Nectar Collector

Choose from some cool options that are easy to use and come with a guaranteed great time. The Nectar Collector has the benefits of an oil rig, but it is handheld and easier to use. You do not need a dabber for handling wax when using the nectar, just dip the collector into the wax concentrates to start dabbing. Fulfillment is fast and all USA shipping is FREE and discreet.

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How to Choose a Nectar Collector

Choosing a nectar collector is going to predominantly come down to what it is that you want. There are different types of materials, different sizes, and some variation in the shapes and design that might be preferable to you over another. You will need to find what works best for your situation. To help break it down, here are some main considerations to take into account.

Silicone or Glass Dab Tool Collectors

You can have a glass or silicone collector. Now, with the silicone nectar dab tool collection the body and neck will be made of silicone and the tip is made of either metal, ceramic or glass. The main differences being taste and breakability. Glass is more fragile than silicone but you might not enjoy the flavor of silicone over the smooth, clean glass. Both are going to vary in price based on other factors than just material. Think about how you will use your collector to help you choose.

Size and Shape Choices

As with any other smoking apparatus there are different sizes and shapes of nectar collectors to consider. For example, you can have mini collectors that are meant to be smaller, easier to travel with, etc. They will keep your face closer to the concentrate and might have less capacity to hold smoke. Others will be longer. Some are perfectly straight while others incorporate some sort of curves both as an aesthetic addition as well as a grip. Choose one that fits your style and use best.

Standard or Electric

The standard nectar collector is going to work just like your normal dab rig. You will need to use an open flame to superheat the rig or collector in order to consume your wax concentrates. However, with an electric nectar collector, you are looking at something more akin to a dab pen. This is because you are going to vaporize the wax with an electrically heated tip much in the same way a vaporizer uses coils and electricity. This eliminates the need for a torch and flame.

Nectar Collector Tips and other Features

When thinking about the different features you can find on a Nectar collector, think different tip materials as well as added features like percolators. Percolators, like with a bong, are going to smoothen and cool down the hit. Keep in mind, these dabbing tools require a lot of heat like dab rigs. A percolator might be necessary for you. Different tip materials will either heat up/cool down faster or slower and maintain heat temps longer. Choose based on your needs and how you will most likely be smoking.

What is a Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is a new type of dabbing tool that will allow you to consume your favorite wax concentrates in a new, convenient fashion. While a traditional dab rig has features identical to a bong, a nectar collector functions more like a steamroller or similarly shaped type of pipe. The main parts of a dab tool collector are the neck, body, and tip. The tip is heated much like you would heat your dab rig. Instead of applying the wax to the hot rig, with a collector you are taking the heated tip to the wax and inhaling the instantly produced smoke. Nectar collectors tend to be smaller and easier to travel with than dab rigs and don’t require water.

Best Nectar Collectors

The best nectar collector is going to come down to preferences, tastes, and needs. What someone may view as the ultimate nectar collector might sound silly to someone else. If you aren’t expecting to travel with your nectar collector, you might consider getting something larger and less mobile to use as a mantle piece. Or, you might prefer to avoid the danger of an open flame from a torch. All of this depends on you.

Nectar Collector Kits

Want to try your hand at using a nectar collector but don’t know what you need? Try a nectar collector kit. They will include all the tools you need to start dabbing right from the outset: dab container, wax tool, silicone mat, etc. These kits will certainly take all the extra hassle and thought out of trying to move into nectar collecting. For more experience smokers, this may seem unnecessary.

Silicone Nectar Collector

Silicone as a material in general has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Silicone nectar collectors are no exception to this rule. Overall, there may be a taste difference than glass, but if you are heavily considering a silicone nectar collector for safety or reliability this shouldn’t matter too much. Overall, silicone nectar collectors are great options for a clumsy dabber or someone who likes to toss it in their bag and ‘forget’.

Mini Nectar Collector

While the word ‘mini’ being used here is certainly relative, you should still consider this as your go-to mobile nectar collector option. They are easily concealable and much easier to travel with. Coupled with some sort of electric heating system and you can have a fully self-contained dabbing experience on-the-go. If you value being discreet, mobile, or anything like that you will certainly be served well by a mini nectar collector.

Electric Nectar Collector

This is an excellent option for the fire-averse smoker. Particularly, those that are ok with flames but uncomfortable using a flame torch. While the electric versions will certainly cost a bit more than traditional, these nectar collectors are wonderful additions to any dabber’s arsenal. Make sure to read up about battery charge times and the power output so you have a good idea of how much you can use it before a recharge is necessary.

Other Nectar Collectors
Nectar Collector Bubbler

The nectar collector bubblers are fantastic cross-overs. You get the beauty of filtered hits without the hassle of having to carry around a much larger rig. By filtering through the water you are going to reduce the heat and harshness of your hits which can significantly improve your satisfaction – especially if you’re more sensitive to heat. Weighing these benefits with the hassle of adding water and you will have your answer as to whether or not you should buy these.

Nectar Collector Pen

This interesting contraption masters the art of deception. This is because the nectar collector pens resemble vape pens but they are in fact nectar dab tool collectors, just electronic versions of themselves – you are going to heat the tip and place it into the wax instead of messing with the sticky wax to get it into a heating chamber. The overall benefit here is that the size is more appropriate for concealment and mobility. If you value these attributes, you should consider a nectar collector vape pen.