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Whether you are looking to vape your favorite flower or concentrate, a portable Firefly vaporizer will always have you covered! Small & sleek, the Firefly is known for its ergonomic design for the most comfortable vaping experience. If you are looking for the best selection of popular vapes & accessories, look no further than NYVapeShop, where all shipping within the US is always FREE, and delivery always DISCREET!

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There are dry herb vaporizers and then there are dry herb vaporizers. FireFly offers the latter with the cutting-edge FireFly dry herb vaporizer. FireFly’s product is aimed towards dry herb connoisseurs and enthusiasts looking to have the best vaping experience money can buy. In an effort to make their product more accessible FireFly has also begun to offer concentrate pads. Now, users can take advantage of FireFly’s cutting edge technology and enjoy their favorite concentrates at the same time. The approach FireFly takes is unique in the sense that they do not offer a wide range of products to consumers. Instead, FireFly has chosen to create the best dry herb vaporizer ever made without sacrificing any details. So, why would I choose FireFly over the other dry herb vaporizers at the same price point?

FireFly Dry Herb Vaporizer

The dry herb vaporizer market has grown massively in recent years. Today, dry herb vaporizers can come with a wide array of features that differ greatly depending on the price point. FireFly Vapes sits at the top of this price point with their flagship vaporizer the FireFly 2. Generally speaking, FireFly Vapes are going to be for the people who want the best of the best and entirely unique experience that can not be found anywhere else. FireFly not only makes a technologically advanced product but also a super discreet one. As we mentioned above, choosing the ‘best’ FireFly products is not really possible since FireFly only makes one vaporizer. In the next section we will discuss some of the features of the FireFly 2 and why it stands from other vaporizers at this price point.

FireFly Wax Concentrate Pads

Although FireFly does not make a vaporizer designed specifically to handle waxes, they do offer an optional attachment in the form of a concentrate pad. The pads are compatible with the Firefly 1, 2, and 2+. Installing the pads is incredibly easy and they can be purchased on the FireFly website or right here on NY Vape Shop.


FireFly originally entered the vaporizer game in 2013 and has been developing cutting edge dry herb vaporizers since. At NY Vape Shop we offer FireFly’s flagship dry herb vaporizer — the FireFly 2. The FireFly 2 comes with everything you need including extra attachments for replacing certain parts of the unit like the mouthpiece or filter. Since their breakthrough FireFly has gone on to develop three versions of the FireFly vaporizer with improvements between each generation.

TheFireFly 1

The FireFly 1 is where it all started for FireFly Vapes. This dry herb vaporizer could reach temperature in a lightning quick 7 seconds, which is still quick by today’s standards. The heating chamber was made with glass and could hold about 0.15 grams of dry herbs. In addition, FireFly placed two stainless steel heat sinks inside the unit to help maintain cooler temperatures when vaping. Overall, the FireFly 1 was a game changer in the vaporizer arena but it lacked a lot of the tech associated with the FireFly 2 and 2+. As of today the FireFly has been discontinued in favor of the newer models.

The FireFly 2

The FireFly 2 is the definition of what a perfect dry herb vaporizer could be. Sleek, technologically advanced, expertly crafted, effortlessly smooth, all of these things describe the experience the FireFly 2 provides users. To boot, the FireFly 2 comes with built-in bluetooth, touch activation, and ultra precise temperature controls. Users can control every aspect of the FireFly 2 from their phones and can save presets for their temperature settings. If that was not impressive enough, the FireFly 2 also reaches temperature faster than any other vaporizer on the market today. With the FireFly 2 users can be vaping as quickly as 3 seconds — just inhale and you are good to go. All of the other smaller details are here as well with things like a titanium alloy heating chamber to a borosilicate glass vapor path. Simply put, if you are looking for the Rolls Royce of vaping try the FireFly 2.

The Firefly 2+

The FireFly 2+ includes all of the same features as the FireFly 2 like touch activation and bluetooth temperature control. New features have been added to the FireFly 2+, mainly a 33% increase in airflow allowing for an even smoother and effortless vaping experience. If airflow is an important aspect of your vaping experience and you already are willing to spring the cash for the FireFly 2 why not upgrade to the 2+? In addition to dry herbs users can also vape concentrates with the FireFly 2+.

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