are only one inch are best for a person or two. Four-piece grinders can vary in the other direction–with its size changing in how much excess herb it can hold. Some four-piece grinders have only a centimeter for the herb to fall into and others can have up to two inches, these types are for long-term storage.

Best Metal Herb Grinder for Grinding

The type and size of the grinder that one chooses chiefly depends on one’s preferences. It can come in handy to have a spare larger faced two-piece grinder for parties, or to grind an entire day’s worth of herb. One inch-grinders are often too small for multiple bowls. The Goldilocks zone of metal herb grinders would be roughly two inches in diameter and then with a four-piece grinder with a storage area at least two centimeters, this size grinder is ideal for those looking to not grind herb too often but not too much.

Types of Metal Herb Grinders

When deciding to choose a new metal herb grinder, try assessing exactly how you prefer to smoke. For those who enjoy taping out their grinder onto a tray and into a bowl, getting one with two pieces would be both lower in cost and not add any extra steps. For those who enjoy having herb ground and ready to use, having four pieces in a grinder would allow for a storage area that can screw tight and be kept for later.

Cool Metal Herb Grinders

The most common grinder looks like a small metal puck, though there are many other shapes that metal herbs grinders can come in. Similar to glass, metal can be made into different and unique shapes. For instance, some metal grinders can look like a stormtrooper, a death star grinder, a poke ball, a skull, a pill bottle, or cookies, the options are endless. Cool metal herb grinders could also include the rainbow metal grinders that are made with color-changing metals and finished to look like a tye-dye rainbow.

Electric Metal Grinders

Electrical herb grinders are made with combinations of metals, plastics, and sometimes have a silicone exterior that feels smooth to the touch. These grinders originate from kitchen supplies, like coffee grinders and blending many herbs together. Electric herb grinders can grind herbs down and be easier on the hands than a hand-cranked grinder, which means they are great for anyone looking to either smoke quickly or grind a large amount at one time. In addition, electric metal grinders can also help keep a consistent grind and some grinders have storage chambers to keep the ground herb staying fresh.

2-piece Grinders

Metal herb grinders with two pieces are very common grinders: there are two sides with teeth. And after the herb is pushed into the grinder teeth, the 2 pieces are twisted to have the teeth break apart the herb. Smaller teeth often lead to a smaller grind whereas larger teeth give a larger grind, this again is an aspect that depends on the smoker’s own liking.

3-piece Herb Grinders

Three-piece grinders give its users a small area for the herb to fall into after it has been ground. Some say that this can help keep a consistent gauge grind on the herb as two-piece systems work around what it has already ground. Because of this design feature, a three-piece grinder has given a better experience for those who are pickier with their consistency. 3-piece grinders also have a storage area that can often keep ground herb fresh for a period of time.

4-piece Herb Grinders

Four-piece grinders are those that have a small screen below the storage area. This screen is intended for trapping the herb’s fine particles. These fine particles can frequently get caught stuck on the walls and teeth of grinders, this is even a reason why some prefer two-piece grinders. 4-piece herb grinders offer a compartment for the fine particles to fall into, and after a great amount of herb has been ground, the compartment is then filled with every particle that was missed.

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