4 Piece Grinders

Below you will find a variety 4 piece herb grinders in different styles and sizes. Each grinder has its own blade system plus other unique features like clear tops, paper holders and hand cranks to make grinding herbs easier. FREE US SHIPPING on ALL orders, no Minimums, plus discreet packaging too.

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How to Choose a 4 Piece Grinder

The layout of a 4 piece grinder is more or less the same from model to model. However, you will find differences in things like the material, or blade structure and other added value features. Continue reading as we break out key things to help you shop smart.

Grinder Material

We don't recommend the average plastic grinder as they may work at first, but they are prone to breaking over time. A wood grinder can sometimes be a step up as they come with metal teeth, but ultimately a metal grinder is the way to go. Although the new silicone grinders are metal on the inside and they come with some of the sharpest and best blade structures around.

Cool, Useful Features

The typical grinder is cylindrical in shape with dimensions that only differ in diameter. However, options exist to make grinding a lot easier such as the hand crank or the clear top models that all you to see and zone in on herbs to chop more precisely.

Blade Structure

When evaluating grinder options you may want to consider the structure of the blades. Of course all grinders are designed to chop herbs with ease, but some are sharper than others, and more efficient blade systems have developed over the years.

Amount & Size of Holes

Often this goes hand in hand with the blade system but you will notice some grinders have more holes in the area where the herbs are ground. Some holes are bigger than others and provide a more coarse grinder versus smaller holes that result in a finer herb grind.

What is a 4 Piece Grinder

A 4 Piece Herb Grinder is a grinder with 4 pieces and 3 compartments that make it easy to break up buds. They grind herbs in seconds and the top compartment is where the buds are loaded and chopped. Once ground up, the herbs fall to the second level which is designed to hold and store them. Below storage is the pollen catcher, responsible for collecting the fine, potent herb particles. An herb grinder is a must-have for any dry herb vaporizer owner.

Compartment 1 - Grinding Area

The first 2 pieces at the top of a grinder make up the first compartment which is the grinding area. This area contains the sharp blades and the holes for herb to fall through. The diameter, blade systems and hole set up will vary from one grinder to another.

Compartment 3 - Pollen Catcher

The lowest level of the grinder is at the bottom and is very simple in construction. It is essentially a shallow bowl that is designed to hold and store pollen, aka the most potent parts of the herbs. Overtime herb particles builds up and this compartment can be accessed to enhance a vape session or something else.

Compartment 2 - Storage Area

This compartment is located right below the grinding area and is designed to catch the ground herbs. Herb is then stored and taken from this area to packed into a vape or glass pipe. The floor of this compartment is a fine screen that allows for only the tiniest particles to fall through below into the next compartment.

Metal Herb Grinders

Metal 4 piece grinders are the most popular. Metal blades are far superior than any other material such as plastic or something else. The metal exterior holds up very well and can more or less last forever. However, over time, technically the blades will dull, but you will likely lose the grinder and move on to another one long before that happens.

Cool 4 Piece Grinders

Hand Crank Grinder

Especially with dense buds, gripping a round grinder and working it back and forth is not easy for everyone. If you have a grip problem or just want to make grinding easier, get a hand crank grinder. This 4 piece herb grinder was designed to make grinding easier. With some small buds stuffed into the top of the grinder, simply twist the crank to rotate the blades and chop the herb.

Silicone Grinder

Whether using smoking pipes or dry herb vaporizers, the silicone herb grinder is a top pick among many. The exterior of this grinder is a soft, silicone material, however, the inside is a metal, precision-sharp, chopping machine. The blade system is new and given how quickly and easily it minces herb, it is arguably one of the best around.

Rubber Grip Grinder

Similar to the hand crank, this 4 piece grinder is designed to make grinding easier. Instead of a crank, this grinder is made with a rubber grip around the sides. Instead of slipping on a slippery metal surface, firmly grab the rubber grip and turn left and right. It is also made easier by the grinders new, super sharp blade design that is an upgrade from some older blade styles.

Rolling Paper Top

If you roll herbs, then you need a grinder or you will be wasting a lot of time with sticky fingers. This cool grinder features a top with a slot area for holding rolling papers. It is convenient and allows you to keep both items in one place. In addition the grinder has a very sharp and smart blade system that can chop herbs very easily.

Why Buy a 4 Piece Grinder

Grinders in general are great because they grind up buds much faster than the fingers, and for dry herb vaporizers, they are essential for proper vaporization. The 4 piece grinder is especially great because of the herb particle catcher located at the bottom. This pollen catch is where the small herb particles will build up versus going to waste on some fingertips.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every 4 piece herb grinder works a little differently. Each 4 piece grinder purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with instructions, reviews, tips and other easy to read information located on the product page. If you have any additional questions about your specific grinder, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.