CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures contain concentrated CBD oils meant for oral consumption, generally by using a dropper to place the tincture under your tongue. CBD tinctures come in a variety of strengths, brands, and even flavors, and we offer many quality options that can be used for a wide array of benefits. Below, you will not only find several of the options we offer but also a list of common uses and benefits of CBD tinctures.
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How to Choose CBD Tinctures
Tincture Dosage

CBD tinctures come in a variety of different CBD doses, ranging from concentrations of 500mg all the way to concentrations of 5000mg. Different physical ailments will require different levels of dosing, with physical pain general requiring higher doses and treatment of anxiety and depression generally only needing lower doses. Different brands offer varying levels of dosing as well as CBD full spectrum products and CBD isolate products. We always recommend starting with a lower dose and working your way up as needed.

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD

CBD isolates will contain only pure CBD, which makes them ideal trying to create a precise dosing schedule, if you need to avoid THC or otherwise cannot tolerate THC, or if you plan on giving CBD products to your dogs. CBD full spectrum products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp, including CBD and THC. These products offer the benefits that the different cannabinoids offer, not just CBD, and they can also amplify the effects of one another, called the entourage effect.

CBD Tinctures for Pets

If you have a dog that suffers from seizures or chronic anxiety, you can use CBD tinctures to treat them! Tinctures are easy to give dosing to dogs and a little goes a long way. It is extremely important to use CBD isolates for dogs, as the intoxicating effects of THC are far more pronounced in dogs, even at the trace amounts found in full spectrum CBD products. CBD tinctures are a great, all-natural option if you have little success with traditional medications.

CBD For Anxiety, Pain, and More

Research is increasingly showing that CBD is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system, allowing it to treat anxiety, depression, and pain without the harmful side effects of traditional SSRIs or the addictive dangers of opioids used to treat pain. Generally, isolates are ideal for treating anxiety or depression, whereas full spectrum products offer more potency in treating pain. Always do the appropriate research or consult with a CBD friendly doctor before beginning any kind of CBD regimen treatment.

CBD Tincture FAQ

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What is a CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are concentrated CBD oils meant for oral consumption. They offer a number of benefits over other forms of consuming CBD (like vaping or edibles) that many CBD users find enticing. If you want to take a high dose of CBD quickly, tinctures are the easiest way to do that as concentrations of CBD tinctures are sold as high as 5000 mg. Unlike edible infused CBD candies or foods, tinctures also fast acting, and unlike vaping, the effects they offer are also much longer lasting. It is easy to take a CBD tincture dose once or twice a day and feel the positive effects all day.

How to Use a CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are easy to use, making them attractive to new users of CBD. Generally, CBD tinctures come with a dropper in the bottle which is marked by milliliter markings. The fill the dropper to your desired dosing amount, all the while being conscientious of the concentration of tincture you are using. After you have the desired amount of dosing in the dropper, place the CBD tincture underneath your tongue. It can also be mixed into drinks! CBD tinctures generally take effect very quickly and are long-lasting. If using CBD for the first time, always start with a low concentration and a small dose and work your way up to higher doses and concentrations as needed.

Can You Vape CBD Tincture Oil?

It is technically possible to vape tincture oil if you want to experiment with mixing it with e-juice or other vape-ready product. However, CBD tincture oil is not manufactured with vaping in mind, and we do not recommend it. CBD tincture oil should be orally consumed (either via a dropper or mixed in food or beverages) for best results. If you are really set on vaping CBD, there CBD oils that are specifically made for vaping, which can be used to fill e-tanks on vaping devices. Pre-loaded CBD cartridges are also widely available, making CBD vaping an easy, convenient, and enjoyable experience.

CBD Tinctures VS CBD Gummies

Though it may seem like tinctures and edibles should provide relatively similar effects, there are several stark contrasts between the two. CBD edibles, since they are infused into food, will take much more time to take effect since the food needs to be completely digested to release the CBD. CBD tinctures, though orally consumed, do not need to be completely digested like edibles and take effect far more quickly. Edibles do offer the benefit of masking the taste of CBD, so they are ideal if the taste of CBD tinctures is unpleasant to you. However, they both offer long-lasting effects of CBD and both are equally potent at treating targeted ailments. The choice between the two comes down to personal preference.

FAQ Continued
What are the Benefits of CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are a great way to gain access to the benefits that CBD oils provide. CBD has been shown to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for managing pain and mood in the human body. This allows it to effectively treat pain without the risk of addiction like opioids. It also acts as a serotonin inhibitor, allowing it treaty depressing and anxiety, often taking effect far more quickly than traditional SSRIs. CBD is a great anti-inflammatory as well, making it ideal for treatment of inflammatory conditions, including IBS, pain for arthritis, and more. Research is still new and ongoing but has already produced meaningful, promising results.

Where Can I Buy CBD?

Since the legalization of hemp (from which CBD is derived) through the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products have popped up all over the place! They can be found in gas stations, vape stores, designated CBD retail shops, and online. Online shopping is ideal for finding specific products that may not be otherwise easily available, like tinctures with an extremely high concentration of CBD, CBD isolates, or full spectrum CBD products. Online even offers access to specific flavors or delivery oils of your preference. Of course, you can also find CBD tinctures right here at nyvapeshopcbd.com, where quality is guaranteed, and shipping is always free!